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Chicago Marathon report - Making up for last time

Another long report incoming. This is as much for me as sharing with everyone so I can look back on things later.
For my spring 2016 marathon, I followed Pfitz’s 18/55 marathon plan with some extra miles that had me averaging 50 mpw over the cycle, peaking around 62 mpw, and was able to run 3:17.
Wicked Marathon Report
Next marathon I decided to up the game a bit and did a hybrid of Pfitz’s 18/70 and 18/87 plans. I averaged 68 mpw over the cycle, peaking at 82 miles. I knew I’d be sacrificing some quality to get that jump mileage quantity but was okay with that for this cycle. I was feeling very strong going into the race and decided to make an attempt at sub-3. I was doing okay through half, put had some issues with several things (weather, fueling, hydrating) and ended up blowing up and jogging/walking in for a 3:15.
Eisenhower Report
I started with Pfitz’s 18/70 with some slight modifications. That plan has 6 running days and I run every day so I took some miles here and there and added them into the CT day. This worked well for the first few weeks, but then I found myself adding some miles back here and there. On week 8, when I realized I had added enough to run 75 miles for the week instead of the planned 68, I decided maybe to just go with the planned miles for the given 6 days and just add an extra day to bump up the total miles a bit. Even with the extra miles, I was feeling very strong.
I also decided to change the VO2 max workouts to CV workouts. I’ve noticed in past cycle that the VO2 max workouts just take more out of me than I’d like when I’m doing a higher mileage marathon cycle. My old bones just need a bit more time to recover. I had been wanting to incorporate CV work anyway so this seemed like the perfect time to try.
A few other modifications…..I used Daniels’ varying LT paces (slower pace for longer LT segments) instead of Pfitz’s constant LT pace. From past experience, I knew that 7 mi LT run can be brutal. I also converted the first 5 mi LT to a 5k race since it was the week of July 4th and I had a local race I wanted to do. I bombed the second 5 mi LT due to the heat/humidity (still got a few LT miles in), so I converted the first 6 mi LT to 5 miles to nail that one first.
The MP long runs went extremely well. I used a HM race as a supported long run to get 13 mi w/ 8 at MP before the plan started. I scrapped one of the 8 mi at MP runs due to the heat (waited too late in the day to run). I also managed to throw down sometimes I was happy with for the Moose League events while not messing up my planned training at all.
The mid-plan bump in mileage was noticeable, but nothing too drastic. I am very easy going when comes to rearranging a schedule so didn’t have much of a problem shifting things around for life difficulties or just tired legs. I was still feeling strong through the next weeks and put in some good MLRs and LRs. Doing the CV workouts helped out a lot and kept my legs a bit fresher for the longer runs. Peak ended up being 82 miles. Partly because jaylapeche peaked at 80 miles, but mainly because my training mileage PR was 81 and I wanted to beat that. I wasn’t able to get in the last MP run (18 w/ 14 at MP) as planned on peak week (pushed by one week), but still a good week of training.
That last MP run went amazingly well! My legs were still feeling peak mileage, but after a somewhat easier part of the first week, they were feeling better by the weekend. The goal paces for the MP runs had steadily been working down a bit as training progressed. I started out going for 7:03 pace (3:05) and had been planning the 18 w/ 14 at MP at 6:58 pace (3:02-ish). Weather ended up being almost perfect and after a few warmup miles, I was able to crank out the paced miles in the 6:51 – 6:59 range with an average of 6:55. Things felt pretty comfortable for the first half, and then required a bit more concentration for the back half, mainly due to wind and hills.
A tiny 10k tuneup in week 16 went well with a 39:00 (just a bit off my PR of 38:54). I had hoped for a bit faster but had to deal with some wind and ended up time trialing the whole race in the lead with absolutely no one else around. Second place came in about 6 minutes after me. I was still pleased with the outcome and was feeling strong going into the taper.
