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Here are some of our best tips to get you started. The 13 days after survival Flash Arcade Games page is an organized list of all of our flash arcade games that are tagged with "13 days after survival". Each tool can be a great help for emergency or non-emergency purposes.

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Every year thousands of young people and adult volunteers join the Army Cadets for fun, friendship, action and adventure. Protecting yourself and mankind against this significant and ever-growing threat is the goal. I finally beat the Dragon Boss and got the transmitter.

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You understand, in life, anything can happen. The best source for fishing, boating, camping, hunting, firearms, electronics, trailers & towing, maintenance and much more. Step 5, 6 is the most important step to trick the launcher to think that it's the same folder.


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Posted: Sat Nov 21, 2020 4: 27 pm. Edited: Sat Nov 21, 2020 4: 21 pm. 12. Top 20 Games for Couples 2020: CheeseBecky.

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You are currently playing 13 Days After: Survival game for free on Arcade Spot. We've been online since December 2020, and you can help Bay 12 Games continue to thrive. Earlier today I spoke with the man responsible for the game's removal.

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Gilisoft ramdisk v5.0 with keygen. The best survival games will take you out of reality for a dozen or two hours and teach a lesson. I understand the devs have to make living of it but it's too much.


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Expand your raft from a simple wreckage to a buoyant mansion. Drop some gangster weapon and buy some gangster clothes to become a badass gangster! The developer has been keeping the open world survival game fresh with a steady stream of updates, bringing new features and challenges to attempt.


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It is important to realise that not all infections will result in disease. Our network serves world-wide locations on high performance hardware powered by our custom in-house control panel. The title led the new genre of games that were developed using motion capture.

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Play all unblocked games and hacked games on your site, we add 5 best unblocked games every [HOST] our site. Using similar gameplay mechanic RUST (scavenging, crafting and base building) and The Long Dark (day and night cycles can mean life or death), 7 Days to Die applies a proven formula to the post-apocalyptic niche, as players battle their way through hordes of progressively tougher zombies. Most survival games in this list make the actual act of surviving look fun and sterilized.


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Radimpex tower 6 cracked minecraft. Our collection of games like The Last of Us features other adventure games with a focus on survival, story, stealth and atmosphere. The best i tried was the long dark, but it's too cartoonish.

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It presents combat, crafting, looting. Wolves stayed in the Champions League hunt, climbing to sixth place after a 3-0 win against Everton. Fifa 11 ultimate team patch https://ivdi.ru/forum/?download=1173.

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The boat sank six days into the trip, and Callahan was left adrift on a 5-foot (1.5-meter) life raft. In January 1982, Steven Callahan set sail from the Canary Islands on a small boat he built himself. Try playing by their rules.

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Funny game hacks s useful site. Personally I'd 100% consider Rimworld to be survival, it's just that you're not playing as a single entity but rather as the colony as a whole, you still need food, water, temperature, even social interaction and comfort, as well as health, and health for all of your individual body parts and organs, honestly to me it's far more survival-y than most survival games. 13 days after survival hacked able games.


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Soon after, government ministers went into the reserve to tell the Bushmen living there that they would have to leave because of the diamond finds. Survival helped the Bushmen bring their case. For a more conventional but no less pulse-pounding experience, try to win a trophy and go home a winner in the car racing games.

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Videoglide serial crack s. I hate it when it happens to me on a number of games) you start over. Clearly the focus on gameplay.


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Patch para internet manager 2020. I won't give details on the rules here - you can get a better understanding by watching the videos at the official Last Days Facebook site and on YouTube. Adjusted difficulty level.


