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# /r/Peloton Pre-TDF Survey 2020

Gentlemen, Ladies and those otherwise addressed - we know you've been waiting for a good thing, and the survey results are finally ready!
The answers were collected from you all during August 2020 with 1428 unique replies. That's a participation of 0.5% of all subscribers! That's really not too bad, when you keep in mind how popular these kind of surveys are. But we here at /peloton want to show you that this is all about presenting the information in the subreddit to cater better to our audience!
Updated after a few hours to include some more historical data the final edit that for some reason wasn't copied properly
Year 2013 2014 2015 2016 2018 Mar 2018 Aug 2019 2020
Results 2013-06-12 2014-06-25 2015-08-07 2016-11-17 2018-03-06 2018-08-20 2019-07-22 2020-10-12
Replies 351 598 1395 892 630 928 986 1428
Without further ado, let's get cracking on the response

You and Cycling

1. Where do you live?

Country 2015 2016 2018 Mar 2018 Aug 2019 2020
USA 32% 28.3% 22.84% 25.32% 20.23% 24.59%
UK 18.6% 17.6% 14.70% 20.13% 15.48% 14.80%
Netherlands 6.4% 9.4% 11.50% 11.58% 10.01% 11.01%
Germany 3.73% 3.4% 4.95% 6.39% 7.84% 6.65%
Denmark 3.9% 3.6% 4.31% 3.79% 7.64% 5.79%
Belgium 3.8% 2.7% 8.15% 3.57% 5.78% 5.36%
France 2.01% 1.08% 2.88% 2.27% 5.26% 3.50%
Canada 4.9% 7% 6.39% 4.22% 4.95% 4.50%
Australia 5.2% 4.7% 3.83% 4.00% 4.33% 3.93%
Slovenia 0.73% 0.32% 1.30% 1.14% 2.14%
Norway 2.58% 1.8% 1.60% 1.95% 2.58% 1.86%
Sweden 1.08% 1.09% 1.44% 1.41% 1.75% 1.43%
Ireland 1.00% 1.09% 1.44% 1.19% 0.72% 1.36%
Portugal 1.65% 1.8% 2.40% 1.52% 1.34% 1.14%
Italy 1.45% 1.44% 0.65% 1.03% 1.07%
Largely the same picture as ever, with the US leading the way, the UK in second and then a sliding scale of Europeans countries. Slovenia continues to pick its way up the pile for obvious reasons!
World Map to demonstrate

2. What's your age?

u17 17-19 20-25 26-30 31-35 36-40 41-50 51+ Total
2015 2.22% 12.04% 41.51% 24.66% 10.68% 4.87% 2.94% 1.08% 1395
2016 1.5% 8.9% 40.8% 24% 12% 5.4% 5.2% 2% 887
2018 Mar 1% 7.1% 33.5% 27.4% 16.2% 7% 5.7% 2.1% 617
2018 Aug 1.7% 9% 33.9% 26.4% 15.5% 7% 5% 1.5% 905
2019 1.5% 6.6% 33.2% 27.5% 16.4% 7.1% 5.8% 2% 972
2020 1.3% 6.8% 31.7% 28% 16.6% 7.2% 5% 2.5% 1420
Pretty much the same as last year, with the usual reddit demographics of majority 20 somethings dominating.

3. What's your gender?

'13 '14 '15 '16 '18 (1) '18 (2) '19 '20
Male 97.2% 97% 94.9% 93.4% 93.3% 93.6% 95.1% 94.9%
Female 2.8% 2.7% 4.8% 5.3% 5.3% 5.4% 3.7% 4.8%
Other - 0.33% 0.29% 0.78% 0.76% - -
Non-Binary - - - - 0.64% 0.99% 1.2% 0.4%
More normality here for reddit.

