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CS Skins; Maps; CFG; GUI; Sprays. Many users would hang on these statements that are typically vague, pointing to select pieces within code that shows the usage of a new engine, and the cycle. Support; Enjoy your favorite games. Summary: Valve has taken a large selection of the maps from Counter-Strike 1.6 - Office, Havana, Italy, Aztec, Chateau, Cobble, Piranesi and of course eternal favourites Dust and Dust 2, and recreated them for the source engine. Switch pro key apk mania. It is available on Microsoft Windows, OSX, and Linux, as well as the Xbox and PlayStation 3 consoles, and is backwards compatible on the Xbox One console. Counter-Strike Pro sentenced to 116 years in prison for fraud GameCentral Wednesday 4 Mar 2020 4: 54 pm Share this article via facebook Share this article via twitter Share this article via messenger.

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Counter-Strike: Source is a classic shooter where you can choose to be a terrorist or a policeman. It is the most played shooter type game of all time. Be sure you're familiar with the game Counter Strike and had to have enjoyed it. This game because some of its unique features able to find many fans. So, chain sure you read up on the game offers available to you to make unwarranted. Flight simulator x deluxe keygen. CSS and other game such as Half Life 2 won't start. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted.


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Inspiring good at first then gone accessing links in a paragraph. Aimbot, wallhack, ESP hack and much more. When it comes to the PC, it was Counter-Strike: Source that really helped me appreciate competitive PC gaming. Page Transparency See More. The nuts and bolts of the world's most famous hostage rescue game have been changed from old Half-Life 2 code to Orange Box, meaning it now runs the latest version of Valve's engine that supports Windows and Mac OS X and now powers Team Fortress 2 and. The developers of this game took an older mod called the Half Life Mod and enhanced the graphics.

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Authoring Tools; SteamPipe migration and abandonment of the Source SDK app. Every Source player is effectively on a roller coaster ride, unable to opt out of Valve's timetable for changes and is totally reliant on them plugging the holes they make along the way. Files indowebster crack ninja blade full. The mechanics allow you to quickly get used to working out, and the smooth. Hacker de sentimente zippy smiley. Our CSGO Cheat is perfect to play in [HOST] can configure the aimbot legit or make it look obvious while being safe from VAC. The most common reason why you're seeing this is that you don't own/have Counter-Strike: Source installed and mounted to Garry's Mod.

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Each round is won either by completing an objective (such as detonating a bomb or rescuing. Our list of games like Counter Strike (CS: S and CS: GO) has free and paid multiplayer alternatives to the classic and popular experience of Counter Strike. There is a bug, when I use dust 2 map or mirage map or inferno map, (not your map, from other source), then some pistols becomes too shiny, I have no problem with this but it also lowers little fps, also in mirage map, all knives except karambit, default and m9 bayo et are silver and too shiny, please try to make a path with low quality weapon models that don't shine and make some more. The combination of realistic and fast arcade shooter pace – one of the key elements that made the game so popular. Included Denuvo Cracks! Pokemon x and y gba hack direct https://ivdi.ru/forum/?download=7480. C&C Red Alert 2: Yuri Revenge C&C Red Alert 3 Counter-Strike Garry's Mod Half-Life 2. Left 4 Dead Left 4 Dead 2 Minecraft Portal 2 StarCraft: Brood War.

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Who will win the TEAM LIQUID/TRIUMPH vs. EVIL GENIUSES/CHAOS Counter-Strike Finals on Sunday, Nov 22nd?

Data will be sourced from juked.gg
This is the 2020 IEM XV Beijing Online NA tournament. The teams will be playing “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive”.
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Profile of a Game - G2 vs DWG Game 1

This is an incredibly in-depth breakdown of all components of the first game of the semifinal between G2 and DWG at Worlds 2020. In it, I will be taking you through the draft and almost every minute of gameplay to explain exactly what is going down and why it is significant.
  1. I do not do this professionally so keep in mind that my opinion is just that - my opinion. I'm likely going to be making claims about how I think the game should be played and these might not align with your views.
  2. Context matters. I am coming into these games with a particular idea of how each team plays and what their weaknesses and preferences are. These thoughts can be referenced in the respective threads for the teams (G2 | DWG)
  3. See my thoughts concerning Draft, Territory, and Fight Selection here. This will be pretty important for this analysis
  4. I've obviously already watched the series so take what I say with a bit of a grain of salt. Some of it is likely affected by hindsight bias.