The Disappearance of Andrew Gosden

Disappearance of Andrew Gosden
In 2007, 14 year old Andrew Gosden appeared to be a happy, quiet, studious boy destined for great academic success. He was described as absent-minded, shy, happy with his own company but with a small group of friends. Then, on the 14th of September, just a week after school began, he disappeared.
On the 14th of September, Andrew left home as usual at 8:05 after having trouble waking up and being slightly irritable. His mother described this as unusual as he was usually good at getting up on time for school. he walked his usual route from home to the bus stop through a local park, called Westfield Park, where he was seen by family friend Rev. Alan Murray. I assume a man of the cloth to be a reliable witness- and as a family friend, he would have easily been able to recognise Andrew. However, instead of getting on the school bus, Andrew went to a cash machine at a local garage where he withdrew £200- the maximum amount of money he could withdraw, as he had £214 in his account and the machine would only allow withdrawals of £20 notes. After this, he was seen on a neighbours camera system returning to his house. At home, Andrew changed into a black Slipknot t-shirt and black jeans, placing his school blazer on the back of his chair and the rest of his uniform in the washing machine. He took a bag decorated with band patches containing his wallet, keys and his Playstation Portable console. Andrew did not appear to take a jacket, according to his father, and did not take his psp charger or £100 in cash that was in his room. To me, not taking his jacket or charger, but taking his keys, means that Andrew did in fact intend to return home. However, he could have taken his keys with him on autopilot and simply forgotten his charger, or not taken it because he didn't intend to return alive.
At 8:30 am, Andrew left his home and was seen heading down Littlemoor Lane towards Westfield Park, again on a neighbours camera. He walked to Doncaster Station, where he purchased a one way ticket to Kings Cross Station, despite the ticket seller telling him that a return was only 50p or £1 more. The one way ticked could mean he never intended to return home, at least that day, or it could be a red herring. Andrew was described as shy and was deaf in one ear; he could have easily misheard the ticket seller and been too shy to ask her to repeat herself, or even too shy or too socially awkward to change his mind.
At 9:35, Andrew was seen boarding the train alone. A woman who sat next to him described him as quiet and engrossed in his psp game.
At 11:20, Andrews train arrived at Kings Cross.
At 11:25, he was seen on CCTV leaving the station. This is the last confirmed sightng of Andrew Gosden.
Andrew's disapearance wasn't noticed until around 7pm. his parents had assumed he was at school. The school had attempted to ring home to report his absence, but had accidentally dialled the number of a student either above or below Andrew in the register and left a message for the wrong person. At home, Andrews parents assumed he was playing video games in the converted cellar or in his room doing homework. When his parents discovered he was missing, the police were called and his family and friends searched the area.
Three days after he went missing, police confirmed he had travelled to London after speaking to the ticket seller. His father stated that Andrew knew people in London he could have stayed with, so the single ticket may not be important at all. Initial police searches focused on areas within London where the family had relatives, such as Chislehurst and Sidcup. The family also handed out flyers at places in London they felt Andrew would have liked to visit, such as museums and exhibitions.
At the time of the first anniversary of his disappearance, there had been 122 possible sightings of Andrew all over Britain, with 45 in London.
The family believe the most plausible sighting is one of Andrew in Pizza Hut on Oxford Street, an hours walk from Kings Cross Station, on the day he went missing. However, his father claimed that the police never followed up on this sighting.
Other unconfirmed sightings place Andrew in Covent Garden on the 17th of September, sleeping in a park on Southwark on the 18th of September and getting off a train at Mortlake Station and walking up Sheen Lane and along Upper Richmond Road on the 19th of September.
Later there were other unconfirmed sightings, from London to South Wales to Plymouth. However, Andrew's father also alleges none of these sightings were followed up by police.
In November of 2008, a man visited Leominster police station in Herefordshire, West Midlands and used the intercom system to talk to a police officer, stating that he had information about Gosden. By the time an officer arrived to take the details, the man had left. The police station is located in a business park and is in a location that would have required a special effort to visit.[63] Subsequently, an individual claiming to be the man at the police station wrote anonymously to the BBC after it featured the case on The One Show. He gave details of a possible sighting of Andrew in Shrewsbury in November 2008. This has never been confirmed, nor has it been confirmed if it was the same man, however, the similarity in dates suggests to me that is is.
One popular theory is that Andrew went to London to meet someone who had been grooming him online. He was shy and quiet, and looked younger than his age. To me, this seems like someone a predator would target. He had chosen to walk to school twice in the days leading up to his disappearance; a walk that would have taken an hour and 20 minutes. It's possible that he was using this time to talk to someone; possibly an older man or boy, someone that he felt he couldn't bring home. Its also been posited that Andrew met someone online. However, although he had owned a mobile phone, he had lost it a few moths before his disappearance and was not interested in replacing it. Computers in the school and local library were checked but there was no evidence that Andrew was communicating with anyone. There was no record of an account or communication on his PSP. The only computer in the home was his sister's laptop; she stated that he did not seem interested in social media connecting with people through the internet. His father also stated that Andrew did not have an email address. Andrew attended a gifted and talented summer school, which he was 'uncharacteristically enthused' about afterwards, and its entirely possible that he met someone there, but its unlikely they would have been able to communicate afterwards.
Another theory is that Andrew bunked off school and went to London to attend a concert and met with foul play. The night of his disappearance, Thirty Seconds To Mars and SikTh were both playing, and HIM, a band Andrew was known to like, was doing a promotional signing on the 17th of September. There is no evidence that Andrew ever attended these events. A canal close to the SikTh event was apparently never checked.
Another theory is that Andrew Gosden simply left to start a new life. Although his family seem lovely, we never really know what goes on behind closed doors, although I argue that if there had been abuse, the investigation would have revealed this. Its unlikely that a 14 year old with only £200 could survive in London. He looked younger than his age; it would have been difficult for him to get legitimate work. Its possible he could have squatted someone, fallen in with a crowd of homeless people or drug users until he was old enough to make his own way, but his disappearance was highly publicised. How could he have gone unnoticed for that long? Also, if he had been hiding out or living with a gang of some kind, one involved in illegal dealings, they could have killed him to avoid attention. I don't know a lot about gangs in London in 2007, but this theory does not seem very likely.
The idea that he is still alive after going to London for reasons unknown is supported by police appeals. They launched a fresh appeal in September of 2017, almost exactly 10 years after Andrew's disappearance, which included circulating Andrew's DNA, fingerprints and medical records. There are still missing person posters of Andrew in London. This could be because its a well known case with a lot of publicity, so it is still used to spread awareness, or it could be that the police have reason to believe Andrew is still alive. A quick google search showed six news articles about Andrew Gosden this year such as https://medium.com/crimebeat/the-unsolved-disappearance-of-14-year-old-andrew-gosden-57a7c4d796ad . Could this be because there's been more activity in his case?
In June of 2018, his family revealed that someone had reported an online conversation with someone with the user name 'Andy Roo,' a family nickname for Andrew, who claimed that their boyfriend had left them and they needed £200 to cover rent. When someone offered to send them money, the user claimed they did not have a bank account as they had "left home when they were 14." This link was investigated by police but the person was not identified. This could be tentative proof that Andrew is still alive, or it could a red herring. If you had run away from home and are presumably trying to avoid detection, why would you use a user name of an old family nickname? Why would you put personal information that could be traced back to a missing persons case online?
I personally believe that Andrew died shortly after he went missing. Although I would love for him to be alive and well, and the police and the posters give a certain degree of hope, I think it is highly unlikely that a 14 year old boy could have survived for 13 years. I think it's possible he felt bored or suffocated at home, as many teenagers do and went to London for a day or a few days for an adventure. If the sightings in Oxford Street and Covent Garden are true, then its possible he was alive in London for a while before either dying accidentally, or being murdered. To his body not being found, London is a big place and there are lots of places, unfortunately, to dispose of a body. If he was murdered, it's possible he was abducted and killed somewhere far away from Kings Cross or any sightings, somewhere the police wouldn't think to look.
Apologies for spelling mistakes, format etc, this is my first post on this subreddit. I know this has been posted many times before, it is a pet case of mine.
submitted by tessa-grey to UnresolvedMysteries

