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Smite Stories - Command of the Rising Sun Chapter 9: The Oni King

Amaterasu looked down upon Kyoto from Mount Inari. The twilight sun shone brightly on her face as she stared at the imperial palace. A sprawling collection of buildings and courtyards, it stood as the center of the empire of Nippon. The imperial family were descended from the sun goddess by some few dozen generations, but they were no more precious to her than the other mortals who inhabited her country.
After her conversation with Inari, Amaterasu was unsure how to talk to the emperor. Should she be humble? Should she just command him to obey her? Or should she treat him as an equal? He worshipped her just as the other mortals did, so would it not be proper that she speak with authority? Never before had she been so uncertain how to behave in front of someone. Inari's speech made things difficult. The kami protect and aid the mortals, but the mortals venerate the kami and obey their will almost without question.
They were not equals, but they formed a symbiotic relationship. Perhaps their relationship was less that of a master and servant, and more like that of a parent and child. One ensures that the other prospers, who in turn supports and obeys the former.
Yes, this must be the best way to describe their relationship, and how she should treat them. Ironically, it wasn't that far from the truth. Most Nipponese were descendants of Earthly Kami, many generations hence.
Resolute in her understanding, Amaterasu leapt from the top of Mount Inari, gracefully gliding down toward the imperial palace. She landed softly near the gates, and walked past the guards to the main building. She stopped outside, wondering if she should wait for her brother. Closing her eyes, Amaterasu searched for his divine power. She found him, still in Izumo with Okuninushi and many Earthly Kami, drinking the evening away. No, she's not waiting for him.
Walking inside the main building, she entered the main hall. The emperor sat on the Chrysanthemum Throne. In front of him knelt a group of samurai, the foremost of which was richly dressed and spoke with great respect. At the emperor's side, a middle-aged man in unique robes was performing divination. All attention was on him, as he finished the ceremony. Finally, he spoke;
"The oni king has indeed returned to Mount Oe. I have discovered a large mass of Yokai gathering there. It seems he is once again amassing an army to attack the capitol. However, I also find that today a very auspicious event will occur here in the palace. This is all I can determine with my sorcery."
The emperor showed mixed feelings. The Onmyoji had never been wrong before, so the report of an auspicious event was gladdening. But the news that an army of Yokai was once again massing near the capitol was distressing. Human had few tools to effectively fight Yokai with. He replied;
"Thank you, Abe-no-Seimei, for your prediction. I pray that we may find the power to once again defeat this menace."
Turning to the foremost warrior in front of him, the emperor continued;
"Minamoto-no-Raiko, do you think you can once again defeat that monster?"
The samurai rose to his feet before answering;
"I do not believe so, my lord. Previously, Shuten-Doji was defeated with the help of trickery and disguise. He is not so foolish as to succumb to the same deceptions a second time."
The emperor frowned. If his greatest warriors could not resolve this threat, what hope did they have? Disheartened, he gave his command;
"It hurts my pride to say this, but we cannot defeat the oni king with the power of man alone. Minamoto-no-Raiko, go to the Ise Grand Shrine and request that the Miko and Kannushi pray for divine help. Perhaps if one of the kami fights alongside you, we may yet be saved."
"That won't be necessary, emperor."
All heads turned to see who spoke against the emperor. In a flash of light, Amaterasu revealed herself to them. Immediately, they all fell to their knees and bowed their heads to the ground, except for Abe-no-Seimei, whose expression was more of curiosity than of wonder. The goddess continued;
"I've come to ask for your aid, emperor. Soon, Nippon may be attacked by the armies of foreign gods, seeking to force our people to worship them. I am here to warn you, and to know if you will defend Nippon against the foreigners. It seems that now was an opportune time for me to come. I will help defeat this oni king, and hopefully gain his assistance as well."
The emperor, still bowing, replied shakily;
"Of course, august one! We will defend the land until our dying breath! I will at once put our armies on alert, and begin stockpiling weapons and armor. I am most grateful that you will protect us from the oni king. If he were successful in conquering the capitol, the entire nation would be thrown into chaos. I am certain that with your augustness guiding us, we will be victorious!"
Amaterasu smiled. It was good that they could cooperate. They were all working together to strengthen Nippon and maintain their way of life. But now was not the time to stand around feeling pleased. There was work to do. Nippon could not stand strong if an opposing force already marched within their borders. This oni king needed to be subjugated. Once again, Amaterasu addressed the emperor;
"Though I could likely defeat the Yokai myself, I ask that you command two of your greatest warriors to assist me. They will fend off the Yokai while I fight their leader. This way, victory will be assured."
"It will be as you ask, august one! Minamoto-no-Raiko, gather Momotaro for this purpose. He should still be in the capitol."
The warrior stood and bowed to the emperor.
"It shall be done, my lord. By your leave, august one."
Amaterasu nodded before saying;
"Meet me at the western gate as soon as you are prepared."
Minamoto-no-Raiko paid his respects to Amaterasu before turning and leaving the building, his retinue following him.
Left with the emperor and Abe-no-Seimei, Amaterasu prepared to leave as well. As she turned away, the emperor addressed her;
"August one, if I may be so bold, I have a question. You said that war with the foreign gods may be near, and that you will fight alongside us. Does this mean that the kami will reveal themselves to us as well?"
The sun goddess considered the question. Being revealed to the soldiers would certainly raise morale, and there would be no reason to be hidden from the mortals.
"Yes, you will be seeing more kami, if war comes to Nippon. Do not be afraid, for we will lay down our lives for this land. United, who can stand against us?"
The emperor bowed low once more, and Amaterasu left the palace. To keep from causing a commotion, she made herself hidden from most mortals.