Draft (all bans are written in order)
  • Side Select
    • DWG won the flip and opted for Red Side
      • Red gives Damwon priority in counterpicks and forces G2 to reveal components of their composition. Damwon gets counter in particular in R3 and R5. Keep these two pick slots in mind
  • Ban Rotation 1
    • G2 bans Camille, Nidalee, and Syndra
      • Banning Nidalee on Blue Side reveals that G2 does not feel comfortable playing around Nidalee. As one of the highest priority jungles and Canyon's best champion, Nidalee represents one of the most desirable B1 picks against Damwon.
      • Camille and Syndra are both generally strong champions that play the strong-side of the map. G2 wants to deny potential combinations of priority lanes that allow Damwon to enable Canyon
    • DWG bans Ornn, Volibear, and Shen
      • Damwon is screaming Renekton with these bans. Ornn, Volibear, and Shen are the only blind pick-able Top laners with good matchup into Renekton barring Sion. With Red Side priority in composition-building, Damwon gives G2 four potential options.
  1. Blind Sion
  2. Blind a champion favourable into Renekton
  3. Take away Renekton
  4. Drop their top lane pick until after ban phase 2
  • Pick Rotation 1
    • G2 opens draft with Lucian - a strong priority mid lane champion that can theoretically be flexed to all 3 lanes while giving good pairing with ap jungle picks such as Lillia if put in the mid lane
    • DWG responds with Jhin and TF, giving them extremely good range advantage against the Lucian come mid-late game while simultaneously taking away two high priority picks in the current meta
      • It is possible that DWG intentionally left open the pair of Lucian + Evelynn/Lillia in anticipation that G2 would prioritize it over TF
    • G2 picks Lillia and Renekton. Renekton is likely a take-away from DWG while Lillia is an AP Jungle meant to be paired with Lucian
    • DWG picks Hecarim last pick in the first rotation
      • Hecarim gives DWG strong engage inside of the composition but also gives multiple advantages to DWG in terms of mid-lane dynamic
  1. Hecarim creates an incredibly hard punish for Lucian if the pick is put mid lane as Gold Card + Hecarim burst is effectively un-survivable and Lucian's goal in that lane should be to shove and create lane pressure on TF to deny roams.
  2. Hecarim + Twisted Fate will likely win any 2v2 against Lillia + Lucian if both of the pairings hit 6 on relatively even terms due to the burst damage output
  • Ban Rotation 2
    • DWG bans Ashe and Tahm Kench
      • Tahm Kench counters Damwon's composition incredibly hard and is basically an essential takeaway as he nullifies Twisted Fate's Gold Card and most of Hecarim's burst on engage if played well
      • Ashe pinches the ADC pool and forces G2 onto options of Senna, Caitlyn, or possibly Kalista.
    • G2 bans Kennen and Pantheon
      • Pantheon slots into DWG's composition incredibly well, giving them further global pressure and augmenting their engage with Hecarim
      • Kennen is a strong pick that DWG has played throughout the tournament and has good interplay with Hecarim, while also being a strong lane opponent for Renekton
  • Pick Rotation 2
    • DWG opens with R4 Gangplank
      • Gangplank has a relatively safe matchup into Renekton in a vacuum and due to G2's pick of Lillia as well as potential global pressure from TF, is not under huge threat of dive
      • Picking Gangplank R4 does not force DWG to reveal anything as the Top Lane from G2 has already been picked. This lets them reserve Support as a Counterpick for Lane or as a match into G2's composition overall
    • G2 responds with Sylas and Rakan
      • G2 throws a curveball into the draft by taking Sylas and opting to flex the Lucian into bot lane. Sylas can be used to match global pressure from TF while also creating a strong late-game dive and damage threat for their composition to aid Renekton.
      • Rakan gives G2's composition some much needed guaranteed engage outside of Lillia sleep while also presenting strong kill threat post-6 to Jhin when paired with Lucian
    • DWG ends with R5 Leona
      • Leona fits into the composition of DWG as it supplements Hecarim's engage while also being a soft counterpick against Rakan
      • Leona gives DWG a very bulky frontline to work with alongside Hecarim
  • Compositions
    • G2 has picked a very brawly and skirmish-based comp that relies on acceleration and top-side priority to stamp out the game quickly with an explosive mid-game on 1 and 2 item spikes
      • Renekton Sylas Lillia represents an incredibly strong top-side for Skirmishing and Herald secure.