4. How much of the men's season do you watch/follow?

Type March '18 (%) August '18 (%) 2019 (%) 2020 (%)
Grand Tours 84.7 92.0 90.2 87.3
Monuments 79.1 74.9 79 75.9
WT Stage races 67.4 62.4 70.5 71.7
WT One day races 73.3 59.8 62.3 60.7
Non WT Stage races 32.6 16.7 17.4 25
Non WT One day races 34.8 13.7 17.4 20.7
Literally everything I can consume 35.9 18.1 21.1 27.1
Whilst GT following may be down (somehow), all the lower level stuff is up, which makes sense considering how desperate we have been for any racing during the season shutdown.

5. Do you maintain an interest in women's professional road racing?

Do you maintain an interest in women's professional road racing? '19 '20
Yes 49.8 49.2
No 50.2 50.8
Still very much a half/half interest in women's cycling on the subreddit.

6. How much of the women's season do you follow?

The following is true for the half of you that follows womens cycling.
How Much %
Just the biggest televised events 63.15%
Most of the live televised/delayed coverage stuff 29.08%
All televised racing 5.09%
Down to .Pro & beyond 2.69%

7. How long have you been watching cycling?

How Long %
Under a year 2,95%
1-3 years 19,50%
4-6 years 19,85%
7-9 years 14,10%
10-12 years 13,81%
13-15 years 7,15%
15-20 years 10,73%
20-25 years 6,17%
25 years + 5,75%
Simplified the years a little this time, but whilst we have a fair number of newbies, most people have picked the sport up since around 2013/14.

Sporting Favourites

8. Do you have like/dislike feelings about WT teams?

Once more, 14.4% of people really don't have feelings on the subject.
Of those that do:
AG2R Astana Bahrain Bora CCC Cofidis Quick-Step EF FDJ
Like 352 213 127 770 156 116 847 724 423
Meh 775 620 773 415 889 896 310 448 700
Dislike 52 356 263 31 112 141 71 37 53
Karma 300 -143 -70 739 44 -25 776 677 370
Israel Lotto Michelton Movistar NTT Ineos Jumbo Sunweb Trek UAE
Like 135 364 517 231 101 304 925 279 383 118
Meh 740 764 626 646 931 414 282 805 765 734
Dislike 302 40 52 326 121 562 53 97 42 331
Karma -167 324 465 -95 -20 -258 872 182 341 -213
So, the most popular team this year is Jumbo-Visma, followed by Quick-Step & Bora-hansgrohe. Least popular are Ineos & UAE.
As per usual, no one cares about NTT & CCC, with nearly 81% of users rating NTT as meh. Pretty damning stuff.
Lastly, we have the usual historical comparison of how teams have fared over time, normalised to respondents to that question on the survey.
Things to note then, firstly that the Astana redemption arc is over, seeing them back in the negative, maybe Fulgsangs spring issues helped aid that? The petrodollar teams of UAE & Bahrain are stubbornly negative too, with Israel keeping up the Katusha negative streak. Meanwhile, at the top end, EF & Jumbo go from strength to strength, whilst some others like Sunweb are sliding over time - their transfer policies no doubt helping that.

10. Do you ride a bike regularly?

Answer 2018Mar 2018Aug 2019 2020
For fun 61.5% 63.4% 59.9% 62.9%
For fitness 59.3% 59.6% 54.8% 59.8%
For commuting 46% 46% 45.6% 40%
For racing 20.6% 20.6% 15.9% 17.7%
No, I don't 14.2% 12.9% 14.8% 13.6%
Still a fairly small group of racers out of all of us

11. Out of the sports you practice, is cycling your favourite?

Yes No
58,29% 41,71%
A new addition to the survey prompted by a good point last time, just over half of us rate cycling as the favourite sport we actually do.

