Iran warns Israel of 'crushing' reply to 'hit and run

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Israeli jets strike in Syria to ... - The Times of Israel

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Israel told Hezbollah it inadvertently killed fighter in

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Shimon Peres discusses the future of Israel

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Nov/9/2020 wrap-up: \\ War in Artsakh (Karabakh) \\ Shushi battles \\ battles in other fronts \\ anti-Pashinyan opposition wants his resignation; receives pushback \\ humanitarian aid & activism \\ foreign response & diplomacy \\ Computer Science classes starting 2nd grade \\ budget 2021 \\ more...

Your 12-minute Monday report in 3025 words

videos from yesterday

Azerbaijani soldiers destroying a religious monument in Artsakh: https://streamable.com/1ban91
Videos from Shushi battles yesterday:
Video 1: https://t.me/sashakots/18022
Video 2: https://youtu.be/H8kepKX12I8
From November 7: https://youtu.be/_c86FusC-fs
Possibly Shushi: https://youtu.be/id5lzymMu5U
Meanwhile in the northern mountainous areas (no battle). https://youtu.be/CFsQkkLIdKo
Unofficial/unconfirmed. This video was presented as Armenian soldiers firing at a group of Azeri soldiers: https://youtu.be/LQCPJRRUnZA

November 9 timeline // battlefield & analysis // diplomacy & international response