Arriving at the western gate, it was well into night time. The night weakened Amaterasu's power, but she was still far from weak. Hopefully it wouldn't be a problem when fighting the oni king.
After a short wait, Minamoto-no-Raiko appeared with his retainers, fully armed and armored, accompanied by a young man who was followed by a dog, a monkey, and a pheasant. The goddess had heard of Momotaro's heroic journey, but seeing the group together seemed almost comical to her. The animals were chattering about something, and Momotaro had to keep telling them to be quiet, or they'd disturb the citizens.
"Why should we care if they're disturbed? We're doing this for them, right? So they can tolerate a little disturbance.", the monkey said.
"If you didn't keep arguing so much, we wouldn't be causing trouble for anyone.", said the pheasant.
"Then just admit I'm right! Amaterasu-Omikami is ancient, so she must be an old lady.", replied the monkey.
"Can't kami look however they want?", asked the dog.
"No they can't, you fool! The kami look the way people think of them. I think Amaterasu must be an old woman, and I'm sure most people think so too. So she must look old.", the monkey declared.
"But Minamoto-no-Raiko said she was beautiful..." the dog replied.
"He was just being nice. Of course he'd say that she's beautiful. If he said she was ugly, it would be disrespectful, and we all know how respectful he is.", the monkey chattered glibly.
"Why don't you just wait and see before you start arguing again. We're nearly there.", Momotaro said curtly.
As the group drew near to the western gate, Amaterasu revealed herself to them. Momotaro immediately dropped to one knee and bowed to her, while the dog, monkey, and pheasant stared dumbfounded at her beauty. Ignoring the animals, the goddess spoke;
"You must be Momotaro. I have heard the tale of your brave battle against the oni of Onigashima. It is good that you have experience in fighting Yokai. Are you prepared?"
Momotaro rose to his feet with a confident grin on his face.
"Of course, Omikami. I- we are at your service."
Brought out of their stupor by Momotaro's words, the animals bowed respectfully before Amaterasu.
Together with Minamoto-no-Raiko and his entourage, they passed through the western gate and toward Mount Oe. Though the distance was no more than 8 miles(13 or so Kilometers), the area around the mountain was devoid of human civilization. The forest there was thick and overgrown. Dark shadows flitted amongst the trees, perhaps malicious creatures of the night, too afraid to draw near to Amaterasu's light. Only a single path led up the mountain, which they followed.
Near the top of the mountain, the party followed the path around a bend and was met with the sight of an enormous castle. It was clearly built to be for something, or somethings, much larger than a human. Its gates stood as tall as trees, and dark clouds swirled in the air above it. A sloped path of paved stones led to the side, and somewhat wrapped around the castle. The upper levels had several towers branching off from the main building. Altogether, it was an ominous structure, majestic as if built for a shogun or daimyo, but twisted by an evil mind. Thunder rumbled in the sky above as a cold wind blew past the warriors.
"Well, I guess there's no doubt that this is where we're going.", said the monkey.
"Yes, no doubt at all. Please remain silent, and don't provoke anyone. I'm going to try talking to them first. We may be able to avoid fighting altogether.", Amaterasu replied.
As the group approached the gate, the enormous doors slowly opened, as if to invite them inside. Cautiously, the party entered.
The inside of the castle was as dreary looking as the outside. The only light came from a few candlesticks along the walls. The layout of the inside was very simple. It seemed that each floor was its own room, and had a staircase along one of the walls going up to the next floor. Yokai of countless varieties moved around the dimly lit rooms that the party passed through as they ascended the castle. Momotaro and Minamoto-no-Raiko gripped the hilts of their swords tightly, but did not draw them.
Arriving at what seemed to be the top floor, they entered a hall filled with Yokai, all drinking, feasting, and doing other obscene things. At the far end of the hall was a throne, built from bones and steel. On it sat an enormous oni, drinking from a giant gourd. Each of his limbs was as large as a man, and his teeth protruded from his mouth like swords. He paused in his drinking as the travellers approached him. He spoke with a thundering voice as he looked down at them;
"Welcome to my castle, Amaterasu. I see that you have in your company the men who slew me last time. For what it's worth, I appreciate the honesty of their intentions this time. But what brings you here, heavenly kami? Let me guess, you wish to recruit me into serving under you, in the off chase that foreign gods choose to attack Nippon."
Amaterasu was only a little surprised that he knew already. It seemed that news traveled faster than she did. But the oni king continued;
"I've heard whisperings of your journey across the country. You seek to unite everyone in Nippon under your banner. A worthy goal, I think. However, it will not be you who unites Nippon, but me. With my newfound power, even the Heavenly Kami will bow before me!"
As he spoke these last words, he stood up, stomping the floor with one foot. The entire castle shook, and the Yokai in the room cheered. The sun goddess could feel an unusual energy around the oni king. Recognizing it, she exclaimed;
"Divine power, but how... no humans would worship you!"
The giant laughed, shaking the room. He gestured widely around the hall, saying;
"Humans!? Ha! I am Shuten-Doji, king of the oni! The strongest Yokai to ever live! All Yokai in Nippon worship me, or will soon enough. As for how, you can thank your companion there, Minamoto-no-Raiko!"
The company turned to look at Minamoto-no-Raiko, who looked very confused. Shuten-Doji explained further;
"After he killed me, my followers scattered across central Nippon. They were desperate and wished for a leader, someone who could unite them and keep them safe from so-called heroes. Someone like me. The fervent prayers of Yokai resurrected me, and I learned to wield their devotion as the kami wield their worshippers'."