12. What other sports do you follow?

Sport #
Association Football / Soccer 50.78%
Formula 1 35.81%
American Football 26.27%
Basketball 22.46%
Track & Field 17.58%
Esports (yes, this includes DotA) 17.30%
Rugby 14.27%
Skiing 14.12%
Ice Hockey 13.63%
Baseball 12.15%
Motorsports (Not including F1) 10.59%
Cricket 10.52%
Tennis 9.53%
Chess 8.97%
Triathlon 8.69%
Biathlon 8.12%
Snooker 7.06%
Golf 6.92%
Swimming 6.85%
Ski Jumping 6.78%
Climbing 5.72%
Martial Arts 5.65%
Handball 5.44%
Darts 5.01%
Speed Skating 5.01%
Football always tops the charts, and Formula 1 continues to rank extremely highly among our userbase. Those who have a little following below 5% include Sailing, Fencing, Surfing, Boxing & Ultra-Running.
Other cycling disciplines
Sport #
Cyclocross 22.10%
Track Cycling 14.34%
MTB 8.97%
BMX 1.20%

13. Out of the sports you follow, is cycling your favourite sport?

Yes No
61.79% 38,21%
Good. Makes sense if you hang out here.

Subreddit stats

14. How often do you participate in a /Peloton Race Thread whilst watching a race?

2015 2016 2018Mar 2018Aug 2019 2020
I always participate in Race Threads during races 2.8% 2% 2.2% 4% 2.5% 3%
I follow Race Threads during races 41.7% 36.7% 38.1% 42.1% 42.5% 38.9%
I often participate in Race Threads during races 16.8% 19% 16.5% 18.9% 15.2% 13%
I rarely/never participate in Race Threads during races 38.7% 41.3% 43.1% 35% 39.8% 45.1%
Slightly less invested than before, reverting back to an older trade.

15. How do you watch Races?

Method 2018Mar 2018Aug 2019 2020
Pirate Streams 62% 46.5% 50.2% 47.9%
Free Local TV 55.7% 64.5% 59.6% 53.9%
Desperately scrabbling for Youtube highlights 37.9% 30.2% 28.2% 24.9%
Paid Streaming services 32.3% 35.4% 38.3% 46.3%
Year on year, paid streaming services go up - the increasing availability of live content legally continues to improve, and so do the numbers on the survey.

16. Where else do you follow races live (in addition to watching them)?

Type 2018Mar 2018Aug 2019 2020
/Peloton race threads 86.2% 83.4% 80.2% 76.9%
Twitter 30.5% 34.7% 33.3% 38.3%
PCS Liveticker - - 30.2% 32%
Official tracker (if available) 24%
The Cyclingnews liveticker 26% 23.5% 21.5% 18.9%
Sporza (site/ticker) 1.89% 9.5% 10.8% 10.8%
NOS Liveblog - 6.8% 7% 9.2%
Steephill 0.52% 13.5% 10.2% 8.2%
/Peloton discord 6.5% 5.4% 7.5% 7.2%
Other cycling forums 15.1% 8.1% 7.6% 7%
feltet.dk - 2.2% 5.4% 5.2%
Facebook 3.8% 5.4% 4% 4.2%
BBC Ticker - 3.5% 2.1% 4.1%
DirectVelo - 1.3% 1.6% 1.8%
Non Cycling Forums - 1.3% 1.2% 1.2%
/cyc/ - 1.3% 1% 0.6%
/peloton IRC ~0 0.8% 0.4% 0.5%
The PCS liveticker continues to have a strong following, whilst the cyclingnews ticker slowly slides into less usage over time.

17. Do you use /Peloton mostly in classic reddit or redesign when on the desktop?

Type 2018 Aug 2019 2020
Classic 75.1% 67.2% 46.2%
Redesign 24.9% 32.8% 53.8%
Time to abandon ship. The end has come.

18. With what version of reddit do you browse the sub?

Version 2019 2020
Official App 17.9 31.1
Desktop Classic 37.8 25.8
3rd Party App 18.3 17.2
Mobile Web 12.4 14.7
Desktop Redesign 13.7 11.2
Phone browsing is very much in vogue.

19. How did you find the sub?

How %
Through other forms of reddit, f.e. /bicycling 48.33%
Too long - can't remember 38.65%
Google search 9,11%
My friend told me 2,28%
I wanted to talk about my exercise bike 0.78%
Twitter 0.5%
Lantern Rouge Youtube 0.28%

Other bits and bobs

20. Did you think back in March we would see any more racing this year?

Yes No
52,81% 47,19%
Despite the threat, we have seen racing again

21. Will we manage to fulfill the rest of the UCI calendar without further Covid-19 issues postponing more races?

Yes No
25.3% 74.7%
Sorry to you 25%, Amstel, Roubaix & a bunch of other races have falled foul of COVID-19 related cancellations.