00:23 WarGonzo's Pegov: Armenian troops are definitely inside Shushi. There are very heavy battles on the outskirts. Azeris are attacking and Armenians are repelling - no exaggeration - every minute.
Did Azeris enter Shushi? Absolutely. They entered in the edge. Then they left. Are they attempting to return? Yes.
The battle for Shushi is the main event of the war. Aliyev spares no soldier and throws them under Armenian artillery's meatgrinder. This is why they retreated from the Martuni front and also brought soldiers from the Nakhijevan enclave; the elite soldiers are all fighting in Shushi.
Aliyev went all-in. Artsakh govt understands this and doesn't want to concede.
9:02 Artsakh govt: at night, the civilian areas were relatively calm, except for Stepanakert, where Azeris dropped several cluster bombs. Civilian infrastructure was damaged. No injuries. There were no military objects where the bombs fell. The target was the civilian population.
9:24 ANNA reporter: Stepanakert's center was bombed again.
https://t.me/infocomm/25752 , https://t.me/anna_news/9505 , https://t.me/infocomm/25754
10:10 Artsakh president Arayik: Early in the morning I visited the battle positions defending Stepanakert. Spoke on the spot with the soldiers and the veterans, who have been pushing back the enemy who has been attacking from Shushi direction for over a day now. During the tour, I met with General Mnatsakanyan. Details of the invaluable service he is providing to the homeland will be presented after the war.
10:14 army: at night, there were intense battles on southern, south-eastern, and south-western fronts. We detected and neutralized enemy troops in the Shushi-Qarin Tak area (a suburb south of Shushi), the enemy retreated after sustaining heavy losses. We took more favorable positions.
In all directions, we shot 1 tank, 4 vehicles, 8 drones. In the south-west, we captured 1 enemy tank and artillery units.
The enemy resumed the attack in the morning.
10:25: video showing Armenian soldiers making BBQ in an oven inside the trenches.
10:27: army identified and published the names of 44 soldiers who died fighting. There are 1,221 identified deaths.
10:39: army published a video dedicated to soldiers. "Our artillerymen operate brilliantly."
10:42 MoD spokeswoman Shushan: the battles continue near Shushi. The defense forces successfully perform their tasks, depriving the enemy of the initiative.
11:15: BBC asked Aliyev to comment on the fact that Azerbaijan used cluster bombs and bombed civilian areas. Aliyev called it fake news.
BBC confronted him, saying their own journalist was at the scene. Aliyev called it fake news (telling BBC that their journalist is lying). Confronted about Human Rights Watch report about the bombs, he called it fake news again.
"Is it all fake news?"
"Yes, why not."
Armenian MFA responds: Ilham Aliyev confirms that he has no justification for the deliberate targeting of the civilian population, which has been undeniably documented by many reputable international media outlets specializing in human rights.
Realizing that he would sooner or later be held responsible for his war crimes, Ilham Aliyev made a desperate attempt to deny the truth, calling it "fake news."
German BILD journalist calls Aliyev a liar: Not only BBC knows that the President is telling lies, once again. We were on the ground for two weeks, saw shelling of civilian areas almost every day and every night. Mr. Aliyev, there are many many reporters who can prove: You are lying!
Clip https://m.facebook.com/1238905799/videos/10217584294179387/?refsrc=https%3A%2F%2Fm.facebook.com%2Fplugins%2Fvideo.php&ref=external&_rdr
https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1034368.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1034409.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1034408.html , https://news.am/arm/news/612239.html
11:25: HR Ombudsman met British Baronesses Caroline Cox and her HART humanitarian agency members. A report was prepared about the physical violence against Artsakh civilians, online hate speech, and increment of violence accompanied by videos of Azeri soldiers committing war crimes against POWs.
The Baronesses expressed willingness to visit Artsakh.
11:29: Yerevan Mayor says they sent a group of army volunteers for training.
12:11 spokesman Artsrun: We downed another Azeri drone this morning. An Azeri group was discovered towards the Qarin Tak (south of Shushi). It's being destroyed with artillery fire. They have heavy losses.
Video from Qarin Tak artillery strikes: https://youtu.be/XCGdWgmHu90
https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1034377.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1034379.html , https://news.am/arm/news/612235.html
12:49 spokesman Artsrun: there were other important battles besides Shushi. The enemy attacks failed towards Martuni, Martakert, Taghavard, and other places. These are all important battles.
13:00: earlier an Azeri Parliament MP accused Iran of "helping to move PKK terrorists to Armenia" after Iran criticized, without naming names, Azerbaijan's placement of Syrian terrorists in its borders. A political spat ensued, followed by damage control by Azerbaijan.
Today an Iranian MP accused the Azeri MP of "reading the speech from a text written by Israel".
13:10: Iran continues to transfer heavy military equipment near the border with Artsakh
13:52: Alkiako, Spain passed a resolution in solidarity with Artsakh. It condemns the Azeri-Turkish aggression.
15:28: RIA Novosty article talks about the targeting of Artsakh civilians and the humanitarian crisis.
16:31: president Sarkissian gave an interview to the Greek Kathimerini outlet. "We won't allow another genocide to happen."
Full https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1034410.html
17:03 spokeswoman Shushan: Azeri attack towards Karmir Shuka was repelled. The battles continue in the south-east. We shot 3 drones during this period.
17:23 Artsakh president's spokesman: The post made by president Arayik today [about Azeris attacking capital from Shushi direction] has caused certain depressive moods in public circles. This is natural because war is an act of hard struggle, where neither success nor failure is guaranteed.
To this day, unfortunately, we have to admit that the chain of failures still haunts us, and the city of Shushi is out of our control. The enemy is on the outskirts of Stepanakert.
If we want Shushi to be ours and Artsakh to be preserved, today we must use all our capabilities to organize a reliable defense in Stepanakert and other directions of the front.
19:13 Artsakh president Arayik: The army and volunteers stand strong and will fight until the end. The outcome of the war determines the strong will of the people. We can still show that will and determination. Each of us must stand firm in our positions, and a positive result will be guaranteed.
19:15 PM Pashinyan: The battles for Shushi continue.
https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1034425.html ,
19:23: several political parties want PM Pashinyan's resignation. Among them are BHK, ARF, Hayreniq (Vanetsyan), HHK (all strictly anti-Pashinyan). Semi-opposition LHK did not sign the letter.
