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pfBlockerNG-devel v3.0.0 - No longer bound by Unbound!

pfBlockerNG-devel v3.0.0

No longer bound by Unbound - DNSBL Unbound Python Integration Released
Continue to follow in the pfSense forum and on Twitter [ u/bbcan177 ], Reddit [ pfBlockerNG ]
and Patreon ( https://www.patreon.com/pfBlockerNG ) for pfBlockerNG news and support.

Thank you for the Support!
The package is now available for pfSense 2.4.5, and will be available in pfSense 2.5 when the next builds are updated by the pfSense devs.

UPDATE 1:29pm-EST:

There seems to be a permissions issue in Unbound with this update. working with the pfSense devs for a solution.
In the meantime, change the /vaunbound folder permissions with the following cmd:
chown unbound:unbound /vaunbound

UPDATE 1:32pm-EST:

There is a fix to the package plist file to set the proper folder permissions for the /vaunbound folder:
Update to v3.0.0_1
Thanks for all your patience!


* DNSBL - Python Mode Integration ( This mode is only available for pfSense v2.4.5 and above )

* TOP1M - Add Tranco as the default TOP1M Whitelist [ https://tranco-list.eu/ ]
* DNSBL VIP Type = CARP (High Availability Sync) improvements
* XMLRPC Sync Tab - Remove the CARP HA Skew from being sync'd
* Add Localhost at the default DNSBL Listening interface
(Suggest all existing users change to this interface)
* DNSBL Web Server is now bound to localhost instead of
* Widget - Packet counters are more accurate, however, the Clear counter option will now clear all pfSense counters.
* Widget - Tooltip Improvements
* Widget - Add IDN/Regex/TLD Allow entries
* DNSBL SQLite statistic databases are now located in the /vaunbound folder
* DNSBL IPv6 blocking
* Wizard - Add IPv6 checkbox
* Wizard - Add DNSBL Whitelist checkbox to allow users to disable the default DNSBL Whitelist.
* Alerts/Reports tab - Timeline Bar graph charts (via d3Pie)
* Alerts/Reports tab - Pause Icon added to halt the page refresh on each table.
* Alerts/Reports tab - Several new Settings to refine the Reports page output
* Alerts/Reports tab - Page refresh timer now starts after page has been fully loaded.
* Alerts/Reports tab - Add port lookup tool
* DNSBL Block page - Screen resolution improvements for device screen sizes
* ASN - Database updated
* DNSBL TLD database updated
* Add the DNSBL SafeSearch menu option to the User Privileges page
* CURL - Download speed improvements (CURLOPT_TCP_FASTOPEN, CURLOPT_TCP_NODELAY)
* DNSBL Web Server certificate improvements (by PiBa)
* DNSBL Restore Resolver DNS cache option on Cron/Force Update/Force Reloads
* DNSBL improvements to the Stop and Start of Unbound
* DNSBL Null Blocking mode with or without logging
* Add Threat Page lookups - GreyNoise, Shodan and Stop Forum Spam
* Improvement to pfblockerng.log messages
* Feeds added/removed/edit
* Several improvements to the Alerts/Reports Tab
* Several other under-the-hood improvements
The DNS Resolver (Unbound) DHCP Registration option is not compatible with DNSBL Python mode. The pfSense devs are aware and changes are required to be made to the dhcpleases binary to stop/start Unbound instead of sending a SIGHUP. The use of this option and the Unbound Python mode will cause an Unbound crash.
If DHCP Registration is enabled in Unbound Python mode, or DHCP Registration enabled after Unbound Python mode is enabled, Unbound Python mode will be downgraded to Unbound mode to prevent Unbound from crashing.
The DNS Resolver Unbound "Views" feaure it not currently compatable with DNSBL Python mode. The "Views" feature will be incorporated into the new Python Mode in future.