22. When did you become aware of Alexander Foliforov?

When %
Before the 2016 Giro 3,25%
22nd May, 2016 15,55%
On /pelotonmemes in 2020 21,13%
Who? 60,07%
If you didn't know of the man, watching him demolish the Giro field in 2016 on the stage 15 ITT should help to gain understanding

23. Who will win the 2020 Tour de France?

Rider %
Roglic 52,12%
Bernal 16,57%
Pinot 9,24%
Dumoulin 7,9%
N.Quintana 2,82%
Pogacar 1,41%
Richie Porte 0,35%
We can safely say that most of us were wrong about this one.
That's not a lot of confidence in Richie Porte either, the man who was to finish on the third spot of the podium. Alexander Foliforov (0,23%) had just a tiny number of votes less, and that man wasn't even in the race.

24. What for you was the defining cycling moment of the previous decade?

We had a lot of brilliant suggestions, but these were the clear five favourites when we tabulated the results.
  • 2018 Giro - Chris Froome Solo Attack
  • 2016 TDF - Chris Froome Running up Ventoux
  • 2019 TDF - Landslides, First Columbian Winner, Pinot's bitter abandon - This was one race for the ages
  • 2016 Paris-Roubaix - Mostly known for Tom Boonen losing. Also, some guy called Mat won.
  • 2019 AGR - MvdP with his incredible catch-up for the win.
Honorable mentions go to the Giro 2018, which had Tom Dumoulin winning, and of almost identical fascination to many of you - Tom Dumoulin going on someones porta-potty in the middle of the stage.
Little bit of recency bias perhaps, but that's better than ignoring that this was for the last decade and firmly insisting Tom Boonens 2005 WC win was the biggest thing. Special shoutout to almost all the Danes present in /peloton who voted for Mads Pedersens WC win last year. It's an understandable reaction.

25. Any suggestions for the Survey?

New Questions
  • Could you add a section on rider popularity, same as for the teams?
  • Ask how people became interested in cycling
  • Ask how people watch cycling (e.g. TV Channels/Streaming etc.)
  • If you could be an animal for one day, which one would it be?
  • Would you wear a facemask while watching a cycling race live?
  • Which race do you look forward to see the most every year?
  • Favourite riders of your own country?
  • How many bikes do you own?
We promise to feature one of these suggestions in the next survey
  • Always have a “no” or “not interested” option
We will try to implement this. But it will also skew results.
About the Survey
  • More questions about womens cycling would be nice.
  • Less questions about womens cycling
The subscribers are torn on Women's cycling, nearly a 50/50 split there as the survey showed - The moderators at /peloton are firmly in the "more cycling is better" basket, and we will continue to get as good coverage of womens cycling as possible.
Are you trying to give the moderators PTSD? Because this is how you give the moderators PTSD.