Hanun Hanrapetyutyan party criticized the opposition parties for creating internal disability by demanding the PM's resignation while the battles continue.
A volunteer soldier in Stepanakert published a video and criticized the "political games while the battles continue".
19:46 Artsakh MFA Masis Mailyan: Currently battles are taking place in the direction of Shushi. It's time to make a breakthrough.
19:55 WarGonzo reporter: we have reliable info that Armenian army equipment, tanks, armored vehicles, etc. are fighting on the outskirt of Shushi, against the Azeris who are inside the town. The Armenian army doesn't appear to be willing to give up Shushi.
20:07: at around 18:39 a Russian helicopter crashed in Yeraskh, Ararat province of Armenia, next to the Nakhijevan border. Russian "Sputnik Armenia" outlet's source says it was shot from Nakhijevan.
Russian Ministry of Defense has confirmed that the helicopter, which was accompanying a Russian vehicle fleet, was shot with a mobile anti-aircraft missile system. Two crew members died; the third one has injured. Russia is examining details to find out who shot it.
Video showing the moment it was hit: https://t.me/anna_news/9524
Video 2: https://t.me/infoteka24/11298
Video showing aftermath: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=1041786809627108
Photos of debris: https://t.me/voenkorKotenok/23757
Photos: https://t.me/sashakots/18041
20:53 spokeswoman Shushan: the army continues the battle for Shushi. The enemy is being shelled. Two Azeri soldiers were captured.
21:29: Azerbaijan has apologized to Russia for shooting down the Russian helicopter in Armenia, and promised a "compensation". They claim it was unintentional.
The "we will compensate" part raised the ire of some Russians who see an analogy with the 2015 downing of a Russian jet by Turkey over Syrian air. At the time, Erdogan didn't apologize. Today Ilham Aliyev didn't apologize, either; a note was sent from Azeri MoD.
The patriotic/nationalist segment of Russian social media began demanding a "harsh" response.
https://t.me/voenkorKotenok/23740 , https://t.me/bagramyan26/23094 , https://t.me/anna_news/9527 , https://t.me/sashakots/18046
21:41 WarGonzo reporter: there are still Armenian fighters in Shushi. Ambulances continue to aid the wounded. Olympic champion Mihran Harutyunyan and I went to the southern outskirt of Shushi to find out what's really happening. Our info is slightly different from the official one.
Not only did we see Armenian military equipment, but also ambulance vehicles that were exiting the city and driving down the road. There were clear sounds of battles. We couldn't do more due to snipers.
I don't know how many Armenian soldiers are inside Shushi but it's fair to say there are significantly more Azeris. Regardless of what has been said today, the battles continue.
21:58: a group of Armenian soldiers published a video from Shushi outskirts, urging the public not to listen to depressive rumors. "Do you hear the sounds of the artillery? Shushi is being cleared."
22:00 army spokesman Suren Sarumyan's briefing: in the past 4 days, the enemy concentrated the main efforts towards Shushi. Fierce battles took place during this time. The Army defended and are defending our fortress-city Shushi and are ready to carry out their duties.
During the day, the enemy attacked Shushi several times. The attackers were discovered and sustained heavy losses under our artillery fire. In this area, we captured two Azeri soldiers.
The enemy also attacked other front lines. We took more favorable positions and destroyed 1 tank, 4 vehicles, 8 drones. In the south-east, we captured a tank and artillery units.
Currently, there are battles in the direction of Shushi. There is a nuance in military battles: certain events take place within a period of time. We can talk about the results only when they are concluded. In this regard, I'd like to inform you that the geography of events contains some secrecy. For this, sometimes it's not beneficial to talk about land gain/loss. In any case, we have nothing to hide from you. Follow official news.
During the war, Azeri troops were able to intrude through the center of Artsakh. The areas where we retreated was often due to military-strategic purposes. In other words, when we were dealing with flatlands it's often best to retreat and take up nearby heights for better efficiency.
But Azerbaijan's actions within Artsakh's center won't be forgiven. Be confident that the army will be able to carry out its duties and defeat the enemy. Our troops have high morale and optimism. Boys are ready to defend the homeland until the end.
22:16: Olympic champion Mihran Harutyunyan (the guy who traveled with WarGonzo) published a video. "Do you hear the sounds in the background? I'm in the southern outskirt of Shushi right now. Our troops are inside Shushi. Anyone who creates panic and tragedy should stop. Turn off your phones and relax."
He encouraged soldiers and others to come and join them on the outskirts.
22:49: photos showing the damage in Stepanakert after today's shelling of civilian areas:
23:00: Armenian MoD expressed condolences to families of Russian pilots "who were during their military duties to protect the borders". They will be awarded posthumously.
https://t.me/reartsakh/6267 , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1034441.html
23:24: SOAD's Serj Tankian: Two and a half years ago, Armenia experienced a revival through a peaceful revolution. Our people spoke the truth to the government, ushering in a new era of growth in diplomacy, economy and national unity, which made the Armenian people stronger than ever. In these difficult times of war, it is important to stand by our leadership so that a corrupt dictatorial enemy knows what a strong democracy is like with a strong Diaspora. We are with you, Nikol Pashinyan.
23:46: Armenian MFA about the downing of Russian helicopter: "We believe that the use of force against the Russian armed forces in the sovereign territory of the Republic of Armenia will receive an adequate response."
23:59: The Russian ambassador visited the government building. No details were provided. General Samvel Babayan was also present.
https://youtu.be/MdGJMrPiYOg , https://factor.am/307441.html
00:12 Russian Vesna military correspondents: We've learned that a group of Turkish special forces, who are operating in Karabakh, went there through Kazakhstan after training courses in the National Defense University of Kazakhstan.
They went to the University in 2019-2020 as part of the joint Kazakh-Turkish training cooperation. It used to be that only Kazakhs would visit Turkey, but last year, Turkey asked for TSK forces to go there.
It's about Erdogan's plans to intrude in the post-Soviet military sphere and learn more about how it operates. For this, they also used military propagandists and intelligence (OZZ) teams in Kazakhstan.
The Turkish social forces graduated in March-2020 and went to Azerbaijan in the summer for training. They then stayed there and acted as commanders during the Karabakh War.
More: https://t.me/RVvoenko408