The power of the land armies in Stellaris.

The power of the land armies in Stellaris.

The only official image of ground combat that I could find.

Counting the troops.

We know that the number of pops is related to the numbers of troops in one to one.
Each pop can supply the human capital necessary to one pop at the maximum mobilization.
The most modern instances of mass mobilization in war was during WW2.
During the war, the USA had 132 million citizen as it population, and at 1945, 8,267,958 soldiers were enlisted in the US army, or around 6,2 % of the population to be put in the frontlines, but the total of personal put outside of the economy to work towards the war effort was 12,209,238, counting navy, marines, and coast guard, or 9,2% of the population.
The United Kingdom, that was involved in the war since its first year, had mobilized around 22% of its metropolitan population, to be put outside the economy and in direct war effort.
Soo, in a total war scenario, we could assume that at between 9,2% and 22% of the population of the UNE could be mobilized to war, if they just couldn't do better than we did back in WW2, and we probably could do better today, but let's remain in the realms of what we actually have proofs.
At the lowest end, that means UNE´s armies have 693 million soldiers as it limits in 01/01/2200 or 2.08 pops.
At the highest end, that means that the UNE´s armies have 1.98 Billion soldiers, or almost 6 pops outside the economy as it limit in 01/01/2200
A medium of 15,6% of the population would be more reasonable, (9,2%+22%=29,7% , 29,7%/2=15,6%) putting the number of soldiers in 1,4 Billion soldiers ready to defend the universal rights of all sentient life.
All those 1650 millions are spread amongst 35 units (33 assault armies and 2 defense armies from the enforcers) the defense armies are actually stronger than the game start assault armies with the same overall rank, or 1/8 stronger than the regular army in moral and military power, and that is why i´ll give them 1/8 more of manpower.

On average, we have 47 million soldiers per assaut army and 50 million soldiers per defence army.