Amaterasu was truly surprised this time. She had not even considered that Yokai' worship could empower beings. She didn't think Yokai worshipped anything. But there was no mistaking Shuten-Doji's divine power, malicious though it may be. The goddess replied;
"Is there no way we can come to a peaceful compromise? If Yokai did not prey on mortals, they would not be exterminated. You need not live in fear if you cooperate with us."
"Gyahahahahaha! Are you serious!? You want us to stop preying on humans? Then how about you stop helping the humans? Stop answering their prayers! Tell the humans to stop eating animals and plants! It is our very nature to prey on mankind. We deserve that right because we are stronger! We live longer, we wield powers beyond those of mortals, and we don't discriminate amongst each other or take advantage of one another. We do as we please because we want to, and you have no power over us."
Shuten-Doji paused for a moment, looking around the hall. Amaterasu was disappointed that they could not come to a compromise. The various Yokai would have been a massive military asset. But it was clear that the oni king had only malice in his heart, most likely reflecting the intentions and expectations of those who worshipped him. There was no chance that he'd let them leave peacefully. Not that they would have anyway. This night would be filled with bloodshed, for the good of Nippon.
From the windows, there was a flash of lightning and a crash of thunder that shook the building. Then the unmistakable sound of rain began, pouring heavily.
Shuten-Doji raised his kanabo, and gave a deafening roar.
"Rise up, brothers and sisters! Tonight we have a special treat! Mighty warriors and a goddess to feast on! Run wild and revel in their deaths, for they are just a taste of what's to come!"
Immediately, the Yokai that filled the room became violent, rushing towards the party. Swords drawn, they were well prepared to defend themselves.
The battle was joined, with each of them fighting for their lives. Minamoto-no-Raiko was the first to draw blood, decapitating a serpentine Yokai with his mighty katana Dojigiri. His retainers followed suit, as Momotaro and his team fought with equal fervor.
"Take care of these Yokai!", Amaterasu shouted, "I'll take their king!"
Two other oni rushed at the goddess, but with a couple swift strikes she cut them down. Charging forward, her blade glowed with light as she swung it at the oni king. With a small grunt, Shuten-Doji parried her strikes with his club. Swinging his kanabo down toward her, Amaterasu gracefully sidestepped to blow before continuing her assault.
Around and around the oni king she danced, swinging her blade high and low. But the immense size of his club made it easy for him to block her precision strikes. Leaping up high, she swung at his neck, but he leaned out of the way.
Amaterasu cursed at herself. If she had waited until morning, her speed and strength would have been almost doubled. Annoyed that she had yet to land an attack, she took a quick look around the hall. Her allies were beginning to tire. Wave after wave of Yokai fell upon them and were slain. They thenselves were accumulating small injuries. They couldn't keep this up for long. It was clear that they had greatly underestimated their Enemies.
Returning her attention to Shuten-Doji, Amaterasu saw him casually drinking from his gourd. An opening! She Dashed forward with all her might, and in a flash buried her sword deep into the oni's heart. Blood spurted from the wound. An anticlimactic end to their fight, but this was hardly the time to worry about such things.
The goddess sighed in relief. The oni king could have been a real threat if left unchecked. Now the capitol was safe, and the mortals could focus their attention on the foreigners.
"Well, aren't you gonna keep attacking me?"
Jolted out of her repose, Amaterasu looked up and saw Shuten-Doji looking down at her. Seeing the shocked expression on her face, he laughed;
"Gyahahaha! You didn't think a little poke like this would kill me, did you? I'm no longer just a Yokai, I'm a god among Yokai! A wound like this is nothing! Now let me show you real power!"
The oni king grabbed Amaterasu and threw her across the hall. The breath was knocked out of her as she collided with the far wall. She barely had time to look up before Shuten-Doji slammed into her, breaking through the wall. Now outside, the goddess slid along the sloped roof, right to the edge. The oni landed heavily in front of her, breaking the tiling with his great weight. Silhouetted against the lightning, he seemed even more monstrous. Taking another swig from his gourd, he swung his kanabo down an Amaterasu. Rolling to the side, she avoided the blow, but flinched from the pain of her injuries. She could not dodge the backswing, which knocked her into the air. The sun goddess hit the roof hard, and slid over the edge. Quickly, she grabbed hold of the edge of the roof, stopping her fall.
Hanging there, Amaterasu glanced down. She was at least a dozen stories above the ground. Looking back up, Shuten-Doji was standing above her. She realized her sword was still stuck in his chest. If she could retrieve it, she might have a better chance. Her hands were slipping on the wet roof, so she probably had only one chance.
"I'll admit, I never expected to stand over you like this, shining one. To think the day would come so soon that I would overcome the greatest of my obstacles, and by her own folly! You should have come during the day, when your power was at its peak. I wonder how long it'll take you to return after your body is broken. But for now, I think I'll settle for watching your innards splatter on the ground!"
As Shuten-Doji raised his foot to stomp on her hands, she pulled herself up, flipping into the air and kicking the oni in the eye. He roared in pain and covered his eye. As Amaterasu descended, she grabbed for her sword. But her hand slipped off of its wet hilt, and it remained embedded in the oni king.
Landing on the ground, she dove between the giant's legs, rushing back toward the hole in the wall. She needed to gather her allies and withdraw. As she was, victory was unlikely. During the daytime, and with more allies, perhaps they could be victorious.
Reaching the hole, Amaterasu suddenly stopped. A mysterious force was holding her in place. She looked down and saw a tendril of dark energy wrapped around her waist. With a cry, she was jerked back, and slammed onto the roof again, coughing up blood. Shuten-Doji loomed over her, once again taking a drink from his gourd and gloating;
"Did you forget that we oni wield magic as well? We're not all brawn and no brain! Well, some of us are. But I'm the king of the oni, the king of all Yokai! I have the strongest body, the strongest magic, and the greatest mind!"