humanitarian aid & activism

Armenian-Americans held a silent demonstration in front of the Lincoln statue in D.C. Signs were held urging the official recognition of the Artsakh Republic and putting an end to the aggression.
Belgian-Dutch entrepreneurs increased the collected donations from 209,000 Euros to 413,000 within a few hours of an online campaign.
An online petition was organized by Armenian and foreign public figures to revoke Azeri VP Mehriban Aliyeva's "UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador" title.
Residents of Lichq, Gegarquniq donated medicine, equipment, and food to Artsakh.
Ukrainian-Armenians organized a demonstration, held a charity fair, and donated the proceeds to Artsakh.
Flutist Valeri Tolstov and his "Authentic Light Orchestra" will play in Switzerland on November 21st, in support of Artsakh.
Armenians in UAE donated $132,000 to Artsakh.
Chess champion Levon Aronyan has collected 1.4M in donations from his charity match and passed it to Himnadram.org

regional kerfuffle

Turkish Lira slightly improved after the resignation of Erdogan's son-in-law Borat Albayrak as the Finance Minister. 8.12 per $1.
Opposition pro-Kurdish HDP party has called for Erdogan's resignation over the economic crisis.
https://factor.am/307036.html , https://factor.am/307379.html
Azerbaijan's ambassador to France gave an interview to French AFP. The latter chose not to publish it. The ambassador got mad. "Shame on AFP and [the journalist who took interview]. Shame on Le Figaro and other outlets for not publishing our articles."

