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After 132 applications, I accepted a full-time job with benefits!

Hi Jobs! I wanted to share my timeline and interview stats. I found these kinds of posts to be interesting during my search, so I hope this helps someone!
Total job applications: 132
Total responses: 40
Never heard back: 92
Told me no right away: 13
Turned out to be a scam: 6
First interviews: 11
2+ interviews: 5
They offered me the job, but I declined: 5
They said no at end of interview process: 4
Left me hanging after two rounds: 1
Accepted: 1
My background is in administration, teaching, and management, primarily in arts and entertainment. I applied heavily from late July 2020 to September 2020. At that point, I stopped actively applying because my old job called me back. Two jobs reached out to me in October, and I ended up taking one of them.
Resume - I basically used this template, except I put education at the top. I had 8 slightly differing versions of my resume for the different kinds of jobs I was applying for.
Cover Letter - I wish I could find the original author of the template I started with, but this ended up being my basic cover letter:
Dear Hiring Manager,
I'm enthusiastically writing regarding the [POSITION] at [PLACE], which I discovered on [WEBSITE]. I have over [NUMBER] years of related experience and am excited to bring my creativity and energy to [PLACE].
The job description mentioned that you were looking for [QUALITY, QUALITY, and QUALITY].
This multifaceted role has made me a [QUALITY, QUALITY], capable of [TASK].
I’m confident that I have the skills and ability to be an asset to [PLACE]. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.
Interview - I obsessively honed my pitch and practiced with this video.
Websites - I was looking primarily on Indeed and NYFA, but sometimes Craigslist and LinkedIn, too.
Closing Thoughts
  • Personalize, personalize, personalize - I really started getting somewhere when I started personalizing my resume for each job. Eventually, I had 8 slightly different versions of my resume ready to go, which I would personalize even more for each job.
  • Including interests on your resume - Yes, I started including interests on most of my resumes, and I started getting more interest. I kept it very brief and specific. My resume for the job I ultimately accepted, however, did not have any interests on it.
As we all know, this is an incredibly tedious process. I certainly felt depressed and worthless at times. I just kept telling myself: this is a numbers game, and I just have to stay in the game to win. I saw every application as increasing my chances of winning the numbers game, even if only slightly. Additionally, I was very inspired by the folks on here who racked up 300 applications in the same time I had done 130.
To everyone still applying: you got this!
EDIT 11/18/2020 11:00 AM EST - Thank you all for your kind well-wishes! I thought I'd compile my answers to the most frequently asked questions here:
Are you entry level? How many jobs did you apply to per day and per week, on average? - tltr4560 (Thank you!)
Not entry level. I’m 28 with 4 years of experience in management. I applied to 5-7 jobs a day max, but sometimes I only managed to do 1 job a day. I was very slow because I was researching the companies, personalizing my resume and cover letter a lot, etc.
What kind of position did you end up in? - RogueMimzy (Thank you!)
I took an administrative position at a well-known organization, but not directly in my field.
What did you do to improve your interview skills? - kbflower (Thank you!)
The best interview advice I got was: peg your answers to your accomplishments, i.e., figure out what the most impressive things are about you and connect every interview answer to one or more of those. I really worked on this because I'm naturally not someone who brags about themselves.
So, for example, if someone says, "Tell me about yourself," old me would have said, "I'm [NAME], I'm from Colorado and I teach painting."
New me had a spiel: "I'm an artist, teacher, and manager. I started my interest in [FIELD] at [SCHOOL]. In my current position, I'm the manager at [PLACE], where I directly supervise 10 people. The studio makes an average revenue of $800,000 a year, and I've brought that up from $500,000 in 2017. I oversee all hiring, onboarding, and operational initiatives, while also teaching painting at [PLACE] to groups of up to 50 adults at a time." etc.
Obviously those details are a little fudged but you get the idea. I practiced with my friends and with the video I linked until it was second nature. You don't want to memorize word for word, of course, but you want to know what points you're going to bring up every time.