Returning his gourd to his waist, he raised his club. No doubt driven by some innate pride to keep ranting, the oni continued;
"But I can't say the same about you. All those fools who called you the strongest, the greatest, the most glorious! I've proven them all wrong. You're nothing but a weak fool, and it's time to pay the price."
"Silence yourself and finish me already, you buffoon! I grow tired of your growling!"
"Gyahahahaha! So be it. When you return, remember it was I who laid you low, and do not make the mistake of crossing me again."
With that final remark, Shuten-Doji swung his kanabo down toward Amaterasu's head. Tired and battered, she could not find the energy to avoid the attack. She closed her eyes, awaiting the end.
A flash of lightning filled the sky, and a bolt arced down and struck the sword embedded in Shuten-Doji. With a roar, he stopped his swing, paralyzed.
Amaterasu opened her eyes again in time to feel the thunder boom against the oni king, sending him crashing into the building, breaking another wall. Losing its support, the upper most rooftop collapsed on top of the oni, and any other Yokai on that floor. The goddess dearly hoped that her allies had not still been there.
Looking back, she saw another oni standing where Shuten-Doji had been. No, not an oni. An ally.
Raijin, the god of thunder, had descended, with his mighty taiko drums. For the first time, the sun goddess was glad to see his ugly face. He looked down at her, before offering his hand and a comment;
"Amaterasu-Omikami, you do not look well. You set a poor example for your followers. Need a little buzz?"
Grabbing his hand and lifting herself up, she replied;
"Now is not the time for your bad jokes, Raijin. This oni has somehow acquired divine power from the worship of other Yokai. He is a grave threat to Nippon, and must be stopped here. My sword is stuck in his chest, and I am weaponless. I must rely on you do Damage him."
"That is what I'm here for. Let's see if we can't work up a good beat!"
Raijin began beating his drums, and electricity gathered in them. The rubble of the top of the castle began to fall aside as Shuten-Doji arose.
The oni roared and threw his kanabo at them, whirling through the air with deadly force. In order to buy time for Raijin to charge up, Amaterasu leapt in from of the oncoming attack, blocking it with her body.
The club caught her in the stomach, knocking the breath from her lungs. She barely managed to remain standing from the blow, but then collapsed to her knees, vomiting blood. Never before had she been so injured. Never before had she suffered so much. Never before had she been this desperate. She was confused. What was she supposed to do? She could only place her faith in Raijin and her allies.
Now, fully charged, Raijin slammed on his drums, and lightning crashed down on Shuten-Doji with each beat. Once the thunder god was done, the oni collapsed, smoking. But he did not stay down for long. The oni king shakily rose to his feet. He thrust one of his claws into the rubble, and pulled out the body of an arachnid Yokai. The monster began devouring the spider, crunching it into pieces with his terrifying teeth. Once finished, his wounds had somewhat Healed, and his dark power surged even greater. Then he looked down and saw that his drinking gourd had been burnt and broken.
Enraged, Shuten-Doji roared and charged at Raijin, throwing pieces of rubble at him. Dodging them, Raijin leapt up into the sky, out of the oni's reach. Amaterasu rolled to the side, struggling to stand. She wished she had the Yasakani Magatama. Its special properties would have Healed her quickly. But it was her grandson's, given as a gift.
Shuten-Doji roared again, gaining enough composure to speak words again;
"I've played around enough! You pests refuse to die. I will use the full extent of my power to destroy you!"
Raising his claw to the sky, a storm of dark energy swirled around him. His kanabo magically returned to his hand, and absorbed the mass of energy. Turning toward Raijin, he threw his club again. This time it flew much faster, and the thunder god could not avoid it in time. It collided with a sickening crack, and he fell from the sky. Again the club returned to Shuten-Doji's hand. He raised it up, and slammed it down on the roof. Surprisingly, the roof held, but the shockwave knocked Amaterasu off her feet once again, and sent her sliding off the edge. And once again, she caught the edge of the roof, barely holding on.
Suddenly, she felt something. A warm feeling spreading throughout her body. She knew this feeling, and welcomed it like never before. In the East, the sky was beginning to lighten. Morning had come.
Gaining new strength, she hauled herself up onto the roof again. Though it was morning, the thunderstorm continued as Shuten-Doji raised his empowered kanabo a third time. Walking to where Amaterasu knelt, he swung downward at her.
But something made him pause. With a grunt, he clutched his chest, and dropped his club.
"My... power... But I'm... the strongest!"
Losing his balance, he toppled over Amaterasu and over the edge, falling down to the ground, where he lay, barely moving. Realizing what had happened, the sun goddess rose to her feet. Her allies must have slain a great number of the oni king's worshippers. Without their faith, he lost a good deal of power. Once it reached a certain threshold, his body went into shock. The oni would recover eventually, though weakened. Now was the time to strike!
"August-one! Use this to finish off the monster!"
The goddess turned, and saw Minamoto-no-Raiko at the top of the stairs to the ruined hall. He threw her his sword, Dojigiri. Catching it, she nodded respectfully to him, and turned back to the edge of the roof. Down below, Shuten-Doji was slowly beginning to rise.
Wasting no time, Amaterasu dropped from that roof to a lower one, then a lower one, then finally dropping to the ground and decapitating the oni in one swift motion. Though seperated, his head still spoke to her;
"This isn't right! I should have been unstoppable! My followers were too weak! Useless trash! I'll be back, just you wait! My legend is just beginning!"
Standing over the shouting head, Amaterasu pitied him. Even in defeat, he did not realize his mistake.