That is just the manpower, and for equipment is more.
The transport ship actually uses alloys for its building, 40 alloys to be exact.
From 2 minerals we have 1 alloy, or the cost of the ship is around 80 minerals
That left the rest 20 minerals to supply the troops, or 113,4 Megatons of equipment for each transport ship
To put into perspective.
The entire USA modern army, navy, air force and nukes is around mass around 4,49 Megatons of equipment (Tanks, ACPs Ships, missiles, etc) or 79% of 1 mineral , with 1,3 million personnel to use this wargear.
The all the punic wars killed approximately 1,25–1,8 million soldiers in total.
The People's Liberation Army of China counts around 2,5 million soldiers counting the reserves in 2020.
The french army in WW1 had 4 million soldiers after the mobilization in 1914.
The Central powers manage to mobilize 25,2 million soldiers during WW1
The total URSS army during the ww2, (that means, including all the soldiers that had died) is around 38,7 million soldiers.
And the entire WW2 killed 85 million persons in total.
One assault army has 38,4 million soldiers, and they aren't cannon fodder, they are very well equipped with 113,4 megatons of war material and are coordinated enough to wage battle across an entire planet.
And even if the transport ship is cut off from the empire, they still can recover their fighting force,their armies seem to not suffer from the lack of food and supplies when fighting planet-side, imagine the logistics to keep such a large force engaged in combat fully fed and supplied even if they were losing badly.
Those armies can fight in dense jungle worlds, to the open fields of a continental world, in the torrencial seas of an ocean world to the dry wastelands of the desert worlds and from the radioactive hellhole of Tomb world, to the lush and diverse landscape of a Gaia World, all without any type of drawbacks.
Even if cut off from their interstellar supply lines, they can still recycle/manufacture their equipment and heal their soldiers to battle readiness in days.
And in stellaris, you can have up to 8 armies as your frontline in a world of the size of Earth, and up to 10 in a 25 size world.
That is about 320 to 400 million soldiers in your front line, imagine the entirety of the US´s population, every men, women, child and eldery in frontline duty, and you will understand what is what one planetary invasion in stellaris is in just in the amount of soldiers.
And this is just with regular old soldiers, we know that because combat exoskeletons is a technology to be researched.

Now, what about the other armies?

The slave army is the weakest in game stats, and they cost us only 50 minerals
The clone army is as strong as the regular army and it costs us 75 minerals.
Less than the 80 minerals needed to build the transport ship.

What does that revelate to us?

That the minerals are relative only to the army´s rasing and equipment.
That means, the regular assault army, don't have access to 113,4 megatons of equipment, but around half gigaton of war gear.
Those armies are very, very, very well equipped.
Another thing to consider: There are arguments to point that armies expend most of its war gear trying to train their soldiers, but we don´t drill armies with disposable aircraft carriers and let them blow up themselves in fake warzones, that is just wasteful, and even if they did just that, they still would have hundreds of megatons of equipment still intact.
Even if you would need mobile factories and to build/recycle everything that you army might need to wadge war planet-side, the army would have more than enough to maintain their war for years.