programming courses for Artsakh refugees / remote learning / high-tech in schools

The Business Incubator Foundation is providing free 8-week programming classes to refugees in three institutes. The courses began in Vanadzor Tech Center.
Students learn various programming languages, technical English, programs that create games.
Gyumri Tech Center also reached Adobe tools and graphics design.
More: https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1034385.html

remote learning

If you live in a remote provincial area that doesn't have a teacher for a particular subject, your school will receive free computers, projectors, microphones, etc. from the Education Ministry, for remote learning of that subject. 101 schools have qualified.


Education Ministry plans reforms to introduce Computer Science & Digital Literacy classes beginning 2nd grade. The "informatika" subject will undergo major reforms.

COVID stats, double infection, vaccines, grants, and healthcare

+2,358 tested (some clinics take a "break" on Sunday, tests are reduced). +1,024 infected. +21 deaths. +731 healed. 40,569 active. 180 critical. 897 serious. 73 on lung vent.
Healthcare Minister Torosyan: We have enough lung ventilators but there is a shortage of oxygen supplies around the world and Armenia is no exception. We're working on expanding the local production. We purchased large oxygen stations and 500 compressors.
We had 343 cases of double-infections. It's unlikely to do with improper initial healing because when they healed, they were tested negative. At least a month later they tested positive again.
We'll soon have 50,000 antigen tests that are faster than traditional antibody tests. There is a global trend to use those instead. This news will probably lower the cost of traditional tests.
We will purchase 60,000 COVID vaccines next year with the use of an initial plan, followed by vaccination of 10% of the population.
https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1034376.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1034380.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1034387.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1034386.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1034375.html , https://news.am/arm/news/612269.html

EU's COVID grant

The EU will issue a €36M grant to fight the virus and help the economy. "By making a direct financial contribution, we emphasize and support the commendable efforts of the Armenian Government aimed at preserving jobs, supporting SMEs, as well as providing basic health and social services for those most affected by COVID-19," said the EU.
The govt thanked the EU for the aid.

Budget 2021

The Labor & Social Affairs Ministry's 2021 budget will increase by 10.7B, or 2.2%.
Funding for programs aimed at improving the demographics to increase by 7.2B.
The Education budget will decrease by 2B (or an increase of 10% over 2019), party due to COVID-related cancellation of travel and other events. (Total budget 178B)
The healthcare budget to increase by 22B.
https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1034364.html , https://factor.am/306813.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1034401.html , https://news.am/arm/news/612279.html

You can help Artsakh & Armenia

www.1000plus.am (international, medical help for former soldiers)
www.HimnaDram.org (international, for Artsakh)
www.ArmeniaFund.org (U.S. tax-deductible, for Artsakh)
Prior events:
Nov 8, Nov 7, Nov 6, Nov 5, Nov 4, Nov 3, Nov 2, Nov 1, Oct 31, Oct 30, Oct 29, Oct 28, Oct 27, Oct 26, Oct 25, Oct 24, Oct 23, Oct 22, Oct 21, Oct 20, Oct 19, Oct 18, Oct 17, Oct 16, Oct 15, Oct 14, Oct 13, Oct 12, Oct 11 , Oct 10, Oct 9 , Oct 8, Oct 7,Oct 6, Oct 5, Oct 4, Oct 3, Oct 2, Oct 1, Sep 30, Sep 29, Sep 28, Sep 27
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Oct/27/2020 news wrap-up: \\ War in Artsakh (Karabakh) \\ battlefield map & analysis; press briefing \\ Pashinyan addresses nation \\ more evidence of jihadists hired by Azerbaijan; confirmed deaths \\ Azeri soldier reveals preparation details \\ international response \\ demonstrations & donations

high-profile Syrian jihadist is confirmed dead

A high-profile militant from Hamza Division, hired by Azerbaijan to fight in Artsakh, was killed by an Armenian artillery strike.
The Hamza Division (Firqat al-Hamza) has announced the death of commander Adel al-Shakhir. He was a long-time fighter who recently went to Artsakh.
Syrian SOHR humanitarian organization has confirmed the death of 19 more militants, including the aforementioned commander, who was in charge of leading groups in Artsakh. SOHR alone has identified 188 dead militants.
https://t.me/infoteka24/10049 , https://infoteka24.ru/2020/10/27/73488/

jihadist is captured by Syria / exposes details about Karabakh deployment

Syrian Al Hadas outlet reports that the Syrian army has captured militant Amin Imad es-Sayed from pro-Turkish Sultan Murad cell. He was serving in city Afrin for 350 Liras per month ($50). He gave details about his commander Abdel Rahim Rahman Turkmani.
He said the militants for Artsakh are collected from various groups. Thousands have been recruited for $2,000 salary with 3-month contracts. He revealed many militants have already died.
He also gave details about how they smuggle stolen oil through Turkey.