26. Any suggestions for the sub?

  • More stationary fitness bike related content
ALSJFLKAJSLDKJAØLSJKD:M:CSAM)=#/()=#=/")¤=/)! - Your moderator seems to be out of function. Please stand by while we find you a new moderator
  • Beginner guides
The Weekly threads are great for these types of questions, where several people can contribute and build up once it is understood which information is relevant.
  • Allow limited doping talk in result threads.
Our experience is that "limited" will never be so, if we're going to moderate it fairly. Moderating is not a popularity contest, but believe it or not, we're actually trying to be as fair as possible. and for that, we need rules that are not subjective. Unless you have a stationary exercise bike.
  • Written original content is always great - recaps, old race reviews or interesting rider bios, etc.
  • More non-race threads
  • Podcast discussion?
  • Try and do some AMAs with pro cyclists, coaches, trainers, etc
All of these are good suggestions, but remember that all of you can also contribute - The mods are sometimes stretched thin, specially in the middle of hectic race schedules. It's easier if one of you has a way to contact a rider or a person of interest and can facilitate the initial communication.
  • Standardize major event thread titles for better search.
We've worked on this! The Official Standard is now as follows: [Race Thread] 202x Race Name – Stage X (Class)
  • A wiki that explains how races work. Roles of diff riders/support staff. History of racing.
This sounds as a nice community project for the after-season, and hopefully many of you subscribers can contribute.
  • Tidy up the sidebar!
Come with suggestions on how to tidy it up!
  • Don't assume everyone reading is a man, "thanks, bro". But that goes for all of Reddit. I know you can't fix that.
We have chastised all the mods. They are now perfectly trained in gender-neutral pronouns. Be well, fellow being.
  • Have a buy you a beer link for the mods for all the work you do.
If we can implement this for hard liquor, you know we will.
  • Remove the spoiler rule during grand tours. It kills the hype.
The spoiler rule is one that is discussed frequently - in general - some users absolutely hate it, but a majority love it. Perhaps we'll include a question in the next survey to see how this divide is exactly.
  • Lose the spoiler tag when it is for serious things; Lambrecht death, Jakobsen fall.
We actually do - whenever there is a matter of life or death, we think public information is more important than a spoiler rule. But at the same time, we try to collect all the different posts into one main thread, so to keep things focused and letting very speculative posts meet with hard evidence from other sources.
  • Less downvoting of opinions that differ from the fashionable consensus.
This is a tough ask of the internet. While we can agree that voting should be done accordingly to what insights they bring, not subjective opinions, it is very hard to turn that type of thinking around. We can ask of you, our subscribers, that you please think twice about hitting that downvote button, and only do so because of you think a post is factually incorrect, not because it differs with your own subjective opinion.
That's the primary analysis of the survey! Feel free to contribute with how you experience things here!
submitted by PelotonMod to peloton


AT/AT/AT/T/AT -- Lessons learned you may not have seen yet and apply to both the 2020 and 2021 exams.