Feodo Tracker - URL Changed, Add new Feed options
URLhaus - Add new Feed options
ISC - Changed URL from dshield.org to isc.sans.eu
ISC Low/Med/High - These feeds are currently "Suspended" by ISC, so it is blank. Will monitor if this changes.
ISC - Add TOR Feed to TOR IP Group
ISC - Add Onyphe Feed
Talos-Snort - Changed URL
Add more DoH feeds to "DoH" Group
Bambenek (BBC) Feeds now require Registration and the URLs are changed. Moved from PR1 rto PRI3.
[https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1rcLFEfSmo09lPQM8YT4VU3ixTwZ-1lK\_0G5R3wk5oJY/](https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1rcLFEfSmo09lPQM8YT4VU3ixTwZ-1lK_0G5R3wk5oJY/) [https://www.reddit.com/pfBlockerNG/comments/i139ob/fyi\_bambenek\_feeds\_gone\_commercial/](https://www.reddit.com/pfBlockerNG/comments/i139ob/fyi_bambenek_feeds_gone_commercial/) 
EasyList Privacy new URL (Note: other Easylist URLs may change in future)
Easylist Lithuanian - URL Changed
Easylist - Adware Filter - URL changed, not sure if this feed is still supported?
Krisk Intel Feeds - New Feeds
MalTrail Feed - New Feed
BadIPs - Seems to be down - Will monitor if this changes.
Blocklist.de - Added donate link
Blocklist.de - Added new Feed Option
AzORult Tracker - New Feed
Added new IP "SCANNERS" Group
Public-dns.info - Add second Feed option (IPv4/6)
myip.ms - Add second Feed option (IPv4/6)
Antisocial Engineer - Moved from Malicious Group to Malicious2 Group. This feed is UK Centric and can cause FPs.
Removed discontinued Sysctl Feeds
Removed discontinued Heuristic Security DoH Feed
submitted by BBCan177 to pfBlockerNG

Sync For Reddit V20 (beta) is Now Going Live On Google Play


New (major)

  • Updated MD2 redesign
  • Added image flair support for all subs that support it
  • Added crosspost support
  • In-app purchases have been completely re-written
  • Migrated to bottom navigation
  • The sidebar has been simplified and redesigned
  • Added a freshly redesigned search bottomsheet
  • Added a setting to automatically follow the system dark mode
  • Added biometric prompt when opening the app (option)
  • Added biometric prompt when changing account (option)
  • Added a new view picker
  • The splash screen now respects the system dark mode
  • Tapping on the subreddit title will now allow you to edit it directly
  • Added a new in-app update checker
  • Big overhaul of the cards UI
  • Freshly redesigned comments
  • Finally fixed the issue of selftext previews showing too many lines
  • Added a profile picture to profiles that when clicked shows additional options
  • All videos now stream as opposed to downloading and then playing (should improved overall performance and first viewing of videos)

New (minor)

  • The loading posts indicator has been migrated from the dated horizontal progress to a spinning progressbar
  • Updated the priority of background glide cache requests to Priority.LOW
  • Added an option to disable the post original content (OC) tag
  • Added a little thumb indicator in the subreddit picker
  • Added an option to restore the previous scroll position after jumping to the top
  • Long pressing BottmNavigationBar items will reveal additional options
  • Enabled transparent nav on Android Q devices with gesture nav enabled
  • When browsing a NSFW sub the app preview is now excluded from recents
  • Updated the posts and comments RecyclerView to use the new state restoration policy
  • Non colored comment row indicators have been toned down
  • Updated the collapse all comments animation
  • Added an option to toggle transparent status (default is on)
  • Added an option to disable recording recently searched and visited subs
  • Added preliminary redgifs support (using reddit transcoding until I get an API key)
  • New more obvious look for quotes
  • Selftext previews can now be expanded inline
  • Long pressing the profile icon now brings up the preferences