"You should not have tried to fight multiple Enemies alone. You were reckless and didn't pay attention to your surroundings. However strong you and your followers may be, a coordinated team is worth more than an army of fools. Though I must admit, if Raijin had not appeared to assist me, you may well have defeated me. If you do return, perhaps you will reconsider my offer. Your strength can be put to much better use in cooperation with the people of Nippon, instead of against us."
"I will never work with these inferior humans! I have evolved beyond their pitiful capabilities! I'll not lower myself to care about such insignificant garbage! When I return, you'll all feel my wrath..."
As Shuten-Doji spoke these last words, his body scattered like ash, blown away by the storm winds, leaving Amaterasu standing alone in the rain.
But not for long. Soon, Raijin walked over to her, having recovered from his fall. He was in good spirits;
"Subarashii! The monster is finally defeated. It is difficult to believe that any Yokai could withstand so many of my thunderstrikes. I hope he never returns. Your mortal allies are quite impressive. I have never seen six men defeat so many Yokai."
"Six men!? We were fighting too! The nerve of this guy!"
The kami turned to look at the speaker. From the gate of the castle, the remainder of the goddess's allies approached. Momotaro's monkey friend was chattering loudly.
"Yes," the sun goddess said, "We cannot forget the bravery of Momotaro's companions. They fought with excellent teamwork. Surely this victory would not be possible without them."
The monkey blushed.
"Well, maybe you don't need to go that far... But we were pretty amazing..."
Ignoring the monkey's bashful reply, Amaterasu thanked each of them in turn. Though some Yokai had escaped, their army was demolished, and was no longer a threat to the capitol. Raijin said his farewells, and in a flash of lightning returned to the sky. Soon after, the rain stopped.
Together, the party returned to the capitol. Confident that her quest would soon be completed, Amaterasu had only one place left to visit. Mount Fuji, home to her grandson Ninigi and his wife.
As the company made their way down the mountain, a new figure revealed herself near the monster's castle. Her burgeoning bosom and flowing tails showed she was no ordinary being. She had been attracted by stories of a monster more powerful than any other, who revelled in death and destruction. She had not been disappointed. Scraping her claws along the castle walls, her thoughts wandered;
"It's so nice to meet someone who loves pain and suffering as I do. Someone who won't break easily. If he does rise again... we'll see what we can do together..."
Giggling to herself, the figure disappeared in a puff of smoke, leaving no evidence of her former presence, save the blackened scratches on the wall.
To Be Continued
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[MHXX] Compendiums and Possible FAQs

List of Compendiums for MHXX:
What is a Compendium?
By definition, it's a collection of concise but detailed information about a particular subject. These collections are about weapons in end game of MHXX. These include information about style, weapon, skill, and hunter art choices supported with trends found on MHXX TA Wiki.
Why make compendiums instead of weapon guides?
Weapon guides would mean I would have to talk about 6 styles for each weapon in great detail and I was lazy enough to not bother. I wanted to make a guide for dual blades for MHXX before all of this started but made that realization before starting on it. In the end, I decided it would be more fun and better if I just talked about end game stuff related to weapons.
How are people playing MHXX? (Edit: This was written before Generations Ultimate was announced)
I got a nintendo switch and imported the game since switch is region free. Others have imported both a 3ds and the game (and probably modded it to have the fan made english patch). Switch players can play with 3ds players which is nice.
Is MHXX worth getting now? (Edit: This was written before Generations Ultimate was announced)
If you have a switch, I say yes because the more monster hunter the better. MHXX has a lot of monsters that are really fun to fight like the final boss, valfalk, some deviants, etc. The styles and hunter arts also allow for a lot of experimentation. If you like mhgen, you'll love mhxx. However, if you don't have a switch or jpn 3ds already, waiting for MHWorld is a fine option.
What about the language barrier? (Edit: This was written before Generations Ultimate was announced)
Veterans should have less issues with the barrier than newer players. I don't speak or read japanese at all. I just match icons, rarity, etc. a lot. Kiranico is very helpful in translating skills and parts you need for upgrades.
So how did you manage to navigate through the MHXX TA wiki?
Kiranico and Ctrl+F are my friends.
Any news of MHXX getting localized?
What do you think about deviants in MHXX?
Deviants on paper are a nice idea but the execution is has a lot more grind than anyone wanted. The deviants from mhgen have 15 lvs before the super (imagine the grind for armor, ew). At least the new deviants only have 5 lvs before the super (they are also really fun to hunt). There's a real sense of accomplishment from posting and defeating supers too (such as being able to transmog their armor and getting crowns next to your name).
You can also get unique armor pigments by posting and completing supers (Rainy's Deviant Armor Pigment Showcase).
How do I unlock "insert deviant here"?
  • Redhelm Arzuros: HR1 The Ingredient of Legend
  • G Redhelm: Complete Lv10 Redhelm + either G1 Fangs for the Bath or G1 Riverside Rumble
  • Snowbaron Lagombi: HR1 Snow with Occasional Lagombi
  • G Snowbaron: Complete Lv10 Snowbaron + G1 The Killer Rabbit of Arctic Ridge
  • Stonefist Hermitaur: HR1 Shells of Steel
  • G Stonefist: Complete Lv10 Stonefist + either G1 Daimyo Hermitaur Flambé or G1 Surprise!
  • Dreadqueen Rathian: HR2 Royal Assassination
  • G Dreadqueen: Complete Lv10 Dreadqueen + Hunt a G Rank Rathian
  • Drilltusk Testucabra: HR4 Tackling the Tetsucabra
  • G Drilltusk: Complete Lv10 Drilltusk + either G1 Pleasantly Sozzled or G1 Antony and Tetsucabra
  • Silverwind Nargacuga: HR5 Nargacuga Throwdown (involves the village request "Bl-Bl-Blangongas!")