      • G2's win condition is to bust open top lane and use Renekton as a mobile battering ram to bully DWG around before Damwon's superior range and overall teamfight factor can really give them an edge. This requires G2 to limit their losses on the bot side of the map and secure leads on Renekton+Lillia to transition into Sylas in the opening 10 minutes
    • DWG pick a strong front to back composition with high engage, range, and two globals.
      • Nuguri on Gangplank is playing weak-side top this game. His goal is to die as little as possible and limit what G2 can do to accelerate Wunder on Renekton
      • DWG has a very strong bot side of the map in contrast to G2, especially pre-6. TF gets priority easily on Sylas while Jhin-Leona is incredibly difficult for Lucian-Rakan to deal with due to the range difference and the high punish Leona can dish out for mispositioning in lane phase. Factor in TF and Gangplank ultimates and bot lane quickly becomes a no man's land for G2 unless they can align both Hijack-Destiny/Gate with a Renekton teleport to turn the tables
      • DWG's win condition this game is through Dragon Soul and Teamfighting. They have easy access to the first two Dragons due to the natural priority they have on the bot side of the map, and if they can drag the game out, they can very effectively force fights in the area with a plethora of good engage tools
  1. They leash for Lillia
  2. Lillia starts Red
  • DWG resultingly gets complete priority bot lane in terms of push
  • Renekton fumbles a trade early on by not properly timing his aggression to turret shots, resulting in him getting hit twice by the tower and giving Gangplank a huge HP lead: https://youtu.be/F9PZIypclmA?t=1504
  • This forces Lillia to go top to relieve lane pressure on Renekton: https://youtu.be/F9PZIypclmA?t=1514
  • This is crucial because Lillia is a jungle champion that does best when she can actually accelerate against her counterpart. Her incredible clear speed and ability to snowball play a significant role in the priority teams put on her. Being forced to relieve gank dampens this
  • Note that Hecarim paths into and takes the bottom side Scuttle Crab - this is because his team is one that plays towards bot lane: https://youtu.be/F9PZIypclmA?t=1542
  • TF begins to bully and get prio on Sylas as expected within the early points of the matchup: https://youtu.be/F9PZIypclmA?t=1549
  • This forces Sylas to blow Teleport relatively early into the lane: https://youtu.be/F9PZIypclmA?t=1565
  • This is remedied by Lillia taking a free opportunistic gank on TF immediately following the TP due to TF's compromised position in the lane without sufficient vision - securing first blood for G2. This is critical for G2's win condition of snowballing the top side and an excellent punish on Showmaker's overeagerness on the TF: https://youtu.be/F9PZIypclmA?t=1568
  • Rakan makes a major blunder by looking for a trade on Leona-Jhin while Lucian is almost completely out of mana. This results in Rakan dying for free: https://youtu.be/F9PZIypclmA?t=1617
  • Jhin and Leona immediately recall: https://youtu.be/F9PZIypclmA?t=1650 whereas Lucian opts to stay to push one more wave: https://youtu.be/F9PZIypclmA?t=1660 (watch the minimap)
  • Following Rakan's respawn and Leona's reset, both supports make a typical opportunistic roam mid lane while their ADCs are in uncompromising positions: https://youtu.be/F9PZIypclmA?t=1664
  • Meanwhile, Lillia takes another excellent opportunity gank on an overpushed Gangplank, forcing him to blow flash (watch the minimap in the previous link - they pan to it right after so I'm not going to link again)
  • Leona does not leave mid lane following all this. You can actually tell that G2, however is completely aware of this - watch the pings on the minimap: https://youtu.be/F9PZIypclmA?t=1714. The reason is because of G2's ward on the entrance into DWG's Blue-Side Jungle. Mikyx on Rakan pathed down the river into bot lane - if Leona had followed they would have eyes on her through the champion. They also saw her walk into the banana brush through that ward. So G2 actually knows that Leona is looking for a play mid lane - so Caps backs off accordingly
  • Beryl on Leona continues to stay within the area - and even stays to stun the scuttle crab for Hecarim: https://youtu.be/F9PZIypclmA?t=1728 (minimap). She finally appears in G2's vision https://youtu.be/F9PZIypclmA?t=1734 6 seconds after - but in the position she is in, G2 sees and knows that Leona is in position to join any potential skirmish in the river
  • In spite of this, G2 looks for a skirmish in the river: https://youtu.be/F9PZIypclmA?t=1736. Leona's roam priority results in the trade becoming an absolute disaster for G2 in a 1 for 3. Renekton critically holds his TP during this fight in spite of having access through the same ward previously mentioned
  • Lillia forgoes the entirety of her red side jungle to look for this skirmish - putting her significantly behind Hecarim in tempo
  • Lillia's first play following this disaster of a fight is to clear raptors and then look for another opportunity mid: https://youtu.be/F9PZIypclmA?t=1791. Leona also once again immediately roams mid following her reset. TF is forced off of the wave due to Lillia's pressure until Leona arrives - at the cost of Lillia's farm tempo.