Elite Army; Gene Warriors

Gene Warriors are also limited by population, their description says that they are usually taken from the elite of their military forces, but, as the assault army, the gene warriors also have a 1/1 ratio from the population at maximum numbers.
Another argument to say that those armies are actually of the same size is: If you max out the gene warrior´s capacity, you can’t build regular armies anymore, if they would be just an elite formation, of around 2% of the size of each army, you would still be able to build more armies even if you maxed out the size of the gene warriors.
That means that the gene warrior army have exactly the same numbers as an assault army, 40 million Gene Warriors per army.
And a gene soldier is more efficient in what he does than a regular assault troop, as it does more damage to the enemy than its counterpart, and considering the health, it can take 300 points more punishment than the regular warrior, I say more efficient because is plausible that a gene warrior is at the peak of human physical capabilities.
But that isn't the strongest biological soldiers that the UNE could produce.
The theoretical maximum force of a Gene Warrior army, lets call them Alpha gene warriors (Robust,Erudite,Very Strong,Resilient and Repugnant/oRobust Erudite Very Strong and Wasteful.) there is other builds but outside a gameplay situation, you wouldn´t want a biological killing machine in the shape of a man be Unruly, but still are other valuable traits, but that would need them not being humans, and without human soldiers, we can´t translate to human terms.
This theoretical Alpha soldier is killing the enemy at 5.40 - 10.80 , or 360% more efficient than the regular soldier.
Most of my first proposals that I had put here were actually proven wrong and thus I’m correcting this part.
If we say that a baseline gene warrior is at least at peak human conditions (it probably would be more), we can start to grasp how strong he can be.
The world record of deadlifting is around 500 Kg, and in the video he talks about the process he needed to go achieve such thing, and in a moment he says that a scientist specialized in the study of human strength (in the video he didn´t talk the name, soo, we have to take it as his word) told him that an Athlete can have access to around 70% of his total force maximum, and to trigger the 100%, you need to be in the Hysterical strength state, and he actually find a way to trigger this state putting his mind in a certain mental scenario, and he also states that he felt he could deadlift more that day, so, theoretically this isn´t the strongest that someone can be, but in practice, using ‘’100%’’ of his force (because we don´t actually measure if he did the 100% even in that mental state, probably very close to it) a human can lift half ton of the ground.
So, its safe to say that with genetical improvements, you could see gene warriors using up to 90% of his total strength in combat scenarios, and actually be capable of trigger the 100% with some drug or combat stimulant if he needed.
And that is also considering no adding to the total human capacity for force, thing that is also unlikely, because we know that the genetical therapy is ‘’extensive’’ how much? We don´t know, but probably it would make their body above the theoretical limit of baseline human force.
The base of our maximum force is our bones, so, if you increase the force your bones can endure, you could also increase the limit of the force you could apply.
Its plausible that a process to make their bones stronger would happen, because that alone could make your soldiers having less debilitating injures (broking arms, legs etc) or at least make those things less frequent.
Soo, how much stronger could the UNE makes a human bone of those Gene Soldiers?
We know that they have access to nanocomposites (gaming-start technology) so, they could reinforce the bones of the Gene warriors with something akin to carbon nanotubes to make a nanocomposite with the materials of the bone.
By mass, we know that human bones are actually 5x stronger than steel, whiles nanotubes of carbon are around 100x as stronger than steel per mass.
How much carbon nanotubes they could infuse in the bones to make them stronger? Bones aren´t just like bars inside you, and you can´t just open up a leg and replace it with a nice metal bar to make it stronger.
The average bone is composite of 70% of inorganic (dead) material, the part that your muscles uses as bases, so, probably this part is what could infuse carbon nanotubes into the bones to make them stronger.
Soo, a nanocomposite bone of 70% carbon nanotubes could be 20x stronger with the same mass as the regular bones.
It takes around 4000 newtons of force to break an arm, if we are taking an arm made of the carbon nanocomposite, you would need around 80 kilonewtons, (around 8 tons of force) to break this arm.
But just stronger bones don´t give you instantly super strength; you would need stronger muscles and tendons as well.
The same treatment can be applied to the muscles of the candidates to Gene Warriors, nanocarbons aren´t just strong, but they are very flexible enough that can be infused with the muscles, the problem is that much more of the muscle is alive, so, could be problems with that, how much can be, so its everyone’s guess.
Considering that genetical modifications is advanced enough to remake a person biology in its entirety, but let’s say they can infuse enough of it to make an arm that can take full advantage from this new bones, that can apply ups to 75 kilonewtons of force at 90% of total strength, leaving 5 kilonewtons as safety so they can´t break their on bones.
75 Kilonewtons of force is enough to pull ups to 7,6 tons off the ground with only the biceps.
Is certain that this mix of musculature and nanocarbon tubes is could contract 40x faster than normal human muscles.
The average boxer can punch around at 8,9m/s, this arm could be punching something at 356 m/s, that is actually faster than the speed of sound.
To move a 20 kg arm at 356 m/s would require 302.7 Calories per punch, and if for fun we give him a classic chain sword (6 kg) and want him to hit someone at 356 m/s, that would cost around 2 average hamburgers per blow.
For a 80kg gene warrior to go from 0 to 356 m/s would require 1210.81 Calories, or 4,84 average hamburgers and to maintain this speed would need only to put the same energy that the air resistance takes from you.
Those guys would be eating much more than the average body builder, those are running at 10K-20K Calories per day, but, the theoretical limit that a human digestive system can process in a day is 70k per day, considering the force that those gene warriors could chew, and combined with faster food absorption + hypercaloric food, is possible to move up to 2x that value, 140k Calories per day.
Consuming that level of food would give a gene warrior a few hundred max force punches, capable of running around for hours at max speed per day, and he would need to care for his energy reserves as carefully as an soldier would need to balance his ammo usage in a warzone, still, this guy punch is faster than an m1911 bullet, and probably could dodge and even outrun those shots.
Moving and punching at 40x average speed would require reflexes much faster to be able to actually control such speeds, one would need a brain 40x as faster, the fastest human conscious reaction time is around 0,015 seconds and 0,008 seconds for unconscious.
A reaction time to enable someone to control a punch with the same fines as an average boxer, is a conscious reaction speed of 0,0003 seconds, or 300 microseconds.
In terms of energy, his brain alone would consume around 16k Calories per day considering that he is thinking at the same efficiency as a human brain, if we are also scaling that for his body, he alone would be consuming 80K calories per day just to function at peak condition.
Of course, he could as well not be working at peak condition every minute outside of a combat zone, and producing hormones to make him lethargic until a certain amount of adrenaline, could cut this to 20k Calories a day (normal human needs + big brain needs), but if you aren´t making him go insane with waiting time, and those lethargic hormones also makes him think slower to a normal human level, that would bring his needs to normal human needs, and probably lower still, to the point of being considered clinically dead and come back.
So, considering how fast, strong and fast thinking such gene warrior could be, is safe to say that him would see to be much smarter than the average person, because if you have a minute to think about something, a gene warrior would have around 40 minutes.
Gene Warrior in a nutshell
He is a super cannibal that can run, think and react faster than you, that you couldn´t kill with headshots because his skull is harder than the armor on your tanks, and the resistance of his muscles would probably block the bullets to reaching any important organ, that would probably flay people to eat their skin an body fat at least (because those are the most caloric parts of your body) even if you manage to corner him and send waves after waves of elite military personal, he would probably be glad for the constant stream of food and ammo supplied to him, but if you just would want to starve him out, he could probably slow their metabolic process to slower than an human could, and when you think you finally kills him, he just wake back up, eats you and anybody around and go missing again.