Weekly mileage progression
54, 57, 60, 65, 65, 60, 75, 70, 70, 63, 76, 70, 82, 66, 64, 55, 48, 54 (Average = 65)
Key runs
I usually like to look at my tempo and MP long runs as a gauge for how well the cycle is going.
Both of the last LT runs went great. As usual, I was a little nervous going in, but was able to settle in and focus on getting it done. Goal pace for the 5mi LT was 6:34 and I averaged 6:33. Goal pace for the 6mi LT was 6:36 and I averaged 6:34. Pretty happy with how those turned out.
The MP long runs also went better than I hoped. Goal pace dropped a bit over the course of the cycle, but I was shooting for 6:58-7:00 pace. The 17mi w/ 12MP was done with some hills and had some wind, but I averaged 6:57 for the MP miles which had me feeling real good for my goals. Especially at that point in the plan. The 18mi w/ 14MP went even better under slightly better weather conditions and I was able to average 6:55 for the MP miles.
After having difficulties stomaching gels in my last marathon, I wanted to try something different this go around. I’ve had great success with Tailwind in the ultras I’ve done so I wanted to give that a try. The downside to that is the amount of volume it takes up to carry sufficient fuel for the whole race. I have a decently comfortable belt that hold two 10oz bottles. My plan was to mix up three servings of TW in each bottle (approx. 3x the concentration they recommend) which would give me 600 calories and then carry 1-2 gels as backup.
For my first few long runs, I used the TW at 2x concentration. I took a couple of swigs every 2 miles with a bit of water approx. ½ mile after that to wash it down. For race day, I planned to fuel with TW before each water station on the course and then get water at the AS with the goal of finishing the first bottle by halfway. About halfway through training, I switched to 3x concentrations. Everything worked out well and my stomach handled everything great, even on MP runs.
Goals heading into race day:
A+++ goal: sub-3 (highly unlikely)
A++ goal: beat jaylapeche (not likely)
A+ goal: run with jaylapeche as long as possible (very doable)
A goal: 3:02:45 (6:59 pace)
B goal: 3:05
C goal: 3:20 (BQ)
Conclusions from Training Plan
Although I ended up tweaking the plan more than I wanted, I felt like I hit almost all the components. Even with the summer training, I was feeling very strong throughout and felt my legs handled the 60-70mpw much better this go around and I was able to get more quality in.
It was hard comparing runs from this cycle to last cycle, mainly due to the weather. Last cycle was through the winter versus the summer this time. What I did like comparing though was my MP pace from the Pfitz MP long runs.
2017 MP run paces
8 mi (7:15), 10 mi (7:01), 12 mi (7:00), 12 mi (6:59) [both 12-milers with a tailwind]
2018 MP run paces
8 mi (7:02), 10 mi (6:58), 12 mi (6:57), 12 mi (6:55)
Made me feel like I had definitely improved this cycle. The little rivalry with Jay helped motivate me immensely although as much junk as we talked, I really wanted him to do well also.
NOTE: I wrote all of the above before race day so that the race (good or bad) wouldn't influence my training writeup. And yes, I made those goals before I even left for Chicago in case anyone wants to call shenanigans on that A-goal time.
Race Choice
So I usually include an description of the race here since it is usually a small local race for me. Don’t need to do that here fortunately. I will say that I have been wanting to do this race for awhile and it seemed like a perfect chance to go for a BQ. It would also be my first really big race. Biggest before this was a HM with about 2000 people. I hate crowds so this was going to be a whole new experience for me.
I drove to Chicago with my wife kids on Thursday and immediately got an introduction to big city traffic. It didn’t help that we arrived at evening rush hour. We got settled into our downtown hotel easily and ate way too much ice cream at Hard Rock before going to bed. Friday’s short run in the wind and rain didn’t have me looking forward to the possible weather on Sunday. Spent way too much time walking around sightseeing, but my girls seemed to have a good time. A less hectic day on Saturday which was nice with some time at the pool and a nice soak in the hot tub. In the afternoon, headed to the expo and luckily timed it when jaylapeche and AndyDufresne2 were going.