Do you have any suggestions for the final rounds of interviews? - sassylilmidge (Thank you!)
I really can't call myself an expert on final rounds since I've only done it 5 times. These are my general thoughts, though:
  • Anticipating common interview questions - At the lower levels (where I am), there are only so many interview questions that get asked (even in the second and third rounds). I found this free Balance Careers website very helpful for all of that. They have lists of common interview questions and suggestions for how to answer. I came up with my answers for pretty much all common interview questions and practiced them obsessively.
  • Peg your answers to your accomplishments - I wrote a little about that above. Basically, figure out what the most impressive things are about you and connect every interview answer to one or more of those. So if someone asked the classic, "How do you handle stress and pressure?" I had a semi-memorized answer ready to go that connected back to a striking, memorable accomplishment. E.g.: "In my current position, I run a lot of high-pressure, high-stress events. I remember one time, I was overseeing an event for the entire cast of the Lion King on Broadway and everything needed to be perfect. It turns out they needed a red carpet and a photo backdrop, but it seems like there was a miscommunication and the information didn't make it to us. So, my coworker and I sprang into action... [DETAILS] and, in the end, the night went off perfectly. No one even noticed a thing. I deal with challenging situations by leaping into action and doing everything I can in the here and now." I would be brief, but make the example as funny and vivid as possible.
  • Get your most successful friend to critique your interviewing skills (multiple times if possible) - This was painful, but helpful. I picked the most successful person I know and asked them to do several mock interviews with me. Most people will be flattered to be asked. 1) You want to practice until it's automatic. In the first practice round, I would fall apart during basic questions out of nervousness (and because the situation was so weird). By the later rounds, I had a smooth, but natural (I hope) patter down. 2) Their feedback will be really important. They might tell you you need to brag more, or say that one of your anecdotes is particularly interesting and you need to find a way to work it in earlier. 3) If possible, get them to practice with you the night/morning before interviews so you're not walking in completely cold. Eventually I stopped relying on this, but I found it helpful for my first few 2+ round interviews.
Did you include personal hobby type interests or professional goals/interests? - Packynin (Thank you!)
Personal interests only. My exact line (when I included it) was: "Interests – Camping, hiking, bicycling, drawing, mycology."
As a side note - I'm Asian, and we are sometimes stereotyped as being all the same, boring robot drones, etc. I felt like adding the interests might have humanized me to hiring managers.
I didn't put any professional goals. I used to do some hiring and never found those sections that interesting. But it's probably different for other industries.
Would the template apply to a college student with no work or internship experience? All feedback I've gotten so far is that my experience is not relevant. Do my extracurriculars and projects hold any merit for anyone...? - beetles_juiced (Thank you!)
I'd need more details to give you good advice, but there's usually a way to spin your accomplishments in the best possible light. I interviewed for a lot of positions where I had no direct experience in that specific field.
I usually read the job description, isolated the tasks that were most similar to things I had done, and then rewrote a few bullet points in my resume to directly address those tasks.
So for example, if I saw a job description like this:
REQUIREMENTS: • Experience with social media, notably Instagram (all aspects: writing posts, promotion, documenting engagement with followers) • Proficiency in Microsoft Office and web research; and with Adobe Creative Suite is a plus. • Strong organizational, verbal, writing and problem-solving skills. • BA degree in Fine Art, Art History, or experience in a related field.
I would think to myself, okay: I don't have experience with Instagram, and web research isn't a huge part of my job. But I could spin my resume in the best possible light with something truthful and relevant, like this:
  • Created original content for company social media accounts.
  • Researched market trends to support and develop new operational initiatives. Assisted senior management with status follow-ups and progress reports.
Maybe not the best example, but you get the idea.
Are you the white lady with curly hair in the image header?
No, that is a still from the video I linked! I used that video to practice interviewing.
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