Elite Army: Psi Commandos

Psi commandos also are built at the same unit limits as all the other armies, and by damage, they are also powerhouses, capable of doing 3-6 damage , two times more effective than the regular humans, but they do also half of collateral damage.
Their speciality are Terror Tactics, using the Shroud to demoralize the enemy army, and probably does most of its fighting as mental attacks and probably could control the weak minded elements of the enemy's armies, we know that because the technology that unlocks the armies are the Telepathy Tech.
And we know that they can also have precognition, how precise and useful, we don´t know, but only the tech description says that they can only conceive the thoughts before the target actually understand what their synapses actually are, this is around 2-5 seconds into the future, not much, but in a battlefield this is an eternity.
This time would shrink against enemies that can think faster than a regular human, against gene warriors, it would be around 0,2-0,5 seconds and against robots, even if they could be predicted, they couldn't read the 1s and 0s at an useful time frame.

The Wall of Guns.

Now let see the true walls of guns, the Slave, Clones and Xenomorph armies.
As all other armies, the slaves are limited by the amount of how many pops of that species, but theoretically, they could be more effective than normal assault armies.

The Battle Slaves

The technology that allowed slave armies are the Neural Implants, basically, the slaves think that their actions come from free will, but actually they aren't, that is the interpretation we could have from the tech description, we know that this is far from 100% effective because slave armies have lower moral than the regular assault armies, but is possible that they could actually coordinate better than the more normal armies because of direct link to his subjects brains.
In relation of equipment and training, they have less training than regular armies and half of their wargear, that still means 283,5 Megatons of equipment, they still can do as much damage as a regular army, with only their moral damage being actually lower, that indicates that training is much more advanced than we have today, probably with direct memory implantation and some kind of anabolic drugs that put you into fighting shape in months.

The Clone legions

The clone armies are just better than the regular army in every way, costing 75 minerals, can be raised in a single month to fighting force, are as competent as normal armies and isn´t limited by the population of your species.
Because of that, the size of one clone army can be anything from 40 Million to a billion soldiers in one clone army, but because we know that a clone army occupy the same size in the planetary combat width than the normal armies, and because they are still the same species, is safe to say that those armies are the same size in quantity of soldiers, and thus 40 million soldiers.

The Xenomorphs

The Xenomorph is hard to know , see, they are described as literally little more than claws, mouths and teeth, but actually they are more cunning than just that.
See, to unlock the Xenomorphs two technologies are to be researched first, Epigenetic Triggers: Basically, the ability to turn very smart creatures into fully sentient creatures.
And Morphogenetic Field Mastery, basically, allows a biological creature to be controlled by others from pure biological ways without the limitation of the creatures needing to be of the same species, that is the interpretation that came with the tech description.
Some degree of this tech is probably what allowed the hiveminds to be a thing in stellaris, and we know that they are related because a hivemind has a 1,25x positive modifier to this tech be available to research.
Soo, a Xenomorph army is akin to several hiveminds of very intelligent/sentient beasts that are guided by scientist and supervisors to rip and tear their way into the enemy lines, and is possible that they are also using equipment or some kind of bio weaponry, and nothing really say that those things need to be the same size, they could be fly sized creatures that swarm the enemy in their trillions, hundreds of millions bulk monstrosities that rush into to the enemy lines , building size behemoths that are basically living tanks, or more plausibly, all of the above and more, soo numbers of troops are not really meaning anything, what does have meaning are their total biomass.
The average soldier is 72,5 kg in weight, in each army, we have 40 million or 4x10^7 soldiers.
That is around 2,9 Megatons in biomass, and that is probably the level of mass that our lovely hordes of tentacle monsters would have access this without counting their arsenal as biomass, because if we did considered all of their weapons that they could bring are the meat cannons, bone rifles etc etc, this would be around 1,13 gigatons of biomass, and the equipment needed to control such creatures are soo much lower than this that is effectively irrelevant.
To put into perspective how much biomass this would be, the entire animal population of our world, this including aquatic animals as well, is around 2 gigatons of biomass, two armies would have more biomass than the entirety fauna of morden Earth, and if those creatures would be attacking Earth, we are speaking of 9 gigatons of biomass rampaging across the globe.

Now, lets see the big guys.