Had to get a face off shot before the showdown as well as a nicer one.
Still did some sightseeing Saturday and ended up with more time standing than I wanted (lines at the Skydeck were ridiculous), but managed to get back to the room and get things laid out and in bed at a reasonable hour. My wife said to me: “I would say to have fun tomorrow, but I know that’s not what you have planned, so instead I’ll say stay focused.” She knows me so well. I did slept pretty good that night which doesn’t always happen before races.
Race Day
Got up at 4am and started getting ready. After the bonk in my last marathon, I wanted to make sure I got plenty of calories before the race. I had my normal bowl of oatmeal and a cup of coffee, grabbed my gear, and headed off to the subway with all the other runners I could see. I mixed up a bottle of Tailwind (200 cal) to sip on before the race. I also grabbed a banana on the way out of the hotel and ate that before getting to security. I ended up getting there way too early (5:30), but luckily it was only drizzling and not too chilly. I hit the port-a-potty (no lines, yay for being there early), put on a disposable poncho, and found a mostly empty tent to hang out in for a while.
Around 6:15, I finished my TW and hit the port-a-potty again. This time there was a bit more of a wait. Since I wasn’t sure how rainy it would be, I wore an old pair of shoes planning to change there. By this time, the rain had stopped so I changed socks and shoes and got all my gear situated and checked my drop bag. Heading towards the corrals, another port-a-potty stop. I was well hydrated.
Heading through the corral entrance, I ran into WillRunforTacos and chatted with her a bit before realizing I needed another pit stop. Damn, I may be too hydrated. While waiting, I took most of one gel to get a bit more energy in. Got into the corrals and began looking for Jay. Found him and drincruz and not too long after robert_cal found us. We chatted a bit and confirmed the strategy of going with the 3:05 pacers and breaking off around 5-10k.
Almost time to go and then we’re off!
Start to 5k (21:33 - 6:57/mile)
Like I said before, I’m not used to a race this big so it was a little crazy how crowded it was over the first mile. Jay and I immediately lose Cruz and Robert in the crush of people. Sorry, guys! There’s a bit of weaving as everyone tries to find some room and I just work on keeping Jay in sight, splitting around people and groups and then coming back together. I do my best to avoid the puddles in an attempt to keep my feet dry. So do others and some guy in front of me almost knocks me over as he dodges directly sideaways around a puddle directly in front of me.
My watch is useless with the buildings (which I expected), so we settle into a nice comfortable pace with the 3:05 pacers. I planning to manually split at the mile markers so I just want to find a comfortable rhythm and readjust at the splits. I know my family is going to be close to the mile 1 marker so I drift to the right side of the road so I can see them. With all the crowds and possible bad weather, my wife wasn’t going to try and wrangle my 4 kids around to see me elsewhere (and I don’t blame her). Got a nice pick-me-up seeing them and keep cruising.
The temps are feeling good and things are comfortable. Mile 1 was a bit fast for 3:05 pace (6:56 split), but things were feeling good. I think the pacers backed off at that point maybe, because Jay and I found ourselves a bit head of them with race adrenaline getting the best of us. Running through downtown was intense with the crowds and the buildings and all the race energy. He looks at me and says “I guess we’re leaving now.” I told him it sounded good to me so we continue on at that comfortable pace.
5k to 10k (21:38 - 6:58/mile)
Unfortunately for this report, most of the race was a blur at least as far as the course and crowds. I focus on staying with Jay, fueling every 2 miles or so, and getting water at every water stop. We’re consistently passing people, splitting around groups, and reforming. We’re checking in every so often: “Feeling good?” “Yeah” or “That mile was a bit hot” or “This feels a little fast, lets slow it down”. I do get another boost in here and see my family again. Luckily I was on the correct side of the road to catch them and still early enough in the race that I wasn’t completely zoned out.