died for $2,000 (minus commanders' share)

Syrian sources have confirmed the death of another prominent Syrian militant recruited by Azerbaijan.
The body of Abu Maria (Maisar Ali Musa Abdullah al-Juburi) from Deir ez-Zor has reached Syria today via the Jarablusa entrance with Turkey. He is originally from Iraq and was a former member of Jabhat al-Nusra.

collection of reports about the jihadists recruited by Azerbaijan & Turkey

The Conflict Intelligence Team has an article that provides details about the militants. It contains [older] links to several international articles and interviews with militants and their families. The article also dismisses fake news circulated by the Azeri government about Armenia allegedly hiring Kurds/Assyrians from abroad.

"SNA mercenaries in Azerbaijan: the Visual Evidence"

Another collection of info about jihadists recruited by Azerbaijan.

more evidence of jihadists in Azerbaijan

Photos taken next to an Azeri wall poster: https://twitter.com/razminfo/status/1321117221016522752
Uniforms: https://twitter.com/IdlibEn/status/1311307520363896833
The Azeri military school toom where jihadists took the photos: https://twitter.com/razminfo/status/1321117225907036160

October 27 events / battlefield & footage / international response & diplomacy / demonstrations & donations

It turns out Formula-1 pilot Max Verstappen did not write the widely circulated message in support of Artsakh. It was likely a troll who used his name.
23:55 army released footage showing volunteers from Tavush Province undergoing training before deployment.
00:09: on the topic of non-official high-ranking deaths in the Azeri army. There are allegedly 13 Lieutenant Colonels and 2 Colonels on the list of deceased. Names and photos in the link. One of them was confirmed officially; he was a National Hero of Azerbaijan.
00:12: Olympics silver-medalist wrestler Mihran Harutyunyan will join Russian-Armenian MMA fighter Edward Vardanyan and travel to Artsakh for humanitarian work.
00:32: there was a giant cross in an intersection in one of the southern fronts. Azeri soldiers vandalized it after capturing the area.
00:48 Washington Examiner: "Erdogan triples down on imperial fanaticism."
Erdogan offered three repudiations of the democratic international order. First, he attacked France over its commitment to defend its democratic values and way of life.
Second, Erdogan pledged to keep fueling the bloody war between Azerbaijan and Armenia.
Third, he promised new assaults on Greek sovereignty.
7:20: the Armenian Youth Federation has installed tents and will hold a hunger strike in the United States. The demonstrators want the official recognition of Artsakh and sanctions against Turkey and Azerbaijan.
8:41 Artsakh govt: the night was relatively calm. The tension remains in the center-east.
9:21: army reminded family members not to secretly send smartphones to their relatives in front lines because the cell connection can be intercepted by the enemy, which would then give away the location of the soldier(s).
9:27: Artsakh president Arayik Harutyunyan has replaced the Minister of Defense Jalal Harutyunyan with Mikael Arzumanyan; the latter is promoted to Lieutenant General.
"Jalal received a wound while in front lines. I wish him a speedy recovery. There is no threat to his life. He will return soon."
Fake news was circulated on the internet allegedly showing the "drone strike against a vehicle convoy that killed Jalal Harutyunyan". The latter was wounded while in an outpost.
9:56 Jerusalem Post: "How Turkey manufactured a 'crisis' with France over 'cartoons". [Artsakh war is mentioned]
10:52: Armenians held demonstrations in front of Walgreens, Comcast, and Verizon offices in Washington D.C., and urged them to cancel ties with BGRGroup lobbyist organization which helps to cover up the Azeri aggression.
11:24 Armenian MoD: between 10:00-10:15, Azerbaijan violated the ceasefire and used a drone against a position within the Republic of Armenia's southern border. Armenian MoD will have to respond by returning fire.
12:40 Armenian MoD: The shootout continued. Armenia returned fire. Some soldiers were wounded. Azeris used a drone.
13:01 Armenian MoD: we took preventative measures. Azeris sustained significant losses.
14:02: army released footage showing the aftermath of the earlier Azeri attack on the Armenian border; smoke is seen in multiple locations.
15:16 Armenian MoD: we're monitoring the situation in the south. We know every Azeri movement. No one died and no equipment was destroyed on the Armenian side during the 10 am incident. We know the location of Azeri firing points. If this happens again, we will strike all of them.
11:33: army released footage showing the destruction of Azeri equipment.
Video: https://m.facebook.com/armenpress/videos/632566870955341/
11:46: a video from south-west front interviewing the soldiers who shot two drones and several armored vehicles. "They left some of the vehicles running and fled."
12:09: the church has collected another round of $380k in donations from its global branches for Artsakh.
12:44: photo of one of the Azeri drones that were shot down last night after intruding in the Republic of Armenia territory:
12:50: Azeri soldiers invited the EuroNews journalists to the northern village Mataghis captured by them in the first week, to brag about their deeds.
It turns out Armenians are positioned on the hills next to Mataghis. An Armenian missile barely missed the car that was transporting the reporters, whose car had a military camouflage. The footage shows how the missile flew inches away.
Video: https://t.me/anna_news/9117
12:54: The city council of French city Bouches-du-Rhone approved a resolution in support of Artsakh, condemned the aggression against citizens' rights, and urged the French govt to act. The city donated 50k Euros to Artsakh.
13:21: prosecutor's office gave a briefing about POWs. There are 17 Armenian POWs in Azerbaijan. The ECHR was contacted to demand fair treatment.
Two Azeri POWs were questioned by Armenian prosecutors. They receive medical and other necessary care.
Another man that was earlier presented as an Armenian-speaking Azeri infiltrator turned out to be an Armenian man, who was at the wrong time at the wrong place.
13:39: army has identified and published the names of 35 soldiers who died fighting. Total 1,005.
Some activists were able to independently learn of names of 1,200 Azeri dead soldiers. The total number is >6,000.
13:45: Ilham Aliyev gave an interview to RIA Novosti. He accused the Minks Group of "monopolizing" the role of mediators and "freezing the conflict instead of solving it".
13:46: the father of the legendary artilleryman Albert Hovhannisyan has donated his Mitsubishi to the army.
Journalist Tatul Hakobyan has done the same with his jeep.
13:48 spokesman Artsrun Hovhannisyan: It is interesting how history repeats itself 27 years later. In 1993, Azerbaijan violated all ceasefire agreements (read Kazimirov's book). The results are known.
14:18 Spanish Senator Charles Garcia to govt: Does the government of Spain have information on the volumes of arms sold by Spain to Turkey and Azerbaijan during the last 5 years?
Will the Spanish government take diplomatic steps against Turkey and Azerbaijan for the aggression unleashed against the Artsakh Republic?
What steps are being taken for the recognition of the Artsakh Republic?