We still have Titanic armies , the Azizians and the Titanic lifeforms.
We can say that both are related, as both actually have the same army stats, expet, that the Azizians actually do only 100% of Devastation while the titanic lifeforms do 300%.
Both are known to have only basic levels of sentience, and thus, the difference isn´t how smart each individual titanic soldier is, but maybe, how big they are.
We know that the Azizians have 20 tons in weight, that is 4x more mass than the heaviest land animal alive, the African Elephant, massing around 4.9 tons, by the square cube law, the azizians are around 40-50% larger than those animals, around 5,46 meters, we know that they much larger than that because of their slug like anatomy, and slugs are generally 10-20 cm long and 0,5 cm tall, propotionaly, this is a creature of 100 to 218 meters long.
That is a train-size mudder slug coming right at you.
How many of them are actually in a army, I didn't find anyway to actually quantify, because we know that those lovely creatures can do more damage than an army of an Alpha Gene Warriors (5.40 - 10.80) with the same empire wide bonus, at 6.3 - 12.6 damage to the enemy (4.50 - 9.00 base), my estimative is between 17 to 32 million slugs in one army, considering their limited intelligence.

And the titanic life forms

Contrary of the train size slugs, the titanic life forms are not a single species, and because only some the more humanoid creatures (most of the sentient life in stellaris fit in the classical definition of humanoid, 2 arms, 2 legs, one head, walking upright etc etc), or at least those with free arms, would be used as soldiers, and because we know that some actually want to be enlisted into the military by the event, we know that they have some degree of sentience.
There are two ways we could go about to find out the size of those creatures.
1- Calculating based on the size of the slugs
2- Calculating based on the mass of the slugs.
So, those creatures caused 3x the devastation of the slugs, we know that devastation isn't something intentional, as we know that elite troops with high morale (Gene Warriors and Psi commandos) actually do less devastation, and thus the devastation can be caused by their size, discipline or their mass.
They actually have higher morals than the Gene Warriors, and thus, their discipline isn't the cause.
3x the mass, that would put our titan troopers around 90 tons.
By the square cube law, such a creature would be 10-11x larger than your average person, or around 17 meters tall , this is around 3 times the average size of an girafe, but not even near the size that they are described, he would be 10 meters taller than a Spinosaurus.
If we are going by size, we arrive at similar conclusions, with those titan troopers being around 16,3 meters tall.
And because we know that those creatures are actually more likely to spawn in a world with heavier gravity than normal, with an 8x modifier if the world has High Gravity and thus, is safe to say that their force escalates more than proportionally with their size without all the problems of being this tall.
An average human of 75 kg can deadlift around 61 kg without training and up to 180 with average training.
Scaling that to the level of those creatures, that means the dead lift capacity of those creatures would be around 73.2 Tons to 216 Tons.
Using our caring and pushing formula, we arrive at a conclusion that those guys can carry around 36-108 tons and pushing aside 146,4 - 432 Tons.
And those guys are demolishing the enemy at 4.50 - 9.00 damage at base.
About the numbers per army, considering they are three times more massive and stronger than the average slug, they probably are few in number, probably around 5-15 millions per army.

The war engines

Now i´m going to take numbers for another canon empire, the Earth Custodianship, just to explore some possibilities before coming back to our lovely UNE.
The Hunter-killer armies still are at the same proportions and numbers of a standard army and strangely, they are limited by the robotic population, the most rational explanation is that they are actually refitting the common units into the hunter killers or just recycling them into those hunter killer drones, but even them, this limitation about the robots can be seen as just a gameplay constraint.
Battle Frame armies are described as large and bipedal robots that have a more organic tactical mind, faster and more agile than they should look and thus, are able to improvise and are able to pull off some incredible tactics in war.
Hitting the enemy at 3.16 -6.3 damage and 2.25 - 4.50 at base, those creatures are also limited by the amount of mechanical pops, and thus, are safe to say that they are at the same numbers as a regular biological army.

The Warforms: the true instruments of destruction.