  • G Silverwind: Complete Lv10 Silverwind + either G2 Face-off in the Jungle or G2 Jumping at Shadows
  • Crystalbeard Uragaan: HR5 Fight or Uragaan!
  • G Crystalbeard: Complete Lv10 Crystalbeard + G3 Uragaan Grief
  • Deadeye Yian Garuga: HR5 Worst. Trip. Ever!
  • G Deadeye: Complete Lv10 Deadeye + either G3 The Unapproachable Yian Garuga or G3 Hunt-a-Thon: Yian Garuga
  • Dreadking Rathalos: HR6 Rathalos Run & HR6 Lord of the Skies
  • G Dreadking: Complete Lv10 Dreadking + Hunt a G Rank Rathalos
  • Thunderlord Zinorge: HR6 Topple the Monarch
  • G Thunderlord: Complete Lv10 Thunderlord + either G3 Return from the Pinnacle or G3 Howl at the Moon
  • Grimclaw Tigrex: HR6 What a Girl Wants
  • G Grimclaw: Complete Lv10 Grimclaw + either G4 Tracing the Family Tree or G4 Price Freeze
  • Hellblade Glavenus: HR6 Duel in the Volcanic Hollow
  • G Hellblade: Complete Lv10 Hellblade + G4 A Very Long Engravement
  • Hazewing Malfestio: Hunt a G rank Malfestio
  • Shredclaw Ceanataur: Hunt a G rank Shogun Ceanataur
  • Divinesight Mizutsune: Hunt a G rank Mizutsune
  • Frostpeak Gammoth: Hunt a G rank Gammoth
  • Azurebolt Astalos: Hunt a G rank Astalos
  • Bloodlust Diablos: Clear G1 quests for Hazewing, Shredclaw, Azurebolt, Divinesight, and Frostpeak.
  • Source
How do I get crowns next to my name?
You get them by posting and beating Super Deviants (which are unlocked after hr 100 and after you clear all the previous deviant quests for that monster):
  • 1 Super: Small Crown
  • 10 Supers: Medium Crown
  • All Supers: Large Crown
How do I unlock "insert quest here"?
Village Astalos, Gammoth, and Mizutsune have their own questlines to unlock the village 5 star key quests involving these monsters:
Kokoto Village: (Astalos)
  • 2 star: Slay the Velociprey
  • 2 star: Hunt the Velocidrome
  • 3 star: Local Threat
  • 3 star: Into the Wyvern's Den
  • Unlocks 5 star Astalos
Pokke Village: (Gammoth)
  • 2 star: Slay the Giaprey
  • 2 star: The Mountain Roughrider
  • 3 star: The Shadow in the Mountains
  • 3 star: No Go on the Popo
  • Unlocks 5 star Gammoth
Yukumo Village: (Mizutsune)
  • 2 star: Bye Bye Jaggia
  • 2 star: Arzuros the Azure Beast
  • 3 star: Royal Spit Take
  • 3 star: A Forest Fracas
  • Unlocks 5 star Mizutsune
Key quests can be found on Kiranico.
Village 10 star Nakarkos, Akantor, Ukanlos, and Amatsu require you to complete village 10 star keys AND be at least hr 9 (Source)
Kiranico also has a list of villager requests if the quest you are looking for is a village request. Hunter Rank also unlocks a bunch of quests:
  • 35: Chaotic Gore Magala, Kushala Daora, Teostra, and Chameleos
  • 40: Gold Rathian and Silver Rathalos
  • 45: Raging Rajang and Savage Deviljho
  • 50: Raging Brachydios and Nakarkos
  • 60: Akantor and Ukanlos (Ukanlos needs villager requests)
  • 70: Amatsu
  • 80: Alatreon
  • 90: Fatalis
  • 95: Crimson Fatalis
  • 100: White Fatalis + Super Deviants (you have to be hr 100 to even participate in Super Deviant Quests)
High rank hypers are unlocked the same way as they were unlocked in mhgen outside a few monsters:
Completing Two Hub 6 star Keys unlock the following high rank hypers:
  • Gypceros
  • Kecha Wacha
  • Tetsucabra
  • Royal Ludroth
  • Yian Kut-ku
  • Khezu
Complete 2 of the above high rank hypers unlock the following high rank hypers:
  • Rathian
  • Zamtrios
  • Yian Garuga
  • Najarala
  • Uragaan
  • Nargacuga
  • Seregios
  • Seltas Queen
  • Glavenus
  • Astalso
  • Mizutsune
  • Gammoth
  • Duramboros
  • Agnaktor
  • Deviljho (XX exclusive: hr 8+)
  • Rajang (XX exclusive: hr 8+)
  • "The Birds of Prey" Quest (hr 8+)
  • "The Fanged Beasts" Quest (hr 8+)
  • "The Winged Wyverns" Quest (hr 8+)
  • "The Foes of the Deep" Quest (hr 8+)
  • "The Beasts of Brawn" Quest (hr 8+)
  • Silver Rathalos (XX exclusive: Must have done hub 7 star "Ring of the Silver Sol" which is hr 9+)
  • Gold Rathian (XX exclusive: Must have done hub 7 star "Ring of the Golden Lune" which is hr 9+)
Some High rank Hypers are behind villager requests:
  • Blangonga, Daiymo Hermitaur, and Shogun Ceanataur after the village teostra from Armory Granny requests
  • Lavasioth is the start of the Felcote requests which is hr 8+
  • Tigrex is the 2nd quest of the Felcote requests
  • Malfestio via Bherna Gal requests
  • Nibelsnarf is the start of Master Tool requests
  • Plesioth is the Master Shipwright request
  • Gore Magala via Ace Commander requests
  • Rathalos is the start of Minegarde Sweetheart requests
  • Lagiacrus via Argosy Captain requests
  • Zinorge is the start of Bath Cattendant requests
  • Brachydios is the 2nd quest of Bath Cattendant requests
G rank versions of hypers typically require you to hunt the regular G rank monster before you have the g rank hyper (edit: on top of beating the final boss).