10 to 15k (21:29 - 6:55/mile)
Getting some drizzle here and there which cools things off nicely. Avoiding puddles, being careful on turns in case it is slick. Still clicking off miles consistently. Jay is being my personal pacer and guide which is great. Now that the crowd had spread out, we were doing our best to stay on the tangent line and he was letting me know of the turns coming up.
15 to 20k (21:25 - 6:54/mile)
Somewhere along here, I had noticed another guy had latching on to us and we had a nice group going. Still consistently passing people which really surprised me. The weather was still great. Very little wind. Scattered drizzle with an occasional bit of harder rain. Fueling is still going great with no stomach issues and no stomach sloshing since I was using fluid fueling. Bladder was getting a little uncomfortable (I actually felt like I needed to pee again right before the gun went off), but I told it to shut up. I would if I had to put was going to push forward as long as possible. Things are still going well, but I am starting to notice the effort.
Stay focused!
20 to 25k (21:40 - 6:59/mile)
We are creeping down on the mile splits a bit and keep trying to back off a little. We hit the half in 1:30:48 which is great, but makes me a little nervous since my HM split from my blow up race was 1:30:47. Hope this one ends better than that one.
The other runner is still with us so I ask him (Casey) if he’s going for a particular time. He says “Not really. You guys just seem to be running the smartest of everyone out here.” Not sure if that was accurate considering we abandoned our race plan at mile 1, but okay. He stays beside me with Jay leading the triangle. We occasionally rearrange as we go through crowds or aid stations and Casey grabs me some water when needed if the AS is too crowded.
25 to 30k (21:16 - 6:51/mile)
I’ve been keeping an eye on my HR and have been happy that has been staying in the 150s. It’s starting to hit 160-ish now and I’m needing more concentration to stay on pace. I’m not worried much. I had hoped to be able to speed up over the last 10k, but now I’m hoping I can just maintain until the end.
30k to 35k (21:35 - 6:57/mile)
The energy of the crowd is still good. There are some lulls, but till so many people and noise and music. Still, most of it is a blur. I’m still in race mode: follow Jay’s shoulder, fuel every 2 miles, water at every AS.
Mile 23 (6:54)
It’s getting tough at this point. I’m feeling some tightness in my right calf and hunching my shoulders a lot more. I keep forcing myself to relax them, but immediately start doing it again. I could tell Jay was still strong and told him go if he needed to, but I was maxed out. I will contradict Jay’s report where he said:
I check in with Walker and he tells me to go on without him. I wish him the best and start to ramp up the pace.
I did tell him to go on, but he said he didn’t want to leave me and then stayed with me for another half mile or so. We got separated a little in a group and either he was accelerating slightly or I was fading, I’m not sure. Either way, I didn’t make a move to close the gap, because I knew I couldn’t keep up and he was running too strong for me to hold him back.
Mile 24 (7:09)
I’m running alone now, passing some people, getting passed by others. It was hard to tell my pace, but I was just going by effort now. Try to run strong and hope my calf doesn’t cramp up.
Mile 25 (7:16)
I make the turn to head into the last long straightaway before the little zigzag into the park. This was a rough mile. The wind had picked up and I was completely exposed. I was tired and sooo ready to be done. I had firmly entered the pain cave.
Mile 26 (7:34)
One upside was I knew this one wasn’t going to turn out the last one. I hadn’t bonked or completely hit the wall, I was just getting fatigued. I focused on getting to the corner and hopefull getting out of the wind. Although the friends watching at the corner said I was still looking strong, I was shot. Especially since I knew Mt. Roosevelt was coming.
Last 0.2 (8:05 pace)
Jay and prairiefirephoenix had warned me about it. I had seen it before the race and though that didn’t look so bad. I was wrong. It sucked. I trudged up and drincruz came up giving me some encouragement. Almost done! I turn the corner and try to open my stride some on the slight decline to the chute. I had a bit of a kick, managing to go from an 8-ish pace to 6:30 at the line.