AT/AT/AT/T/AT -- Lessons learned you may not have seen yet and apply to both the 2020 and 2021 exams.
This is long, this is detailed, and I'm not sorry.
Breakdown: Top 11 Lessons Learned, Retrospective Study Plan recommendations, Exam Day.
Lesson 1: Don't be stubborn like I was when studying for my first attempt and only look at lessons learned from AT X5 posts. There is so much value in the posts by those who failed their first and second attempts as well as those who didn't get a perfect score. Learn from their mistakes.
Lesson 2: You may qualify for extra time when taking the exam. I have ADD and struggled with the time during all of my practice attempts. I failed my first attempt because I ran out of time. After discussing with some of my peers, I found out that I could qualify for extra time and was awarded 2 additional hours. There are several reasons why you may qualify for accommodations and I write about this in more detail here.
Lesson 3: Get your contact hours for free. As my UN clearly states, I am a Skillsoft employee. No, this is not an advertisement for their content. They offer a free 14-Day Trial (90 days if you have a student email) of all of their content, including PMP Certification Prep content. I took Joseph Phillips Udemy course last year when I was working for my previous company before I knew Skillsoft even existed. Yeah, the course is cheap... but honestly, you can't beat FREE.99 and IMHO, Barb Waters is more engaging. Register for the trial here. Once you get your account setup, click on Browse>Certifications>PMI>PMP Certification Bootcamp. In the upper right-hand corner you can select the 2020 edition since it defaults on the 2021 content. A document on how to do all of this is also available, just DM me for it. You can also DM me if you need help with anything, let me know if you're using the trial, I'll give you some pointers on how to make the most of it. You can check with your company's L&D team to see if they already have licenses to Skillsoft, they might, we are a pretty big player in Professional Certification Content Prep. That would be way better than being confined to the 14 day trial because we have a decent exam simulator too (Fincter's is still the gold standard).
Lesson 4: Figure out your study style and accept your fate. I took this study style quiz and it said I was the type who learned best by writing everything out. That was too much work and I didn't want to believe it. After I failed my first attempt and began to prep for this second attempt, I was much more diligent in taking notes. What do you know? That was the stuff that stuck in my head come exam time. Accept your fate.
Lesson 5: Prepare your application like a boss. I was never a contractor so I didn't document my hours the way PMI expects us to. This guide saved my ass.
Lesson 6: Find the materials that work for you. (More on this after lessons learned, I tried a lot of different resources and spent way too much money.) Ricardo Vargas, Joseph Phillips, Cornelius Fincter, Rita Mulcahy, Praizion, pmwithRay, Aileen YouTube, Scott Payne, Andy Crowe.... there.are.so.many. And not one resource will work for everyone. For me, I struggled not with the concepts but with the connections. I never understood how all of the knowledge areas came together during a project life cycle. Everyone loooooves Vargas in here, unpopular opinion...I snoozed. His documents were great. For this second attempt I blew up the big map and then the puzzle (as seen in the photo)
Pocket Prep materials on the left and Ricardo Vargas Materials on the right side of the wall. For Ricardo Vargas Materials, I sent them off to FedEx/Kinkos and ordered some velcro circles from Amazon. Stuck those to the labels and their positions on the puzzle.
I played with the puzzle at least once daily (for three days leading up to the exam). On exam day I walked through all of the steps with my husband trying to relate this to his line of work (he runs a landscaping company but all of the reports and formal processes are done in his head LOL. Not sure how much it helped me retain everything, but it did make me feel better. Warm and fuzzies are also a win when preparing to tame this beast.
Lesson 7: Understand what it means to "know where you're at in the project." Man, I've been part of this sub (different alias) for 18 months and I've seen so many people say that ^^^ but what does that really mean and HOW do you do it? It took me until literally last week to get the hang of this. When answering a question, yes, break it apart but also think about the next few logical steps. If an issue has been identified, yes you are going to document this issue in the issue log, but then you are also going to evaluate the impact to the project and determine if you need to submit a change request. So, thinking a few steps out also helps resonate your understanding of the material and fully see where you are at in the project. I feel like Praizion is an unsung hero of this sub, I love his teaching and analysis style. It's not high quality production value by any means but he is effective. His daily drills like this one helped me finally decompose the questions and start thinking a few steps out. He's got tons on his channel.
Lesson 8: Take the PMI Practice Exam when you are ready to start taking practice exams. Not sure when this was released but OMG how amazing! I took the practice exam when I started taking my studying seriously (11 days ago) and it helped me gauge where I was struggling but doesn't break it down at all like Prepcast or Skillsoft exam simulators do. This actually helped me more, I had to identify it on my own and when I got stuck I'd talk it through with my study buddy (more on that in lesson 10). So not only figuring out the wrong answer vs the right answer, but also the classification of the question (alignment with the domain tasks discussed in Lesson 9) helped me think the situation through. Also, about 90% of my exam was tested on similar topics. You get a good grasp of where you're struggling and need to review in the PMBOK.
