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PC Gamers, help to protect your computer with my Internet Security Guide!

Hello Everyone,
Every few months I update my security guide to better reflect what is out there and to help share what I’ve learned in that time. Remember that common sense is the best defense, but having a contingency plan never hurts. I will not provide every option out there, only the “better” options and some suitable alternatives.
I update this guide every once in a while on other sites. I've started using and enjoying reddit more so I figured I would do my latest update here.
Breakdown of this Guide:
I. Active Defenses
II. On Demand
III. Browser Security
IV. “Hardening”
V. Maintenance Programs
&&& = highly recommended
$ = Paid (doesn’t necessarily mean that you must pay for all features)
% = Free Detection
!!! = advanced users only (please)
Some of these programs display options to install tool bars, change your homepage, or download browsers during the install process. Please read all the check boxes to ensure you don’t accidentally do this. If you do please know that all changes are easily reversible, or easily uninstalled and are not malicious in any way, just annoying.
I. Active Defense
Active defense programs run in the background making sure that no malicious code is introduced into your computer, or phishing attempts are made on you.


&&& avast!
&&&* Avira Anti-Virus*
Microsoft Security Essentials
$ BitDefender Internet Security 2011
http://www.bitdefender.com/ * With how great avast! and AviraAntivir are as stand alone AsV, one should not purchase a dedicated AV unless they are looking for a full security suite (firewall, browser security, etc.). In this case I would highly recommend any of the suties listed.
$ ESET Smart Security 4
$ Kaspersky Internet Security 2011
$&&& Norton Internet Security 2011
http://us.norton.com/internet-security-us.html?s_tnt=23824:1:0 *Wait before you begin to hate. They really stepped up their game with this version, really eliminating the bloat and giving it strong heuristic analysis.


Only use firewalls if you are not purchasing or using an internet security suite that already has one.
&&& Comodo Firewall
Install the firewall only. Comodo has minimal popups, only alterting you when programs are trying to access the internet that the program has rarely seen. To ensure you have the correct firewall settings after install check these settings after right clicking on the tray icon:
  • Configuration: COMODO - Firewall Security
  • Sandbox Security Level: Disabled
  • Defense+ Security Level: Disabled (unless you want a classical HIPS*)
  • Firewall Security Level: Safe Mode
Private Firewall
$ Outpost Firewall Pro
$ Online Armor Premium

Behavioral Blockers / “Second Opinion” Heuristic Analysis

Work alongside your AV to give a second opinion about the status of your computer.
$%&&& Prevx
  • works in the cloud (no virus database updates)
  • if you don’t want to pay for it, use as a second opinion scanner
II. On Demand
Run these if infected or every once in a while as a precaution.

Malware Scanners/Cleaners

&&& Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
&&& Emsisoft Anti-Malware 5.1 (used to be called a-squared free)
$%&&& Hitman Pro
  • Runs in the cloud
  • scans your computer with multiple scanners at the same time.
III. Browser Security


&&& Firefox
&&& Chrome

Browser Addons

note: these addons are compatible with both recommended browsers
&&& Web of Trust (WOT)
  • Compiles both user and professional opinions on websites and warns you if the website is considered malicious/annoying. &&& XMarks
  • Stores passwords and/or bookmarks on their encrypted servers
  • can sync passwords and bookmarks across multiple browsers, and platforms, including mobile phones.

Active Browser Protection

AVG Link Scanner
  • Scans Links/Websites for malicious code or software

DNS servers

DNS servers change a websites IP into an internet address that you type into your address bar. A good DNS server will do this fast, and furthermore give you advanced abilities to filter out malicious websites and help guard against phising attempts.
&&& OpenDNS
  • Once you sign up they give you great instructions on how to install it on either your computer or router.
IV. Hardening
Help to prevent or mitigate damage done by malicious code, or simple blunders by well meaning computer “tinkerers”

Intrusion Prevention / General Protection

$&&& WinPatrol
  • Extremely light. Worth the one time payment for the features you get
  • Show recently installed programs, has advanced task manager with registry monitoring, and has great startup program management. Also asks you about program syou want ot install an dnew startup items.
!!! GesWall Freeware

BrowseApplication Sandbox

These programs will run your browser and any other applications you specify in a small “virtual” environment. The only permanent changes that will be made to your computer are the ones you explicitly specify to.
!!!$&&& Sandboxie
!!!&&& BufferZone
  • x64 beta available below...

Environmental Virtualization

These programs “copy” windows when activated so that anything done on that copy, unless specifically stated by you, gets wiped upon a restart of the computer.
&&& Returnil
$&&& Shadow Defender

Hard Disk / File Backup

These programs will make compressed copies of your system at the time of use so that if anything goes wrong you can bring that copy back up. I have also inlcuded an online storage option.
&&& Paragon Backup and Recovery 2010 Advanced
  • makes an image of your disk
$&&& Shadow Protect 4
  • incremental backups, which means that after it does one huge backup, all backups after simply change the files that were changed.
  • allows you to restore a backup on another computer
  • you can mount your backup as a virtual drive
$&&& Crashplan
  • unlimited, encrypted storage for $5 a month
$ Carbonite


!!!&&& TrueCrypt
  • Create encrypted containers or encrypt your entire hard drive. Great for Removable Media / Laptops / Netbooks, etc. so that if you lose them no one can get any data about you from it.
Notes: Although these aren’t programs, to help yourself please: 1) Never disable UAC 2) Have a separate Administrative and Non-Administrative Account. When installing programs you know are safe use the administrative account. For all other times use the non administrative account. This step alone can stop a good percentage of malware.
V. Maintenance Programs
These programs can be used to help maintain top working shape for your computer.
&&& CCleaner
  • Only use the registry cleaner and always choose the option to back your registry up.
  • has a secure file shredder if needed
&&& MyDefrag 4.0
  • Enhancement of the windows defrag. Because of this there is virtually no chance of causing any long term problems with your computer, which can’t be said for most other defrag programs.
!!!&&& autoruns
http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/s...rnals/bb963902 * Choose what starts at windows startup
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