Some G rank hypers are only available after completing village requests:
  • Daiymo Hermitaur via Guildmarm requests
  • Lagiacrus via Wyverian artisan requests
  • Brachydios via Moga Chief requests
  • Zinorge via Moga Chief's Son requests
  • Seregios via Elder Hall Minister request
  • Kecha Wacha via Ace Lancer requests
  • Malfestio via Milsy request
Source for hunter rank quest unlocks.
Which monsters would (HG) Earplugs be useful for?
Earplugs List
Best way to charm farm in XX?
There's a g rank dlc gathering quest that requires you to collect 10 coal. All you do is complete the subquest which is just killing a brachydios that hits harder than the average brachydios, end via subquest, then profit. You have to be hr 13 minimum to join it though.
How do I unlock "insert hunter art here"?
List for XX exclusive hunter arts
MHGen Kiranico has the gen hunter art unlocks.
How do I unlock arena quests?
  • List for mhgen arena quests
  • Barioth: Available at start of G rank.
  • Yian Garuga: Clear G2 Nerscylla.
  • Uragaan: Clear G3 coal gathering in Volcanic Cave (Uragaan shows up but you don't have to hunt him).
  • Seregios: Clear G4 Seregios hunt.
  • Barroth: Available at start of G rank.
  • Tetsucabra: Clear G1 Nyanter quest for killing Bnahabra and then Nyanter quest for killing Genprey.
  • Congalala: Clear G2 Nyanter quest for killing small Conga.
For getting A ranks in arenas, you get head pieces like Barrage Earring, Sword Saint Earring, etc.
How do I unlock XR Armor Series?
Literally the same way you unlock the R series back in gen. Unlocking R Series
How do I unlock "insert specific armor" here?
Here's a post by AleHitti and Axellion that has lists of various unlocks in the game: https://www.reddit.com/MonsterHuntecomments/9d22ad/mhgu_list_of_useful_quests_both_village_and_hub/
This also has a canteen ingredient unlock list.
How do I transmog?
RisingFunGaming's Video about transmogging. Quick Unlock Guide:
  • Unlock Research and Development (Go through village keys)
  • Beat Final Boss and Break HR for all but head pieces
  • Edit: Clear some 7 star village keys and get to G rank for head piece transmog
  • Get burnt shells (meteorite pieces found lying around in high/g rank quests) for currency to buy the option to transmog in R&D
  • Talk to research cat in R&D, 3rd Option, buy the bottom 4 options on page 6 and top 3 options on page 7. Those are official unlocks for transmog for armor pieces and cat armor.
  • Post and Beat Super Deviants to unlock transmog for deviant sets
  • Go to research cat in R&D, 3rd Option, transmogging for deviants are on pages 7-9
  • Research Cat in R&D, 2nd Option is Transmogging
I'm only interested in full armor sets. What do you recommend?
When do deviant armor skills become active?
  • Regular deviant armor skills become active when deviant armor is upgraded to at least Lv 6 for the gen deviants.
  • Armor from GU exclusive deviants start with their regular deviant armor skills active.
  • Deviant X skills (or True Deviant Skills) are active when deviant armor is upgraded to at least Lv 14 (G4) for the gen deviants.
  • Deviant X skills (or True Deviant Skills) are active when deviant armor is upgraded to at least Lv 4 (G4) for the GU deviants.
  • Deviant X skills (or True Deviant Skills) override regular deviant armor skills.
  • Silverwind Armor Example
  • Hazewing Armor Example
How does one make mixed sets?
Most people use Athena's Armor Set Search.
In MHXX, there's a popular mixed set template used for blademasters called JhoCena:
This gives sharpness +2, razor sharp, 7 points towards expert, and 11 slots so with a good talisman, you can make a really good set out of it.
Thoughts on Brave and Alchemy?
Brave depends on the weapon. Some are really good like Heavy Bowgun and Long Sword and some are meh like Light Bowgun. I don't think brave is broken (unless we are talking about heavy bowgun and even then gunner defenses will get you one shot). Alchemy is an interesting concept on paper but due to how it modifies movesets, I'd say it's only worth on a few weapons (Sword and Shield, Switch Axe, and Hammer. Maybe Light Bowgun). Alchemy can be good for long, multi-monster hunts where you have down time to make items and gain access to high SP (Style Powerup) lvs.
How does SP work?
SP buffs your hunter and cat(s) for a small time period. To activate SP mode, you have to use an SP hunter art (or certain special prowler attacks). SP hunter arts require more charge than the normal version of the hunter art. There are 4 lvs to SP mode which for all intents and purposes, alchemy style is the main way to access SP lv 2-4.
SP lv 1 varies per hunting style and if you are playing as a hunter or a cat:
  • Guild - faster item usage and consumption
  • Striker - Your hunter arts start charging by themselves naturally (the rate is noticeable but small)
  • Aerial - Stamina starts recovering earlier after an aerial jump
  • Adept - Bigger Window to perform Adept evades/guards
  • Brave - Faster charge rate for brave guage
  • Alchemy - Faster charge rate for alchemy bar
  • Prowler - Cat moves take 20% less bar to perform
SP lvs 2-4 provide the following buffs:
  • SP lv 2 - lv 1 buff + slows down rate of maximum stamina depletion over time
  • SP lv 3 - lv 2 buffs + natural health regen
  • SP lv 4 - lv 3 buffs + easier to flinch monsters
Alchemy can reach higher SP lvs by using alchemy bars (basically making alchemy barrel items):
  • 2 bars - SP lv 2
  • 5 bars - SP lv 3
  • 12 bars - SP lv 4
  • Once you reach higher SP lvs, you get to keep activating the highest SP lv for the rest of the hunt with sp hunter arts.