Lesson 9: Review the exam content outline and know your tasks in Initiating. I got a NI on my first attempt. Yes that's right, I failed my first attempt because of Initiating. I was salty about it too. My score was..... NI/T/T/T/AT and right at the line of pass/fail. Must have been just a couple of points. I don't think I had seen that damn outline. Had I known those tasks were there, I wouldn't have gotten so confused by Vargas's video and better understood that you update the stakeholder register throughout the project (yeah I know guys that's an easy one now LOL). So in case you haven't seen it, I'm linking it here.
Lesson 10: Don't get an accountability partner, get a study buddy. I tried so many different things in my journey. I was a part of Scott Payne's beta program for the PM Master Prep course, I was on slack groups, discord servers, facebook groups, you name it. None of it worked for me. It was too much to keep up with, no one was active when I wanted to be active, nothing was aligning. I tried meeting with a couple of people on the phone but we never really went anywhere with it. We tried creating a project from scratch and going from initiate to close but got hung up on details that didn't matter. It was like the blind leading the blind. Then I came across another redditor in here who was posting screenshots from the PMI practice exam (which btw we can't do that anymore bc it turns out it's a copywrite violation) they had gotten wrong and asking why the right answer was such and such. I loved the conversation and also being challenged to Monday Morning Quarterback this thing. We wound up studying together going back and forth on why the answers were right to the questions we'd gotten wrong, providing real life experience or PMBOK references to backup our thoughts. That's when things really started to sink in for me.
Bonus Lesson: Read the PMBOK. Not completely (unless you like reading it, do you), but at least as a reference guide.
Retrospective - If I had to do it all over again THIS would have been how I studied:
  1. Discuss the commitment with family and friends, gain approval of your charter and buy-in from the stakeholders. Communicate the study schedule. I personally would have blocked out 2 hours a day during the week and 4 hours for each weekend day over the course of 3 months. I was able to pass with only 10 days of cramming but let's not forget, I'd taken this thing a year ago too. I still remembered a fair amount, got 55% on the free Prepcast quizzes before even picking the books back up. The 10 days of cramming were misery and I was in a fog the entire time I was taking the actual exam.
  2. Get approved for additional time for exam - As noted above in Lesson 2.
  3. Use Skillsoft for contact hour requirement - FREE.99. The bootcamp is structured similarly to Part II of the PMBOK Guide (Project Flow Initiate-Close) and Barb Waters has Q&A sessions with the audience in the recordings. Again, you can get a 14 Day trial to everything (as listed in lesson 3) or check and see if your company already has a license to their content.
  4. Use Scott Payne's Audio Book while driving or doing household chores - You get a free audiobook on Audible when you register an email address. I got this book for free after reading this post. If you can get past his annoying "buy my online course" sales pitches, you're in for a treat. I loved the case study with John and answering questions positioned around his project as it progressed through the life cycle. Scott's energy and approach are engaging and unlike anything I experienced with the other resources I'd tried out. Can't get the audio book for free? I don't know that it's necessary to spend $30 on it, just watch his videos on YouTube in this playlist.
  5. Print out the Vargas Materials - Not sure how much this helped in the long run, but it made me feel better. I liked putting together the puzzle daily. Here is the link in case you don't know where to find them.
  6. Use the Project Managers Book of Forms - Not a requirement by any means, but it did help me understand a few things by visually seeing a stakeholder register or an issue log. I was able to snag a free copy last year by dumb luck, but it's for sale now on amazon. I wouldn't spend $75 on this thing unless you have dispensable income. A FREE.99 tip, just google the forms you want to see. It only helped me answer one question I couldn't find in the PMBOK but I also leaned on the ask a mentor feature in Skillsoft and got the same answer.
  7. Use the materials from ProjectPrep.org - These are amazing. The ITTO Spreadsheet, Exam Cheat sheet, Pass Tips, and Process Reference became my Go To reference sheets this last week.
  8. Watch Praizion Mainline - The long version. Listen, I know Praizion has some weird pitches in his voice, talks kind of slow, and uses the cheesiest graphics...but dammit, if it wasn't for Billy and his kite revisions I don't know how I would have passed this thing. Of course I included his videos in my playlist on YouTube.
  9. Warm-Up with Prepcast Free Exam Simulator Questions - You get three 20 question quizzes. Great explanations, excellent analysis. Note: There is also a 120 free practice exam but it's updated to 2021 version. It also includes ALL questions from the three 20 question quizzes.