  • Renekton uses TP for lane pressure: https://youtu.be/F9PZIypclmA?t=1809
  • Hecarim paths into a full red side clear from an empty blue side jungle into an opportunistic look at top - only after he has cleared his camps, however: https://youtu.be/F9PZIypclmA?t=1845
  • You see that DWG is actually fully expecting G2 to make a push at 8 minutes to try to capture the Rift Herald. Leona moves from Mid into the Red Side Jungle: https://youtu.be/F9PZIypclmA?t=1834
  • DWG immediately leave the area once Lillia is spotted on a ward bot lane as the threat of a Herald capture disappears https://youtu.be/F9PZIypclmA?t=1858
  • DWG set up on their now extremely strong bot side and position to either pick somebody off or take the Dragon for free: https://youtu.be/F9PZIypclmA?t=1914
  • In response, you can actually see Lillia clear vision around the Herald top: https://youtu.be/F9PZIypclmA?t=1929 but rather than attempting a Herald capture, Lillia opts to attempt to gank mid instead: https://youtu.be/F9PZIypclmA?t=1940 (watch the minimap again)
  • While this is all happening, as the main action of the above timestamp suggests, G2 takes a huge trade into DWG that nearly kills Leona. Rakan uses this priority to secure vision through the top side of the map: https://youtu.be/F9PZIypclmA?t=1957 but G2 curiously still does not capture Herald even while they have absolute priority top side, instead opting to let Mikyx recall: https://youtu.be/F9PZIypclmA?t=1970 (minimap)
  • In fact, DWG is so agitated by the threat of a potential Herald capture, that TF blows teleport into mid lane, Jhin pulls up from bot lane, and Leona, following a reset, immediately moves towards Herald again: https://youtu.be/F9PZIypclmA?t=1983
  • Resultingly, DWG beats G2 to the Herald, kills a Renekton in compromised lane space through the use of TF ultimate and Hecarim, and uses their man advantage in the top side to capture Herald instead: https://youtu.be/F9PZIypclmA?t=1992
  • Note that at the beginning of this, before Renekton even dies, Lucian is pathing directly into lane, while Sylas and Lillia are moving towards the Herald. The playcall from G2 seems to be to take a 4-man Herald while Lucian farms. This allows them to either dance around the Herald and get free farm and plating onto Lucian, or secure the Herald if DWG wants to prevent Lucian from free-farming. DWG, however, strike decisively and before G2 can actually set up.
  • After G2 are forced to cede the Herald, they retreat into DWG's Blue Side Jungle https://youtu.be/F9PZIypclmA?t=2020 but are spotted by a control ward.
  • Sylas resets but immediately TPs back to mid lane and hijacks TF ultimate the moment he arrives: https://youtu.be/F9PZIypclmA?t=2042. Watch the minimap in the ensuing minute. Everytime Sylas leaves vision, TF mirrors the movement of Sylas to avoid a lop-sided fight. Note that the ward in the center of mid lane is exceptionally useful for spotting out which side Sylas is tending towards.
  • Sylas continually motions bot, but you can see that every time TF is clearing the wave at his tower, DWG's bot lane moves significantly far behind their turret to not compromise themselves to the few seconds of teleport priority that Sylas has. With Hecarim not in the area, greeding for XP from the minion wave while TF is occupied is likely to cost DWG's bot lane dearly: https://youtu.be/F9PZIypclmA?t=2078
  • This is why when Destiny/Gate finally is used by Sylas while TF clears a wave at turret: https://youtu.be/F9PZIypclmA?t=2079, Jhin and Leona are prominently within DWG territory between turrets.