14:39: Ombudsman published a map showing the location where 39 civilians were killed and 122 wounded from an indiscriminate bombing by Azerbaijan.
14:57: the government of the Netherlands has prepared a report which states their awareness that Turkey has recruited militants to help Azerbaijan in the Artsakh war.
The govt will raise the topic in a NATO meeting and ask member Turkey to be productive and help establish a ceasefire.
15:05: Iranian army general Abdolrahim Mousavi instructed to install more air defense systems near the north-western borders and to "punish Takfir terrorists near Iranian borders" if necessary to secure the Iranian population.
15:12: Iran has sent a special envoy to Moscow to discuss the conflict.
15:17: Yezidi-Armenians held a demonstration in front of the U.S. embassy in Yerevan.
15:20: there haven't been any new cases of spies being busted. A few weeks ago the NSS busted a former army officer who was allegedly collecting info about equipment location and other data.
A second suspect is a group of foreign citizens who were gathering info on troop movement and positions. All suspects are currently under arrest.
15:29: the army has awarded medals to several soldiers.
Two Lt. Colonels received Combat Cross for precision artillery strikes that caused heavy casualties. Several others received Combat Service for similar work.
A Private and a Sergeant, for shooting 2 drones and a tank.
A Private for blowing up Ural transport vehicle with soldiers inside.
A military doctor Artsakh Barseghyan, for evacuating a total of 16 wounded soldiers while under fire.
Mekhak Safaryan, for organizing the evacuation of a total of 50 soldiers under difficult circumstances.
And others, for various acts of courage... https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1032912.html
15:37: the Investigative Committee will send a group of 150 volunteers to the front lines.
15:42: the State Symphony Orchestra of Armenia will have open-air concerts between Oct 30 - Nov 2. The revenues will be donated to www.1000plus.am , the official fund that helps wounded soldiers and their families.
15:46: the US Chess Federation held a charity competition to help Artsakh. Grandmasters Vladimir Hakobyan (AM) and Samuel Sevyan (US) played against 29 guests. The $2,500 collected from the entry fee was donated to Himnadram.
16:11: soccer star Aras Ozbilis sold his jersey on eBay auction for $1,025 and donated it to Artsakh.
15:58: video shows Iran moving more military equipment to its northern borders.
16:06 an Azeri POW reveals details: after the July training with the Turkish army, some Turkish personnel didn't leave. They held 10-15-day training in our platoon to teach mountain warfare. I saw them in other units, too.
I was also told soldiers would arrive from Pakistan, too.
We underwent training in the mountains and were told to get ready for war. The Turkish personnel didn't wear names or tags on their uniforms. We referred to then as "commander".
On September 20-21, our battalion left the facility with Ural and Kamaz trucks towards Gyulistan (north-west, maybe near Mrav mountain). Our commander Ahmad Hanifayev told us that the Armenian positions only had 5-7 soldiers and that we have to storm and take over as many as possible.
The army uses Israeli and Turkish drones but they are controlled from the rear. I have no knowledge of who flies the drones.
Some of our artillery units were installed in [civilian] settlements where dense gardens/forests exist.
16:20: throughout the month-long war, Azerbaijan has received over 100 cargo flights with weapons. 70 from Turkey, 20 from Israel, Belarus, and Ukraine.
More details: https://fip.am/13489
16:37: a former official Vazgen Manukyan suggested for the govt to step down and hand over the power completely to the military. The military responded by basically saying are you out of your mind Vzgo.
16:39: The Human Rights Ombudsman Tatoyan met the group of French Parliamentarians and presented evidence of war crimes by Azerbaijan.
16:51: Lusine Mirzoyan migrated from Martakert to Yerevan for safety. She gave birth to her 8th child today. "The law says a woman with 10 children is officially a Hero Mother. I still have 8," said the woman. [can't tell if this was a joke, but it's funny anyway]
103 Artsakhtsi kids were born in Yerevan since September 27th.
17:12: businessman Eduardo Eurnekian has donated $3.5m to Artsakh via www.HimnaDram.org
17:36: army released footage showing a column of trucks, presumably belonging to Azerbaijan's jihadists, being blown up.
17:40: Europe isn't happy with Erdogan's calls to boycott French products, citing a EU-Turkey agreement that requires free trade of goods.
17:51: video featuring the volunteer doctors who help save lives in the front lines.
18:01: Greek City Times writes that the F-35 jets that the U.S. planned to sell go Turkey were sold to Greece instead, and have already joined the fleet.
18:11: the king of Bahrain Sheikh Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa has responded to president Sarkissian's letter by preparing a statement on behalf of the Gulf Cooperation Council. The statement urges the Security Council to intervene and establish a ceasefire.
18:23: Armenian MoD refuted claims by Azerbaijan about firing missiles at Azerbaijan's Barda region (north-east from Artsakh).
"This false accusation once again shows the need to install a ceasefire verification mechanism on the borders."
18:25: MFAs of Russia and Turkey discussed the conflicts in Artsakh, Syria, and Libya.
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo spoke with Pashinyan and Aliyev and urged to respect the ceasefire. Pashinyan informed him that Azerbaijan violated it the third time.
https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1032945.html , https://factor.am/300965.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1032959.html
18:31: European Parliament MP Lars Patrick Berg has called for international pressure against Azerbaijan.
19:20: the Parliament has approved the bill to create աշխարհազոր volunteer army in Armenia. It's meant to better organize self-defense forces by giving local authorities more rights to gather volunteers who are not already part of reserves. Volunteers will be paid, undergo training, and carry weapons. The bill drafted pre-war.
19:27: Parliament approved a bill to regulate the process of collecting certain items from citizens that can be useful for the army, in the event the army is short of those supplies. There will be a compensation if the property is damaged.
19:23 Artsakh govt: the situation is stable-tense. The center-east continues to be shelled, near Avetaranots and Madatashen villages. There were infiltration attempts. The artillery is working.
Throughout the day, Martuni and Lachin were bombed. 3 women were wounded in nearby Nngi village, which doesn't have military objects; illegal cluster bombs were used.
Capital Stepanakert was calm during the day.
https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1032956.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1032958.html
20:36: footage shared by Armenian soldiers showing the aftermath of a battle that left Azeri soldiers dead during an unsuccessful infiltration attempt. Armenian soldiers are seen passing around items taken from Azeris:
20:43: գետնի Քիսո Turkish Lira falls to a new record low. 8.16 for $1.