And the stars of the day, the absolute units, the weapons of true devastations, the Mega-Warforms.
Those bad boys are stated to be one single unit per army, having the firepower in excess of most armies and they aren´t limited by the population of robots.
This thing would weigh around 4,5 gigatons and still is able to walk amongst a battlefield, how fast those things would be, is hard to tell, but because they are able to fight around the globe, those things are considerably quicker than we could expect.
The closest thing I could think that we have weight to compare are Warlord Titans (40k) at the , those warlord titans mass up to 2,5 megatons, the Mega-Warform is around 1.800 times more massive than that, and by the square cube law, 12,1 times larger.
That doesn't mean much in terms of actual numbers, because 40k titans are as large as plot demands, but the most solid numbers that I could find to use tells that the warlords are as tall as 200 meters.
That puts our Mega Warforms at 2,4 km tall, but still is smaller than Metroplex (transformers) From the Fall of Cybertron that is 9,7 km tall.
To put into perspective, if someone put one of those on Earth, it instantly became the 11th tallest mountain in the world.
About the fire power, the only thing we have to make any type of estimative are their mass, and this thing is more than half the mass of a Game-Start Corvette, and probably have a equal if not more firepower than a corvette, because the tech cost (5000) is lower than tier V Lasers (4000).
Soo this thing would have at bare minimum have 174 Petatons TNT in firepower (considering half of the firepower of a gaming start corvette) you could actually drop 8 of those things in a Earth-Size planets, and this would be around 1,392 exotons of firepower being unleash, this is more than enough energy to glass a planet of this size in scenario without any gameplay constraint.
But, with gameplay constraints, a Mega Warform can endure at maximum 100-200 shots from itself.
If we translate this to an scenario without gameplay constraints, this warforms could resist 17,4-34,8 Exatons of force, it is actually more resistant than a corvette, and considering the tech diferente and evolution to reach the point to actually build such thing, and because we don´t know how much of those would be absorbed by hull, armor and shields of the thing.
Also in a scenario without gameplay constraints, if you cracked the world, and the Mega Warforms aren't actually being hit directly by the laser, they might actually survive planetary destruction , given how resilient such things are.
Remember, all those robots are actually self sufficient in terms of energy, even if they cost energy credits, if you are at negative -1K of energy, they simply don't have a single debuff.

Cybrex Warforms

Now, let's go back to the UNE because their scientists made an archaeological breakthrough and they found the Cybrex Alpha and found a Cybrex war forge.
The Cybrex warform is also one gigant mega robot
The price to have one of those are in alloys instead of minerals, this unit cost the same as 2,5 game-start corvettes massing 20,5 Gigatons of Devastation.
This monster would be around 18 km tall and could bring to bare it´s full fire power, without any gameplay constraint, it could bring the fire power of 2,5 game-start corvettes, or around 870 petatons of TNT, with gameplay constraints, it is 1,25x more powerful than the Mega Warform.
In total, this warform brings us 10.5 – 21 Army strength with all the non empire-specific gameplay bonus and around 7.50 - 15.00 at base value.
It could survive 93-186 shots from itself.
But, it isn´t the most powerful unit, that is, there are creatures that dwell in the realms of The Shroud and in the right situations can be summoned to fight.
This creature is described as a titanic warrior and we know that the arcane powers of this creature can give the enemy army around 7.50 - 15.00 damage and with the empire wild bonus, 10.5-21.
It could survive 93-186 attacks from itself as well.
Still, once an entire civilization coalesced into a single individual, a single unit of unparalleled power, it could range from massive battleships, a warform-size killing machine to a person-size robot.
His name is Gray, and his Omnicombat form BOLO-5 is demolishing the enemy at 15.00 - 30.00 units of power at base, and 21-42 at the highest end.
Gray could survive 240-120 attacks from itself.

Possible UNE armies stats:

Defense armies: 41,98 million soldiers per defence army, equipped by unknown, possibly 612 megatons of wargear, max defined by buildings.
Assault armies: 40 million per army equipped with 567 megatons of wargear, with 15,6% mobilization limit, 1,32 billion soldiers
Clone armies: 40 million per army equipped with 425,2 megatons of wargear, no hard limits.
Advanced armies (probable to gain access to one or three eventually)
Gene Warriors (including the Alpha Gene Warrior): 40 million per army, armed with 1,7 gigatons of cutting edge wargear, at 1,32 billion soldiers at 15,6% mobilization.
Psi Commandos: 40 million per army, equipped with 1,417 Gigatons of wargear, also limited by the population.
Xenomorth hordes: 1,13 gigatons of biomass of teeth, jaws claws, limited only by how much biomass you can molde into the stuff of nightmare.
Robotic Assault Armies: 40 millions per army, fearless, and it is equipped with 567 megatons of wargear, probably profited from the local robotic units, and thus, limited by population.
Unique armies (Less likely to have)
Azizians Death Slugs: estimated of 17-32 millions per army, armed by 1,4 gigatons of equipment, limited to three armies.
Psi Avatar: Absolute unit, gifted by the power of the gods.
Cybrex Warform: A single warmachine possibly bipedal weighing 20,5 Gigatons, clad and equipped by 250 units of Alloys, and the only limit of units you can have are how much your economy can sustain.
Gray: Will be by your side for the next 5000 years, immortal governor, ultra powerful warship (even if it isn't very high tech) and also can be transformed into a War form that can bring down a Cybrex Warform with ease in a 1 vs 1.
EDIT: I simply didn´t expect an post about the least fun aspect of war in stellaris would be that well recived, to all of those that gave the rewards and most importantly, pointed errors in the theory so it could evolve, Thank you.
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