  • Because of how extremely far into enemy territory Sylas is forced to dive (Jhin and Leona aren't even near the turret when the wave bot lane crashes), he is way too far ahead of his teammates to have followup. He is accordingly locked down by Leona and picked off by DWG https://youtu.be/F9PZIypclmA?t=2086. Renekton also does not have TP during this play due to using it earlier for lane pressure
  • While Hecarim had initially pathed towards bottom lane for potential cleanup, the moment the fight is over and Sylas dies, he begins to move directly into Mid lane: https://youtu.be/F9PZIypclmA?t=2097
  • This is because with Sylas having blown TP and dead, Renekton having blown TP and being shoved under turret, there is nothing to stop Herald from cracking open mid lane.
  • Even still, Jhin actually cancels his recall to move towards mid lane in order to ensure that no lop-sided engages can happen on the pair mid while they push through the mid turret: https://youtu.be/F9PZIypclmA?t=2122 (minimap), while Leona moves mid immediately following her earlier reset.
  • DWG resultingly breaks two plates on the mid turret, then summons the Herald to smash through all remaining Plates. The man advantage ensures that DWG is under no threat, and even look for an opportunistic pick on Rakan, which fails to convert: https://youtu.be/F9PZIypclmA?t=2144
  • Phew, that was a lot. The pace of the game actually slows down significantly for the next few minutes following the early game as while G2 is initially the team dictating tempo, the two lost skirmishes effectively take away their control over the course of the game. At this point, DWG is on universal one item spikes, excluding their support, so G2 is ill-advised to contest them directly. DWG uses this initiative to significantly slow the game down and let their champions scale further - as they know G2 is the team on the timer.
  • Renekton, who has been left on an island after the gank that blew Gangplank's flash is beginning to suffer greatly against the Gangplank who has generated a significant gold lead over Renekton in spite of the 10 cs different through 3 assists from the usage of his ultimate and the free gold Gangplank generates: https://youtu.be/F9PZIypclmA?t=2230
  • So much so that Lillia is pulled Top (and away from her farm again) to relieve pressure: https://youtu.be/F9PZIypclmA?t=2237
  • With Lillia top, DWG takes an uncontestable Dragon. Even if G2 wanted to contest, they have almost no complete items outside of GLP on Sylas so any fight would likely be heavily DWG favoured: https://youtu.be/F9PZIypclmA?t=2260
  • Hecarim, Leona, and TF form a terrifying 4-man core to press Lucian-Rakan off of being able to defend the Bottom Lane Tier 1, giving DWG another turret: https://youtu.be/F9PZIypclmA?t=2287
  • In response, on the top side of the map, G2 presses their 3-man core to try to threaten a dive onto Gangplank while boxing TF out of his jungle due to the threat of being collapsed on by Lillia: https://youtu.be/F9PZIypclmA?t=2321. This, however, proves to be an impossible play to force as there simply is not enough wave control to get under the turret.
  • With TP up on Gangplank, DWG move into a 1-3-1 formation with Herald spawning: https://youtu.be/F9PZIypclmA?t=2394. G2 capitalizes on the slightly slow map rotation of DWG to take their first turret of the game bot lane. Notice that Gangplank does not actually show himself in bot lane and rather opts to wait in the brush near Tier 2 Turret in case he has to TP to a potential skirmish around Herald as DWG does not have vision setup in G2's blue side jungle
  • Leona places a ward into the banana brush: https://youtu.be/F9PZIypclmA?t=2404 and motions to rotate towards the top side. However, the moment Lillia is spotted by the ward she had just placed and Rakan is spotted by the ward near blue, she changes direction and goes the long way around to cover for Gangplank in case of a potential dive: https://youtu.be/F9PZIypclmA?t=2413 (minimap). Note the high amounts of vision DWG has in the Blue Side jungle
  • On the flip side, G2 guesses that DWG is likely prioritizing the Herald and rather begins rotating back into DWG's Blue Side Jungle to try to set up a pick: https://youtu.be/F9PZIypclmA?t=2410
  • Sylas also joins the play, which DWG notices through the same banana brush ward that spotted Lillia (note the ping): https://youtu.be/F9PZIypclmA?t=2420
  • Finding no access, G2 recalls two members in enemy territory, and in vision: https://youtu.be/F9PZIypclmA?t=2436
  • Noticing this, DWG immediately collapses on the recalling members as they are within DWG's territory. Lucian manages to recall, but DWG catch Lillia: https://youtu.be/F9PZIypclmA?t=2443