21:00 Pashinyan addresses the nation: proud citizens of Armenia, Artsakh, and the diaspora. It's been a month since the Turk-Azeri-terrorist army wage a war against Artsakh and Armenians. Thousands of bombs have been fired at civilians, thousand of drones. The enemy attacked with tanks, jets, helicopters, Azeris, mercenaries, Turkish and Pakistani special forces.
A month ago they had a plan to bring Artsakh to its knee. Yet today, although wounded, Artsakh is standing, thanks to primarily our heroic army and heroic public.
This cruel but heroic process reassures us that Artsakh will continue to stand because our spirit is unbreakable.
The war has entered a stage where every moment it collapses the illusions that the opponent had. The military-political leadership of Azerbaijan has fed so much "victory news" to the Azeri public, that every moment the Azeri public awaits news about Artsakh's final fall.
The Azeri public, however, will not receive that news. They will not get it. And it is this indefinite expectation of this news that will collapse the Azeri plans to invade Artsakh.
Artsakh's people, Armenian people, all Armenians will fight until the end for every tree, for every stone and every millimeter, and the counter-attack at the right moment will have a disastrous effect and will collapse the opponent. Developing that moment [counter attack] is the task of the Artsakh army and we must aid them in any way possible.
To solve the aforementioned problem we need national unity. Military orders must be carried out unconditionally. Those who disobey must be held accountable because Artsakh is at stake.
I'm aware that my yesterday's speech [about Armenia's willingness for "painful" mutual compromise] raised some questions and discussions. It was aimed to inform the international community about our constructive stance and the determination to secure rights for Artsakh.
We must use the energy for Artsakh. Everything and everyone for Artsakh. Every part of the govt works to resolve problems and improve efficiency. Our resources aren't unlimited, but Artsakh's defense army has enough weapons and the potential to carry out its missions.
Yes, we have many enemies around the world, but we also have allies who have/are/will stand next to us. Armenian people won't forget that.
We must defend Artsakh's right to self-determination. This war must be a top priority for all of us, and we will win. This war has radically changed the perception of the Artsakh war around the world.
International leaders today openly state that Azeris and Turkey are the aggressors. The use of terrorists by Azerbaijan has been confirmed in the world. This was possible partly due to our diplomatic work.
Diplomatic work is done to show the world that Azerbaijan has never wanted to go for any concessions. This fact gives international legitimacy for Artsakh Armenians to fight until the end.
Let's agree not to be afraid of anything and not to allow the internal and external actors to stoke doubt in our free and happy future.
You are a victor, Armenian nation. Go and take your victory, create your victory, and have no doubt that your government will not stop guiding you the way to victory.
Glory to freedom, glory to the Republic of Armenia, Glory to the Republic of Artsakh, Glory to the Armenian army and the soldier, Glory to children who will live in free and happy Armenia, free and happy Artsakh. Thank you.
21:06 first lady Anna Hakobyan: many women have contacted me to volunteer after I announced plans to join the front line along with 13 other women. Call [redacted number] if you want to join.
21:35: Trump said he's disappointed that the ceasefire was violated.
ANCA urged the U.S. government to kick Azeri banks out of the global SWIFT financial transaction network for violating the ceasefire and targeting civilians. Dashnaks are working on promoting a sanctions package.
22:00 army spokesman Artsarun's briefing: in the morning Azeris launched an attack in different directions. They shelled civilian settlements, as mentioned earlier.
The northern front was relatively less tense.
The fight continues against infiltrator groups in several villages in the center-east [map shows slightly north of Hadrut]. It's mostly inside forests. It's usually small groups that carry light weapons. They flee and hide after our attack. Later they try to infiltrate from other locations. These light-intensity fights happen 24/7 here.
In the south, there are battles along the Vorotan river basin [which stretches north towards Lachin]. Today Azeris tried to organize an attack with the use of drones and artillery towards Lachin [further north] and towards the Armenian border [further north-west], but they were repelled and did not succeed.
As you can tell by the map [presents a map], after having some success in the plain flatlands, Azeris and international terrorists are trying to attack the mountains, but successes are not easy for them. That's a harder task and the battles are heavier for them.
The war continues. It's slightly different now, however. The battles aren't as heavy and fast, although they are still heavy battles on mountains, forests, and gorges.
Several infiltrator groups were neutralized today. A few more routed, leaving behind equipment.
The nature of today's war is slightly unusual, slightly difficult. The enemy has lost its overwhelming advantage and equipment advantage, partly due to the terrain of warfare, the improvement of our tactics, our experience.
Therefore the situation is slightly different today. I can't give you all the data dynamically because the dynamics are not the same anymore, it has changed.
Be confident. We will win.
22:04: meet the men who defend the borders:
McDonald's' franchise branch in Azerbaijan has supported the Azeri aggression against Artsakh on its Instagram account.
22:26: there are unofficial unconfirmed reports of the death of Azeri Lieutenant General Colonel Ibrahim Heynulla Mais oglu nicknamed "cobra".
22:43: ANCA has urged Joe Biden to recognize the independence of the Artsakh Republic.
23:00: Azeri movie theaters are boycotting Mel Gibson's gözəl movies after he voiced support for Artsakh and Armenians.
Mel Gibson > Ronald McDonald. Change my mind.
23:04 Pashinhyan to Spanish EFE outlet: Artsakh residents don't want independence just for having it; it's a necessity for survival.
More: https://t.me/infocomm/24654

COVID stats

+3,397 tested. +1,600 infected. +26 deaths. +652 healed.

Central Bank about the economy

The Central Bank predicts that the GDP will decline by 7% instead of 6.2% that was calculated before COVID's second wave and the war.
12-month inflation was 1.4%. The Services sector is still heavily affected by COVID, which will delay economic recovery.
The upcoming ban on Turkish products won't cause any significant price hikes for Armenian consumers.
Money held in savings accounts declined by "tiny 1%" for two reasons: compensating for COVID-related income decline, and soldiers cashing out some funds for the family before they leave for front lines.
The refinancing rate will remain the same 4.25%. The interest rate on funds obtained from banks will be 2.75%.


Parliament approved the acceptance of a $3.8m grant from Japan, aimed at healthcare-related purchases and serving the mountainous population.

How to help Artsakh

www.1000plus.am (medical help for former soldiers)
www.HimnaDram.org (international donations)
www.ArmeniaFund.org (tax-deductible in the U.S.)
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