  10. Download the PM Sheet app - It's free on iOS and helped me remember all of the processes in their respective KAs. A fun little game to play at night right before sleep. I'd compete with myself, my all time best score was 3 minutes and 3 seconds.
  11. Take the PMI Practice Exam - By now I would have used all of the quizzes included in the PMP prep content on Skillsoft, warmed up with the Free Prepcast Questions, and participated in the Cast Study questions from Scott's audio book. The best way for me to identify how I will perform on the actual exam is to use the free PMI practice exam as my baseline. If you have issues at checkout read the comments in this post. Screenshot all wrong answers and lucky guesses and put them in one note for review later. While answering the questions, think one or two steps further than the correct answer so you can fully envision where you are at in the project and what the process flow is. You will notice, very few math questions. This was also the case for my actual exam. Spend little time on EVM. Know the basics for CPI and SPI>1 are good.
  12. Read PMBOK Guide - You get a digital copy for free with your PMI membership (which also gives you a discount on the exam). After identifying areas I'm struggling in based on my results from the PMI practice exam, I recommend reading those sections in the PMBOK Guide and taking notes.
  13. Discuss all wrong answers with my study buddy - I would find a study buddy that is testing around the same time you are (both of mine test in December) and decompose the questions together. I like good ole fashioned text messaging.
  14. Use an exam simulator in Learn Mode - If you still have free access to Skillsoft, you can use that one and do just fine (click on the practice tab when you get to the bootcamp page). If you want detailed analytics, then go ahead and boot the $140 for PM Prepcast. I would only do 20 questions a day and maybe one full exam on the weekend to prepare. The rest is overkill IMO. I did end up getting Prepcast again (I had it for the first attempt and still failed after 1400 questions) because I had a coupon for $25 extension for a month. I used it once on 50 questions. There are so many free resources out there, I find it best to pick one or two and stick with them. Make sure they are closely aligned to the PMI practice exam. PM Prepcast and Skillsoft are, some of the others out there are a bit sketch.
  15. End my night with Praizion's Daily Drills - Great exercises, great methodology to breaking down the questions and explaining why they are correct. Here's his playlist.
  16. Retake PMI Practice Test the week prior to the exam - Same process, review lucky guesses and wrong answers. Identify what misled you in the question using Praizion's thought process and examine with your study buddy why these answers are correct.
  17. Finish the week out studying over my weak areas - Keep it light, maybe a few quizzes here and there, write out what you need to. Review PMI Practice test 2 days before the exam. It doesn't matter if you remember the correct answer to some of the questions at this point. Make sure you are comfortable with the topic itself. Think about other questions that could be asked around this task. PMI Practice Test covers the main themes you will be tested on, so it is critical to have a thorough understanding of each question included on that test.
  18. Take it easy the day before the exam - Watch a movie that makes you cry, eat a nice meal, do what you can to get a good night's rest. Do some light reading to prepare but only in your weakest areas.
Exam Day -
I tested at Pearson Vue, got there about an hour early. Had a salad for lunch. Used the bathroom 3 times before checking in. Had a protein bar and bottle of water for my 10 minute break. They make you pull out your pockets, take off your sweater (it wasn't that cold in there), pat your back pockets, show the inside of your mask etc. I was surprised they didn't make me wiggle my undergarment!
I felt safe, plenty of COVID practices in place and we are in a relatively low infection area. My mind was in a fog during the majority of the exam. I was burnt out from all of the cramming I'd done in the days leading up (which is why I recommend taking it easy those final days). I kept trailing off and was worried I'd have to cancel Christmas bc I'd be taking a 3rd attempt before 12/31. There were a couple of times I wanted to type "WTF PMI" in the comment box and send to them. Knowing when to add to the issue log, risk register, comm managment vs se management, RAM (I thought this was a madeup answer till I saw it as an option on at least 3 questions...oops!), PICC, updating stakeholder register, etc. Remember when to lean on expert judgement (PMs don’t have to know everything), when to engage the sponsor (it’s not just about $) and how quality metrics work with scope verification. All of the main themes you see in the PMI Practice Exam aligned with my actual exam. I had 90 questions in part 1 and 110 in part 2. Most of part 2 was easier (not by much for me) and when I saw my results, I cried. When I got to my car, I sobbed, like heaving sobbed. See, through all of this I've had some family drama, we refinanced our home, my mother-in-law is fighting colon cancer, and I'm just trying to pass this damn test before it updates in January. We closed on our refi last night.
Now that I've paid it forward to all of you, I can have my life back. I've missed my kids and my husband. Happy Thanksgiving!!
Best of luck to all of you and keep moving forward!
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