What do Alchemy Items do?
  • Alchemy Ration is half a normal ration but can be consumed faster
  • Alchemy Whetstone/Ammo/Coating is a whetstone/ammo/coating which gives hunter's drink effect (ammo is weak though and coating doesn't boost damage)
  • Alchemy Immunizer is an immunizer that can be consumed faster
  • Alchemy Sonic Barrel is a barrel you can emit sonic bomb sounds (not particularly useful)
  • Alchemy Earplug is the 4u disposable earplug
  • Alchemy Drink increases alchemy bar charge rate and lets you make alchemy items faster
  • Alchemy Combiner lets you multiply alchemy items
  • Alchemy Bazooka is a weapon that lets you shoot two bombs that are slightly weaker than barrel bomb L
  • Alchemy Deodorant gives everyone in proximity some hunter art gauge and prowler support guage
  • Alchemy Healing Barrel lets you carry a barrel for some time that heals and cleanses everyone in proximity
What's good in MHXX?
When in doubt, crit meta for skills. Blademaster weapons typically want sharpness +1/2 and/or razor sharp depending on the weapon. Gunner weapons like pierce up or normal up depending on the shots they use.
Final Boss weapons are good options for endgame for anything focused on raw except for Heavy Bowgun. Skills common for Final Boss blademaster weapons are Critical Boost, Weakness Exploit, Challenger +2, Critical Eye +3, and Razor Sharp.
Frostpeak Gammoth also tends to be pretty good across a couple of weapon types. Blademaster Skills are Sharpness +2, Razor Sharp, Critical Eye +1, Weakness Exploit, and Critical Boost unless you have a great charm that gets you more critical eye.
After that, it gets weapon type specific.
For more info, you can check out this MHGU Meta Collection that has links to pastebins talking about meta styles, weapons, and armor skills.
You said this X weapon was good, but what about Y?
In the compendiums, I note what weapons are being used a lot in time attacks, how they compare to other similar weapons, and deduce why x weapon was being used over some other weapon. Typically it's a significant raw, element, slot, affinity, or sharpness difference. Many times, the fact that deviant weapons charge hunter arts 1.25x faster than other hunter arts plays a big role too. One thing I don't factor is how long it will take to make and fully upgrade the weapon (regular weapons vs deviant weapons). Say you are deciding between a dreadqueen weapon and some non deviant poison weapon, it's reasonable to not want to grind 15 lvs of dreadqueen when you can farm a different monster for a weapon that still works for you. On top of that, a great weapon may not be of use if it doesn't have enough slots to make your armor set work. If it's a reasonable choice, then go ahead a use it. Feel free to ask me why I mentioned X weapon and not Y weapon if you would like a better explanation for the weapons I mentioned in the compendiums.
How difficult is MHXX?
Plenty difficult though absolute evade and readiness alone make the game easier. Certainly tougher than MHGen due to G rank AI and slightly better defined endgame with Supers and Hypers. MH4U I think is tougher than MHXX with lv 140 guild quests (though apex was not a fun mechanic to fight)
I am a new player wanting to get into the series. Do you recommend MHXX?
Edit (5/10/2018): For a new player, I would recommend starting with 4U or World (depending on what console(s) you have). The only thing about Generations Ultimate that makes it slightly tougher to get into than 4U or World are styles and hunter arts. If you're up for that, you can start with Generations Ultimate if you want (If you're coming from World, pay attention to armor skill system and item consumption differences).
Are there still people playing MHXX?
There's a decent amount. I know this discord server Global Monster Hunter Network still has a couple of people playing MHXX if you're looking for people to play with. I'm also on that server mainly answering XX questions.
My discord is Jeck95#4374.
New Disclaimer for 6/13/19: Seems like the TA Wiki closed some time ago so the newly updated compendiums should be good.
Post Updates:
  • (12/10/17): Added full armor sets and how people make mixed sets.
  • (1/11/18): More info on key quests
  • (1/24/18): TA Wiki Analysis for 1/24/18
  • (4/14/2018): Added link to Deviant Armor Pigment Showcase (Rainy's Deviant Armor Pigment Showcase).
  • (5/10/2018): Response to Generations Ultimate getting announced
  • (5/12/2018): More quest unlock info
  • (5/18/2018): Alchemy and SP info
  • (5/20/2018): Added link to weapon style differences
  • (7/24/2018): Motion Value List added
  • (9/5/2018): Updated unlock requirements for Deviant Monsters because G Hellblade unlock is odd
  • (9/5/2018): Added a link to a good reddit post by AleHitti and Axellion that has lists for various unlocks: Link
  • (9/18/2018): Remade Prowler Compendium
  • (6/13/2019): Updated Compendiums with links to MHGU Kiranico and added MHXX/GU Speedrun Archive
  • (6/19/2019): Added deviant armor mechanics info
  • (10/15/2019): Added Earplugs List
  • (10/5/2020): Updated "What's good in MHXX?" section
My personal favorite time attack to watch:
Vs Valfalk with Brave Hammer - I've never seen a Valfalk get its head smashed in so hard in my life.
6/13/19 - I made a MHXX/GU Speedrun Archive post. It links to a spreadsheet I made filled with runs from various speedrunners.
Thank you all for reading. I hope these compendiums help. Happy Hunting!
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