  • At this point, G2 is 5k gold down with a worse scaling composition given that they could not properly accelerate through the mid game. Damwon is under no duress to force anything and can simply play towards the win condition of Dragon Soul
  • G2 lays down a litany of wards in DWG's jungle in anticipation of the Dragon capture so that they can potentially put in one last desperation fight with suitable flanks for Renekton and Sylas: https://youtu.be/F9PZIypclmA?t=2533
  • G2 then sets up inside the River and near Dragon while sending Sylas to handle the wave top lane: https://youtu.be/F9PZIypclmA?t=2558
  • Gangplank rotates from top lane while Hecarim sets Herald mid lane to fork G2's decision: https://youtu.be/F9PZIypclmA?t=2561
  • G2 begins the Soul Point Dragon to try to bait DWG into a fight and then pulls the trigger to engage with Rakan on TF, but an immediate Flash from TF makes the engage land only on Leona. The ensuing fight is lost as DWG is simply too much stronger compositionally and item-wise: https://youtu.be/F9PZIypclmA?t=2586
  • From here, the rest of the game is mostly a foregone conclusion. DWG take Baron, take Soul, and close out the game as their lead following the lost team fight by G2 is virtually insurmountable given the respective compositions.
Personal Thoughts on Draft
  • G2 likely would have been better off blind picking Sion than to force themselves to take away Renekton from DWG as DWG likely would not have played Renekton either way into Sion
  • TF first pick into Lee Sin + Renekton would have been the better opening rotation from G2 if their plan going into draft (and you should always have a plan for Blue side drafts) was to pick this kind of acceleration comp. While DWG did an excellent job of trapping the Lucian pick, TF also naturally fits into G2's style better either way. Lee Sin would have fit better especially given how Jankos played/was forced to play.
  • Kennen seems like a wasted ban. If DWG takes Kennen in pick rotation 2, they have double AP solo lanes with Jhin + Hecarim. While Hecarim obviously does some degree of physical damage, DWG has pretty much only ever paired Kennen with Graves jungle to disincentivize Merc Treads + 1 MR item which almost completely nullifies Kennen + TF's mid-game. Assuming G2 is planning to accelerate into the mid-game, Kennen would likely be a bad pick either way without a lethality user like Graves to punish MR stacking - Renekton and Sylas just aren't going to die to TF/Kennen if they both pick a pair of Mercs
  • Leona would have been a much better pick for G2 in B4/B5. It already counters Rakan and was left up so picking Rakan B5 was basically telling DWG to pick it. Furthermore, it fits the brawl, skirmish composition of G2 much better than Rakan does. It also, in my opinion, makes the lane much more bearable for Lucian and presents a better kill threat than Rakan does.
Personal Thoughts on the Game
  • There is no point in picking Lillia if she is going to spend a huge amount of time fishing for non-opportunistic ganks as it wastes one of her greatest qualities - clear speed and ability to snowball on the enemy jungle
    • Jankos effectively played Lillia as a Lee Sin with lower pick potential. To that point, he should have just played Lee Sin in this game.
  • DWG did an incredible job playing the map in a way that enabled Canyon while not compromising their players' positions. You can see that in most plays, Canyon is allowed to prioritize farm for himself to catapult himself into a lead. At the same time, G2 seemed to overforce at pivotal movements that cost them dearly
  • The river skirmish here: https://youtu.be/F9PZIypclmA?t=1736 could have been G2's opportunity to blow the game open, but coordination between G2 members seems to have been lacking. G2 knew Beryl would have priority into the river - as Mikyx literally sees his position relative to the involved champions. Playcalling either should have canceled the play or brought Renekton, who was in position to TP, down into the play.
  • G2 should have used the pressure of Sylas hijacking Destiny/Gate during this dive https://youtu.be/F9PZIypclmA?t=2086 to simply let their bot lane take turret plates. Just by watching the minimap, and as I noted previously, you can see that Ghost and Beryl are continually giving up wave exp, gold, and turret plating to avoid being dove. G2 overpressed when they could have just taken a free advantage here. This play is a key mistake that likely cost G2 most of the game
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