  • v.redd.it videos now load a smaller resolution by default (should be much faster)
  • Disabled post dividers by default
  • The subreddit is now only shown on mixed listings (all, frontpage etc)
  • The domain tag is now omitted for reddit domains (i.redd.it, v.reddi.it)
  • Tapping the Toolbar to return to top will now always animate
  • Twitter links no longer show card image previews
  • Removed auto subreddit theming and per subreddit coloring
  • Removed the theme header image as we are no longer using a subreddit drawer
  • The image open / close animation has been tweaked to be smoother
  • Changed the save icon to an outline of a star
  • Removed the ability to rename multireddits (no longer in the api?)
  • Default subreddits for logged out users are now pulled from reddit
  • Sidebar now has a dedicated button (was hidden via an undiscoverable gesture previously)
  • First time login is now much faster
  • Shortened the timestamp
  • HTTP2 enabled again
  • Removed the "Click back to open the left drawer" setting
  • Post options are now always shown as a bottomsheet
  • Refreshed the post options bottomsheet icons and style
  • Disabled the bottomsheet corner animation
  • Updated the logic to grab subreddit icons
  • Updated subreddit icons and colors
  • Changed the text in the sidebar from "readers" to "members"
  • Added a header to the post options bottomsheet
  • Increased the size of the subreddit bottomsheet peek area
  • Tapping home when viewing posts now scrolls to the top
  • Searching settings now keeps the search page in history
  • Reversed the collapse section icon in search and subreddit bottomsheets
  • Changing the default navigation bar color is now only supported on Android O and above due to API restrictions
  • Moved away from Glides built in fade animations as they were causing random crashes
  • Subreddit names are no longer shown in lowercase for posts
  • Removed the SidebarActivity (previously accessible from comments, this has been replaced by the sidebar bottomsheet)
  • Removed the RecentActivity (no longer used)
  • Removed lots of unused resources (9.77MB down from 10.30MB)
  • Posts with "spoiler" in their flair are now treated as spoilers
  • Updated the style & format of the URL displayed for link cards with big previews
  • Selecting your profile from the account picker now opens in the same activity
  • Increased the size of image previews by 20dp
  • Updated the image transition interpolators
  • The subreddit icon is now clickable from within the sidebar bottom sheet
  • When switching between accounts all cached data is dropped
  • Changed the window color for all light themes to white
  • Added Firebase remote config
  • Added in Firebase messaging
  • Updated the posts enter / exit animation
  • The card stroke color has been updated (and will be configurable)
  • The comment navigation bar is now enabled by default
  • The toolbar is now automatically shown when using volume navigation
  • The comments navigation bar is now linked to the toolbar autohide preference
  • Image link and video previews are now shown as fixed height when in full height card mode (thumbnails often not worth seeing any larger...)
  • Removed the option to show preview images for selftext. This was dumb.
  • Removed the option to set card backgrounds as red as we no longer use cards
  • Changed the default view mode to full height cards
  • Changed the default card title typeface to product sans
  • Created new vector icons for missing cards with missing thumbnails (external, nsfw and spoiler)
  • Gifs are no longer zoomable by default due to video distortion
  • Removed the option to stream videos as this is now always enabled
  • Removed the legacy video player
  • Clicking the comment title in comments now clicks on the link
  • Glide image previews now use hardware bitmaps


  • Fixed an issue where spoilers would render incorrectly (trailing ███)
  • Fixed a bug on Pixel devices where notifications would not bundle correctly (Thanks incorrect Google docs!)
  • Fixed an issue where multiple ripples were showing when a post was clicked
  • Fixed an issue where clicking the card description would not show a ripple
  • Fixed an issue where the image shared element transition would not animate the navigation bar second the second time you tap on an image
  • Fixed an issue where saving an image copies the time it was originally saved
  • fixed an issue where searching with an apostrophe would be stripped
  • Fixed a crash when animating items in RecyclerViews
  • Fixed a crash when setting null text in a custom TableView
  • Fixed a crash when leaving the image viewer
  • Fixed an issue with 2FA and signing in
  • Fixed an issue where peeking on certain GIFs wouldn't load
  • Fixed an issue where the image permission was shown as soon as the share dialog was opened
  • Fixed broken v.redd.it downloading
  • Fixed a bug that would cause subreddit icons to not load correctly


  • Updated exoplayer to v2.11.4
  • Updated indicator-fast-scroll to v1.3.0-beta01
  • Updated Mockito to v3.3.3
  • Updated androidx test core to v1.3.0-beta02
  • Updated Exif Interface v1.3.0-alpha01
  • Updated Play Services to v17.2.1
  • Updated Play Services ads to v19.1.0
  • Updated Mopub Admob adapter to v19.0.1.0
  • Updated gradle-versions-plugin to v0.28.0
  • Updated slf4j to v1.7.30
  • Updated slf4j-api to v2.0.0-alpha1
  • Updated Mopub to v5.12.0
  • Updated Firebase Crashlytics to v17.0.0
  • Updated firebase-crashlytics-gradle to v2.1.0
  • Updated OkHttp to v4.6.0
  • Updated auto-value to v1.7.1
  • Updated recyclerview to v1.2.0-alpha03
  • Updated android-gif-drawable v1.2.20
  • Updated androidx annotation to v1.2.0-alpha01
  • Updated androidx work to v2.4.0-beta01
  • Updated android billing to v2.2.1


  • The anonymous account now uses application-only-oauth (required by some newer APIs)
  • Got the full test suite back up and running with API 29 and Java 11
  • Raised the min SDK to v23
submitted by ljdawson to redditsync