Final Time 3:02:43 (1st half – 1:30:48, 2nd half – 1:31:55)
I hobbled through the finisher’s area like a zombie not really knowing where to go, collected my finisher’s items, and make my way over to gear check to collect my things. I was starting to get chilly now and really wanted to get into some dry clothes. I ran into drincruz and checked in to see how he did (he was shooting for a 3:02 so he was happy), got my gear, and then ran into Casey. He ended up having some bad cramps at mile 23 and had to back way off. I checked later on Strava and he has a 2:59 PR so definitely a bad day and not going out too fast. I had him get a finish pic since I didn’t find anyone else there. Found a somewhat secluded spot between a building and some bushes and got into some wonderfully dry clothes. I was trying to keep an eye out for Jay, but didn’t realize how much sooner he finished until I checked the tracking app. That was a great sight to see how well he pushed on the last miles.
Got some messages on my phone that some of the ICWT crew were at Mile 26 so worked out where to meet them. Barnaby_McFoo was finishing around then so met up with him in the Runner Meetup and made our way to see the others. It was great seeing them although I completely missed them and their sign at Mile 26. I was so deep in the pain cave, I really wasn’t paying attention to much. Got a group shot minus Dino (Sorry runroardinosaur) who was still running. Most of the group needed to take off for home so McFoo and I headed to get our stamped Tracksmith poster and then I made my way to the subway to get to the hotel.
Fortunately, the family was at the pool…hot tub here I come. After some walking and soak in the hot tub, my legs weren’t feeling that bad. We visited Navy Pier later that night and besides the few stairs I had to do, it felt good walking around a bit.
I felt really good with this race. I think I went out a bit hot, but not horribly so. I feel like the pre-race and race fueling went exactly like I wanted and don’t find any faults there. Maybe a gel at the end, not sure. I was extremely fortunate to have Jay there for pacing. I think I might have been able to go by feel on that, but it was nice just zoning out and letting him set the pace. My only real regret is the fade over the last miles. I don’t think it was an energy issue, just fatigue. The sight-seeing in the days ahead of the race had to have contributed some, but I knew that was going to be the case. My training was strong and the only thing I might have changed is running my ML and long runs at the faster end of Pfitz’s range. In this cycle I tended toward the middle to slower end of his range. That was by choice as I wanted to make sure I could handle the mileage and workouts.
What’s Next?
I’m planning to take it easy for a while. Nothing too structured; just build my miles back up. I still want to try and hit 2800 miles for the year. For the spring, I want to focus on 5k’s again. I tried that this spring, but after the okay HM cycle last fall, I couldn’t really put in the miles and effort I wanted to. This past cycle was much stronger, so I want to put in some good speed workouts and see abut dropping my 5k time. After that, I’ve got my eye on a 12-hour timed race next fall which should set me up good for Boston in 2020.
One final note
Just to give you an idea of consistent Jay was pacing since he and I only listed the race 5k splits. Here are my manual splits until we separated:
6:56, 6:57, 6:59, 6:56, 6:53, 6:59, 6:59, 6:59, 6:54, 6:54, 6:54, 6:52, 6:55, 6:48, 6:56, 6:57, 6:53, 6:54, 6:48, 7:06, 6:55, 6:55, 6:54
I was just a passenger on that train and I am sure I wouldn't have been able to do it that well. Thanks again, jaylapeche !
submitted by brwalkernc to artc


Is300 help

Hey guys! I posted before about my 2002 IS300 having a rough idle, some backfire, and finally it died at a stop light. Was able to get it started but it was barely getting any acceleration just enough to get it into a parking lot. I took it to a auto shop for a 75.00 inspection and they called me and said they suggest a major engine tuneup which includes spark plugs, coils and wires, fuel injectors and some filters. All together 949.00. But when I asked if this would solve the problem I couldn’t get a straight answer. He just said that the vehicle was throwing so many codes and he can’t even take it for a test drive. What do you guys think? It said it was showing misfires.
submitted by artofpoe83 to IS300