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GPU Has Been Overheating for Over a Year, Nvidia Unsure Why

Hi All,
Here are my computer's specs (built January 2018):
Intel Core i7-8700K, Corsair Dominator Platinum 32GB DDR4-3333, MSI Z370 Godlike Gaming, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti, 960 Evo 500GB, EVGA Supernova 850 P2 Platinum, Cooler Master Cosmos C700P, NZXT Kraken X62 v2, Asus ROG Swift PG279Q, Windows 10.
This is an issue that has been ongoing for over a year now, and I've already read hundreds of overheating GPU posts on the interwebs as well as contacted Nvidia about the problem (both have been unable to help).
Specifically, my GPU has regularly overheated to over 80 degrees Celsius when I play games that do not have intense requirements (for example, Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition). Yesterday, I used compressed air to clean out my GPU and it removed a considerable amount of dust, so much so that I can now play Dragon Age: Origins on 1960x1080 resolution without significant lag (hasn't overheated yet to my knowledge). I tested out Divinity: Original Sin, and the temperature still spiked to 70 degrees Celsius. While this is an improvement, I have trouble believing that's "low enough" when a buddy's computer maxes out around 55 degrees for most games. If 70-80 degrees is expected for games 2014 and older, please correct me.
Previous fixes attempted: optimize air flow, remove dust from fans, place in a cooler area (on hardwood surface on floor), make sure other programs aren't using excessive resources in the background, optimized antivirus to not interfere with gaming, remove dust from GPU with compressed air. Am I missing anything or does anyone have any secret fix strategies? I'd prefer to not have to replace my GPU because to me (tech illiterate) it seems sufficient for most games, but if it's too outdated, let me know and I'll take a look at newer options.
submitted by bionicperson2 to techsupport

Strangest CTD on Loading Savegame for new Modguide

(TL;DR at the bottom)
Greetings fellow Skyrim Modders!
I am trying to put together an ultimate Special Edition no-compromises modlist/guide targeted at 4k60FPS gameplay for high-end rigs with 2020 new shiny GPUs. It is based on sinitars modding guide. The current setup is already really big with 700 Mods and 350 plugins(127 esl) but not finished. I am currently facing the weirdest CTD I have come across so far. I've spent about 20hrs trying to debug it. I've tried everything I could think of. I need your help for other things I could try. Right now, as Inigo would say, my mind is a dried-up riverbed. My current understanding is that it must be a huge conflict between more than 2 mods.


It is a CTD in the loading screen. Once it happens for a save, it will always happen for that save. In very rare occurrences (maybe 1 in 30 cases) I could load the game. It also happens very quickly into a new game. Basically, after configuring MCM and then running around for less than 1h and it will happen.
While creating the modlist I was really careful to install any needed patches. I also use patching collections such as QUASIPC. I really think there should not be any big incompatibilities but who knows, maybe I overlooked them.
In these 20hrs I tried A LOT:
  • binary search disable appraoch aka. disable half, then half, then half, etc. → No luck. There never was a single mod as a culprit. Sometimes disabling a mod (e.g. OBIS Loot) fixed it, but it started to happen again after enabling another mod(e.g. Ordinator). This signals a more complex situation. Also, since you often cannot load a save after disabling mods, it is extremely tediuous as every test will take about 1-hour to make sure it works.
  • rebuilt bashed patch
  • use smashed patch instead of bashed patch
  • disable Animation Mods (there were only 2k animations, though)
  • change engine fixes settings for memory allocation
  • analyzed savegame in ReSaver - The only thing that looked weird to me was that there were already 127k Script instances and 50k strings. But other than that, nothing.
  • Cleaned every plugin that loot warned me about (if mod author did not mention to not clean)
  • Checked my reference limit - I am at a total of ca. 400k References.
  • Checked my nifs with nifscan. There were a lot of warnings but according to the guide of nifscan nothing that could cause CTD.
  • MO2 was reporting some form 43 plugins. Removing them or updating them did not help.
  • probably a lot of other things that I can't remember

Crash Log

The only real consistent thing is the .NET Script Framework Crash log. It always crashes at the same place in the stack at SkyrimSE.exe+C072DF and there are more or less the same "relevant" objects. If I coc in the main menu, the crash is different (but still present) but as for now that's not the crash I want to fix.
There is always:
  • ESWorldSpace(Name: Tamriel Skyrim) ..... *huge list of esps*
  • 1-2 actors (Skeleton, Draugr, Cultist of the Black Wor, Giant etc) even if they are not close currently
  • Sometimes there is an exact mod stated like in this crash log "Rebirth Monster.esp" (Revenge of the Enemies) but that changes with every crash. → in my case disabling Revenge of the Enemies does not fix the problem.
Also, disabling the mods that modify these objects do not have a positive effect. From the call stack I could see that the crash was happening when locking a shared resource(I guess) with a mutex. Since the AnimationCrashFixes SSE Mod has an option to use a custom implementation of the locking, I tried that aswell. But that did not help either.

I need your help

I have spent well over a two thousand hours modding this game but for the first time I do not know how to continue. I am aware that as a last resort I could uncheck every single mod and test. However as stated above, with 600 mods and an average test time of 1h, I think I can redo the whole list a few times in 600 hrs. So this is not really a reasonable option for me.
I still have a few ideas left but I need help for them. I would be immensely grateful for answers/inputs to any of the questions down below:
  • Do you see any flaws in the whole list? Like known conflicts that I overlooked?
  • To me it seems that it is a conflict of 3 or more mods, given I could not locate a simple culprit. What would you look for to find the conflicts?
    • One of my approaches was: As soon as I found one of the conflicting mods, I would load everything in SSEEdit and see for conflicts. However, I admit that I am a SSEEdit noob. What would you look for in SSEEdit?
  • In the crash log, can you see any more specific crash reason that would allow cornering the issue? Is there maybe even a decompilation for the method at C072DF?
  • Are there any troubleshooting steps you would recommend? Since I am a software engineer, it can be as complicated as you want, I should be able to understand it.

Files and Links

Modlist: https://pastebin.com/UcJWpW0e
Loadorder: https://pastebin.com/4AfhF5if
.NET Crash Log: https://pastebin.com/Ci1r7fMN

Other Info

  • I am using Mod Organizer
  • I am on SSE with SKSE Version 2.0.19
  • The savegame is a real savegame. Not a quick / autosave. It is saved just outside of dragon bridge.
  • For testing, I disabled Bashed / Smashed Patches as I did not constantly want to rebuild them and they did not seem to make a difference.
  • My Hardware should be fine. I am running an 8700k with Rtx 3090, all on a nvme SSD and with 32 GB 3600mhz RAM. There is enough storage space on all my drives. VRAM usage is about 10 gigs. Sometimes when there is a lot on the screen, VRAM might go up to 12 gb. (There is no vram limit in Skyrim SE, is there?)
  • I disabled all overlays / boosters / other stuff
  • Same goes for antivirus
I am really looking forward to your answers and I hope I don't have to start over! Cheers.
TL;DR: Having a really strange CTD. Would be really grateful if you could answer any of the questions in the "i need help" section.

Edit: It could have been Enhanced Landscapes. I am able to load the saves now but I need to do more longterm tests.
submitted by larsmos2011 to skyrimmods